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Africa » Lesotho January 1st 2011

Drakensberg into Lesotho Friday 31st December 2010 Today we left the beautiful surroundings of Drakensberg to travel over the dramatic Sani Pass into Lesotho. After a slow start we walked 3km's up the road to some ruins where the 4x4 mini taxis apparently wait to pick people up. It was in the middle of nowhere and difficult to imagine that this was a bus stop. We had made a weak attempt to hitch hike on our walk up, but at this point we had decided that it would be rude to try and hitch hike while we waited at the bus stop with the local Basotho people (Lesotho people). The 4x4 mini taxi van arrived at about 11:30, so we were pretty happy, thinking we were going to get to our destination Mokhotlong at a reasonable ... read more
Sani Pass
Sani Pass
Sani Pass

Africa » Lesotho August 4th 2010

We spent the last week in Lesotho which is a small kingdom embedded in South Africa. It is roughly circular, about 150 miles in diameter. Although independent, it is closely tied to South Africa; for instance, its currency (called a loti) is tied one for one with the rand, and inside Lesotho rands are used interchangeably with maloti (maloti is the plural of loti). Journey to Losotho It has been said that getting there is half the adventure and that was certainly true of our journey to Lesotho. We arose at 5am and quickly dressed and packed; our taxi was waiting for us at 5:30. The taxi driver knew exactly what bus we needed and dropped us off in the right place. We went up to the bus departure point and there were very many buses. ... read more
Bosotho Museum
Typical Village

Africa » Lesotho » Semonkong July 13th 2010

July 13th Nicio and I had arranged the day before to get a ride with one of the owners of the Semonkong Lodge to Maseru, where we would get a bus to Johannesburg, South Africa. The lodge does two weekly trips to Maseru to get supplies and even though they were already planning on going they still charged us. Things like this kind of upset me, seeing how he basically was paid to have us give him conversation, I mean it’s not like he was going out of his way to give us a ride, he was heading that way anyways!! Anyways, the drive was great as you can already imagine from the previous posts and pictures. I was able to get a couple photos on the way to Maseru and the border of Lesotho and ... read more
2-Football pitch in Lesotho
3-Pitstop in Lesotho
4-Crammed in a minibus to JoBurg

Africa » Lesotho » Semonkong July 12th 2010

July 12th In the morning our plans for the four of us to hang out together kinda disappeared, we had all planned to goto the Maletsuyane Falls together. But due to the weather our new friend wouldn’t be able to abseil, it had begun to snow and that makes the conditions to dangerous to try rappeling down nearly 200 meters. So with the snow falling Nicio and I went for a walk, it had began just as a walk to the top of the nearby mountain pass to see the plateau before us. On the way to the top we met a young Basotho boy named Joseph, he was 11 years old and walking home from school, it had been canceled due to the weather as well. We walked and talked with him and he explained ... read more
2-Our dorm room
3-Nicio in the snow
4-Lots of snow above the lodge

Africa » Lesotho » Semonkong July 11th 2010

July 11th Nicio and I woke up early to catch the bus to Semonkong at 9am, that’s what time we were told the bus would arrive to Roma. Two and a half hours later and various failed attempts at hitch hiking and the bus finally arrived. What was interesting was that it was a huge city bus, the kind you would see in Chicago, New York or Sioux Falls. That may sound normal to you dear reader, but here we were in the middle of Lesotho, a country dominated by huge mountains, cliffs and steep slopes. So you can imagine how surprised we were to jump on this bus after using so many micro buses in the days and weeks before! Anyways, after getting over the surprise we got on our way to Semonkong. The drive ... read more
2-Nicio trying his luck with his thumb
3-Morning chores
4-Intersection where we waited 3 hours for a bus

Africa » Lesotho » Roma July 9th 2010

July 9th I wasn’t looking forward to a sixteen hour bus ride, but it had to be done if I wanted to visit Lesotho. So after my last tea and toast at Kieron’s I called a cab to pick me up and take me to the Ashanti lodge and meet up with Nicio. We spent about an hour at the hostel using the internet and coming up with a game plan for our tour of Lesotho before calling a taxi to take us down to the bus station. Our bus was supposed to take off at about 5:30 but didn’t up leaving until an hour later or so. The trip was pretty comfortable for the most part but the temperature on the bus fluctuated so much that one hour we would be freezing and the next ... read more
2-Nicio and I ready for a Basotho Adventure
3-Entering Lesotho
4-Crossing Maseru Bridge into Lesotho

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top July 7th 2010

Hello again this time writing from Durban, It has been a great last few days. Since we left Swaziland we have done a ton of hiking and such. We went to the ampitheater to see the worlds 2nd highest waterfalls as well as the very highest in Africa. We were a bit sad that the worlds second highest waterfalls was all but dry this time of year but we saw the snow patch where it all begins :-) ...i wish i had more internet time to lable all of the pictures and edit them... but alas this may be a project for India. Anyhow after the ampitheater day (a 7km sheer drop in the northern drakenburgs) we headed to the southern berg to the Sani Pass lodge. LESOTHO: We proceded up a stone/dirt road at 25 ... read more
Picture 002
Picture 003
Picture 004

Africa » Lesotho June 26th 2010

After a wander to a Hogsback waterfall and the confirmation that this is where Tolkien got the hobbits idea we venture onwards to Lesotho. It's about a 6 hour drive, some good roads some potholed for 50km... The Lesotho border is a breeze with two shacks for passport stamping and one man on the barrier. The Lesotho main road is tarmaced which amazes us but the road to Malealea is dirt track, I am nervous after the previous night's terror but it goes surprisingly well. We approach the village just before dark and have only seen a few shacks for the last 30mins so start to become nervous that there may be nowhere to stay, at least we have the van. At the end of the road we find the gate to the lodge, this opens ... read more
At least there is tarmac
Excuse me!
Top heavy?

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 24th 2010

With no spare tire, we headed for Lesotho. Actually we just drove the 3+ hours to Underberg to catch the Sani Pass day tour to Lesotho. We arrived and shared a 4X4 jeep with a canadian and 3 Portuguese people who were there for the game, but being for Brasil, we did not talk to much about the game. It was an INCREDIBLE drive. It was a crazy windy road with awesome views. The South African boarder is even a 30 minute drive from the true border as there is nowhere closer to put the control point due to the mountain road. The best part of the drive was stopping at the frozen waterfall. I loved taking pics and pretending that I was frozen, as this is a game me and daddy often play. The cool ... read more
A little bit of Brasil in Lesotho
I am frozen
"Look, I see another hamster"

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 13th 2010

The Anstey Beach backpacker hostel in Durban is mainly for surfers and is far from the city centre so there is not much to do nearby except surf, so I booked myself on a tour to the Sani Pass and Lesotho (pronounced Lesutu). I was picked up around 10am and was driven to a meeting point where I was joined by two Brazilians called Luiz and Luiz, we then headed to Underberg where we joined a German couple, bought some takeaway for lunch then transferred to a four wheel drive vehicle. We drove for perhaps twenty minutes spotting a large troop of baboons cavorting around on a golf course before arriving at the South African border post. After taking care of formalities we began the steep climb up through the mountains to the Sani Pass, it ... read more
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
The Twelve Apostles

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