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30th July 2016
Walking Out the Airport

On the road
Love this photo
30th July 2016
Hitch-hiking Tactics

Hitch-Hiking Tactics
Not sure you'd get away with such tactics in Oz but gotta admire your guts to give it a go in Cyprus. Was it successful or did you have to pull up your "socks" and try otherwise?
30th July 2016
Hitch-hiking Tactics

I was semi-successful - I got quite a few rides but due to limited time and wanting to see as much of the island as possible I opted to hire a car in the end. Happy dancing Dave
18th November 2015

Touring Swaziland
Glad you've enjoyed rafting...and cornflakes.
16th November 2015

I'm still shaking the water off after that white water rapido down the Usutu Mick. Thanks for taking us on another of your incredible rides as you cornflake your way around the World. Someone's gotta do it!!!
7th November 2015

So many cornflakes, so many countries. Always love your stories and photos. Sounds like a fantastic part of the world and hope to get there some day.
9th November 2015

Thank You
Thanks guys, it was a great country - if you do get down that way be sure not to miss Namibia, one of my favourite countries so far - Happy travelling
31st October 2015
The Jeep Tour

For President
Really cool video and blog Mick. I have a soft spot for Botswana as our cook stole my passport and money at Vic Falls in Zambia so I missed out on Zim & Botswana. Extra cool video 'cos I probably wouldn't have scored some cornflakes if things had turned out anyway!
4th November 2015
The Jeep Tour

Many Thanks
Hi Dave - thank you for your comments, it was a great country but pretty tough to travel on a budget but well worth it for the Salt flats, the Delta and Chobe Park. Where are you thinking of travelling to next??? Would be great to meet for a beer one day
25th May 2015

nice article
wonderful template, your are genius.
25th May 2015

Thank You
Many thanks man, your comments are very happily received
10th May 2015
Beautiful Berea

Beautiful Berea
Fantastic scenery
8th May 2015
Armed and Ready

Armed & Ready
The expression says it all...outrageous and impressive! Lesotho sounds like it opened its arms to you.
11th May 2015
Armed and Ready

Open Arms
Yeah it was a lovely place Dave, not sure if you've been but if not and you go stay longer than I did. All the best and keep dancing
31st March 2015

Cornflake Traveler
Always enjoy your blogs and impressions. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful part of the world.
3rd April 2015

Thank you for reading, it really was a magical time in a magical place. If you haven't been I hope you will enjoy it as much as me
24th March 2015
Steph has some News for Me

Congratulations to the mom and dad...
keep your TB family updated.
22nd March 2015
A Himba Village

Thank you for sharing one of your best cornflake sharing stories. You are living life to the fullest and squeezing every opportunity out of it that you can. It sounds like you had impressions of Namibia which have come true but you also found some things that surprised you a bit. Happy travels. Eager to read more.
23rd March 2015
A Himba Village

Thank You
Thanks, I was very happy with my visit to Namibia and with how I have improved in telling my story, I really appreciate your comments especially coming from a fellow traveller. Have fun out there. Mick
15th March 2015

On the road again.
Glad to see you blogging again.
16th August 2014

No matter how one looks at the Israeli/Palestinian issue, I cannot escape the conclusion that the Palestinians are a displaced people and ahould have a homeland. I cannot imagine how this must be driven home when visiting these areas Mick.
25th August 2014

Hi Dave
Thanks for your comment Dave, yes it was horrible seeing the complete discrimination against the Palestinian people that just want to live in a land they call home. I don't like to take sides but Israel is definitely the aggressor and seems to want the war/genocide to continue.
10th August 2014
The Separation Wall

The Separation Wall
"..." (enough said)
15th July 2014

Such a lovely country!
I was there in December and it is really spectacular there. Keep up the great work and good luck on your goal of eating cornflakes in every country. I myself only have the goal of visiting every country but no special niche while doing it. =)

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