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Africa » Lesotho June 12th 2010

Thursday, 3 June 2010 Formula 1, Sydney Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad and thanks for taking me to the airport. Well I am finally off. To Sydney at least, luckily with enough time to get to the Russian Embassy to get a new visa in my name instead of my sisters! Lucky we paid lots extra to get it done right and on time :) So of course, the flight is late, luggage takes forever, quickly dump suitcase and catch train, switch and go out and in at Central Station change which cancels ticket. While walking to Embassy Janelle called as Petr had called her worried I hadn’t showed. I got there 2 mins later and he was cute and very helpful. Looking forward to Russia now after thinking I wasn’t meant to go, Visa (needed ... read more
AUS v USA Friendly
Junior Housewarming
On top of Amphitheatre

Africa » Lesotho » Morija April 19th 2010

Yesterday was Joke's birthday so we'd all retired to the bar last night, listening to African music and celebrating her 21st birthday (again). This morning I was woken at 07h30 by the sounds of ululation coming from the village followed by the voices of children singing. It was very magical to wake up to what is imagined to be traditional African sounds. After washing and taking breakfast, we looked at the weather and, donning warm jackets and waterproofs, waited for our ponies to arrive for today was intended to be a long walk into the Lesotho mountains with a Basotho guide.. Paul (not his real name?) sauntered down the path at the relaxed pace of the Basotho, blanket wrapped about him and hat sitting jauntily on his head. In his arms, he carried two waterproof bags ... read more
Paul, our pack horse handler
Local Village
Paul, with our ponies

Africa » Lesotho » Morija April 18th 2010

Last night, I had dry bread for my tea, whilst the others supped their white wine and ate Porterhouse Steaks. However, it was my decision to have the bread. During the meal, lightening provided a backdrop and, shortly afterwards, the rain started. We retired rather quickly to our tents where, for the next 9 hours, heavy rain and strong winds rocked the canvas. However, I believe we all slept. The 05h30 call came as a surprise, as I'd clearly slept well. On hearing the wind and rain though, I decided it best to pack what I could before venturing out. Thus it was that my sleeping mat, rucksack, sleeping bag and pillow were all piled against the tent door before I went for a wash, ready to load into the bus. Feeling much better, I carried ... read more
Golden Gate National Park
Heading into Lesotho
Entry to Lesotho - sponsored by VodaCom

Africa » Lesotho » Maseru April 2nd 2010

RECAP: A team of 12 Tacoma/Pierce County folks journeyed to Lesotho in February 2010 representing the Global Neighbor Project. To maximize resources, the Global Neighbor Project joined with World Vision’s Sekameng Area Development Project in Lesotho. This comprises 21 villages with a population of 4900. An Area Development Project is a community-based approach to sustainable solutions helping one child and one community at a time with:Clean Water, Food, Education, Micro- enterprise ,Caregiver supplies, Health Care and community development. The teams that visited in 2006 & 2008 saw water systems under construction, and seeds being planted in community gardens. They met community members who were being trained as volunteer caregivers to help their neighbors suffering with HIV/AIDS. The Global Neighbor Project priority is to help the orphaned children struggling to survive in the... read more
Mathabo and Bob Bowen
Mathabo's Brother
Herdmens Dance

Africa » Lesotho March 18th 2010

Southern Africa - Lesotho Tuesday 17th March Our journey back towards Cape Town takes us through the mountain kingdom of Lesotho for a couple of days. The kingdom was formed when the Basotho people were forced into the Drakensburg and Malutimountains as a defence against the Zulus and Boers in the Nineteenth Century. Probably because of these origins and because of their remote position in the mountains they have managed to retain a lot of their culture and traditions and avoid becoming part of South Africa. It is some of this culture that we are hoping to see during our short stay here. The downside of the Basotho holding on to a lot of their traditional beliefs is that it is going to be difficult for us to take photographs of people, particularly when we are ... read more
The Evening Entertainment
In The Village
Preparing School Dinners

Africa » Lesotho March 7th 2010

VISITING THE KING -- We breakfast on scrambled eggs, bread, pork and beans and English style sausage (bland hot dogs) and then load up in our caravan of four Toyota Crew Cab 4X4s and one Land Rover with roof rack to make the 40-minute drive to Maseru. We arrange a stop at the new mall for 30 minutes to pick up some necessities like batteries, sunscreen and espresso drinks (instant coffee or tea is served at the lodge; I share Starbucks VIA instant coffee packs with the group). Rick decides to invest $30US in a desk fan for our room, which he knows will make a nice gift for the World Vision office staff when we depart. He decides that will make the room more pleasant with some air movement. After the brief visit to the ... read more
The Palace Offices Courtyard
Psanky Egg
King Letsie III of Lesotho

Africa » Lesotho March 7th 2010

The Global Neighbor Project team of 12 visited Lesotho to tour the Sekameng Area Development Project supported by World Vision, of which GNP is a major contributor. GNP is an outreach from the citizens of Tacoma/Pierce County, WA including the faith community, elected officials, community leaders, students and community volunteers to Sekameng, Lesotho, Africa in support of the orphans and vulnerable children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Five of us had visited in September 2006, so we were anxious to gauge the progress of the communities in accessing clean water, fresh produce, and utilizing caregiver kits, school supplies,furniture and uniforms as well as setting up pork and poultry production, sewing and shoe making micro-enterprises. Pastor Dean Curry initiated the Global Neighbor Project, and this would be his fifth visit to Lesotho. Our team includes Bob Bowen ... read more
Phetahatso Primary School
Official Welcome to Phethahatso
Traditional Dance

Africa » Lesotho December 14th 2009

For this section of our travels we are leaving the coast and heading into the centre of South Africa to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho and the roof of Africa. We start our trip in the heart of Zululand in a town called Eshowe. The weather is pretty bad and it’s raining hard, to hard for the roof tent so we book into Zululand backpackers and treat ourselves to a KFC. Next day we are booked on a cultural tour into Zululand and our guide arrives to take us to his village, he is 75 years old and a bit mental to say the least. Zululand is huge area of South Africa and is made up of rolling green hills and streams it’s very picturesque with no electricity or running water and very rural. Although a ... read more

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top November 15th 2009

Sunday morning was spent lazing around the hostel and we eventually got picked up by the Underberg Express and headed out for Sani Lodge. We eventually arrived at 7pm however it transpired that they did not have my booking despite me e:mailing them and Paula confirming my details on the phone. Bless her Paula panicked on my behalf but in my now relaxed traveller mode I shrugged my shoulders and said that I would sleep on the sofa in my sleeping bag if no bed was available however a bed was found so we were all happy. Unfortunately the weather had taken a turn for the worse and it was pouring with rain so I deferred any decision for trips till the next day. However Monday morning rolled around and I was suffering from cabin fever ... read more
Sani Bushman Painting
Dane our guide and the wall of paintings
A few men going out hunting

Africa » Lesotho » Maseru October 25th 2009

The Global Neighbor Project -- an outreach from Tacoma, WA to Sekameng, Lesotho, Africa -- is planning a trip in February 2010 to revisit the community where we sponsor children and provide community development assistance through World Vision. ... read more

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