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Africa » Lesotho » Morija April 29th 2006

Our sleep at the mission was possibly the best we'd had in Africa so far and we even managed a whopping lie in, 8.30am, somewhat of a record for us! We procrastinated until the last possible minute in the hope that a lift or another option might come our way before deciding on a big bus to a small junction village called Moitsupeli, which was half way back to Maseru and where we were told we could transfer via a short walk to "the other tar road" going South to a place called Malealea, supposedly the jewel of Lesotho. By doing this we figured we could minimise our backtracking as all the roads in Sthn Lesotho were dead ends, well the ones we needed were any way. Whilst waiting for the big bus to depart we ... read more
Setting up shop in Semonkong
Lady Mountains
Sun Flowers

Africa » Lesotho » Semonkong April 28th 2006

There was no "Africa time" involved at all and Ashley, the owner of the Roma Trading Post was ready and waiting at precisely 6am! Seeing as though the temperature was still well below zero, there was no chance of us having yet another cold shower. It was a pleasant and very comfortable drive in which Ashley gave us an in depth history of the area and how his family came to be involved trading there over a hundred years ago. He was even kind enough to stop at another of his lodges, Ramabanta, for a coffee and pee break. Ramabanta was a series of original stone built huts, run by an elderly lady known to everyone simply as Mama. The setting was spectacular and also the gateway to lots of mountain hiking. We were quite tempted ... read more
Spiky Things
Friends and guides
Rocky Gorges

Africa » Lesotho » Roma April 26th 2006

The Roma Trading Post turned out to be exactly what we needed, a sanctuary. For the next two days we used it as a base whilst we explored on foot and via mini bus the surrounding area including small villages and local markets, our favourites, but also Maseru, the capital of Lesotho only 30km away, the National University, ancient bushman rock paintings, and among other things, dinosaur footprints. As was becoming the norm in Lesotho our adventures often yielded their own small, but very random and distinct chapters. After another colossal and comfortable sleep courtesy of "The Long Way Round Lads´" mattresses, we commandeered Thiddy (that´s P Thiddy to you and I,) a local employee of the TP to guide us on the short hike to the nearby dinosaur footprints. P Thiddy had excellent English and ... read more
Footprints in the rock
On the road to Ha Baroano
Daily Life in Lesotho

Africa » Lesotho » Roma April 25th 2006

We did indeed pay Simon in the morning and now had the task of finding our way back to the main road and transport. Although we arrived in the pitch black we were confident this wouldn't be too difficult a task. After about an hour we came to the realisation that we must have made a mistake somewhere, even though we were sure there were so far no deviations from the road we were on. We asked a few locals which way it was to Butha Buthe town before we met a lady who had barely enough English to tell us she was going to town and would guide us. We back tracked about half the distance we'd come before heading down a little alley way that we'd obviously missed the first time round. The fact ... read more
Danis fan club
Running of the bulls

Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe April 24th 2006

Once again at the crack of dawn, and with Morgan in tow, we watched an amazing sunrise then set out with the intention of hiking and hitching to the town of Mokhotlong, which at 57km away was the closest town and best chance of getting any transport towards anywhere that we might decide to go. The five hours that passed before the first car came along and gave all three of us a lift to Mok. passed in a flash. Full of energy after the previous nights big dinner and sleep in front of the fire we effortlessly hiked through the snow and over the Black Mountain range, unknowingly summitting the highest point in Southern Africa at over 3300m. The sense of adventure was unbelievable, as was the scenery. Nothing grows above about 2000m here and ... read more
Mongolia Morning
Bootcamp Henderson
We did it!

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top April 23rd 2006

We awoke frozen at the crack of dawn as Morgan was just departing. Our intention today was to hike and hitch as far into Lesotho as possible. It was becoming a beautiful warm morning with not a cloud in the sky, perfect for hiking and taking in the majestic mountain scenery and fresh air. Just past the hotel and golf course we were greeted by two horsemen who were both carrying large rifles slung casually over their shoulders. They were probably just going hunting, but the remoteness of our location and the size of their rifles were enough to un nerve us a little. Next thing we knew they had disappeared! We continued on for an hour or so before we managed to hitch a ride with about the tenth 4wd that passed us. It was ... read more
Hiker Henderson
Snow way!

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top April 17th 2005

I was propping up the bar in a Durban hostel on the first night of my trip to Southern Africa. My enquiries at the hostel regarding a weekend safari at the nearby national park had reached a dead end, and it was while nursing a drink that I met the Action Man, a colourful young Alaskan guide and quite the adventurer. He dazzled me with tales of the Alaskan wilderness and encounters with grizzly bears. He would get dropped in by helicopter, he said, then wander alone camping without seeing a single soul for ten days or more before the pilot flew back to a prearranged spot to pick him up. "Why don't you come with me to Lesotho?" Action Man suggested "I've organised a hire car and you can tag along. Just chip in for ... read more
Sunrise photo on Sani Pass
Reaching the summit, Lesotho
Views from Sani Pass

Africa » Lesotho January 19th 2005

Hello and welcome to more of the African archives. Lesotho is a wonderful land of mountains and rivers. It is also a fabulous place to hike. Here is a wee snippet of a hike in Lesotho.... read more
The gorge
The river.

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