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June 24th 2010
Published: July 21st 2010
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With no spare tire, we headed for Lesotho. Actually we just drove the 3+ hours to Underberg to catch the Sani Pass day tour to Lesotho. We arrived and shared a 4X4 jeep with a canadian and 3 Portuguese people who were there for the game, but being for Brasil, we did not talk to much about the game. It was an INCREDIBLE drive. It was a crazy windy road with awesome views. The South African boarder is even a 30 minute drive from the true border as there is nowhere closer to put the control point due to the mountain road.

The best part of the drive was stopping at the frozen waterfall. I loved taking pics and pretending that I was frozen, as this is a game me and daddy often play. The cool tour guide even got me and icicle which I liked a lot.



After about 2 hours, we finally made it to the top. It was a flat mountain, and really looked neat. Despite everyone warning us how could it was going to be, it really was not that cold, especially considering we just recently came from Johannesburg. After clearing passport control, we went inside this really neat hut where a woman showed us how she makes bread. It was honestly the best bread me or my daddy ever had. I asked daddy if he could buy some off her, and of course, daddy said yes and we both ate the whole thing.

We then went to the "highest pub in Africa". And while daddy enjoyed a beer that can only be found in Lesotho, I was extremely excited about an animal that can only be found in Lesotho....the Lesotho Mountain looked more like a hamster, which is what I called them. They kept on appearing than dissappearing in these little holes all over the place. I had so much fun with them. I met a little kid who also had a lot of fun looking for them.

After some good food/soup, and more bread, we headed down back to Underberg. We then drove back to Durban to go out to dinner with our hosts, Karyn, Frank and Sarah. It was an incredible day, and daddy was very glad that we took the extra time to see a very small part of this country.

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I am frozenI am frozen
I am frozen

like the waterfall

Sani Pass
Searching for "Hamsters"Searching for "Hamsters"
Searching for "Hamsters"

with a new friend
Frozen WaterfallFrozen Waterfall
Frozen Waterfall

I thought it was soooo cool (and cold)
Great SceneryGreat Scenery
Great Scenery

Lesotho/South Africa
Hmmm, I think one will pop up soonHmmm, I think one will pop up soon
Hmmm, I think one will pop up soon

Lesotho Mountain Rats ("hamsters")
Lesotho Mountain RatsLesotho Mountain Rats
Lesotho Mountain Rats

I prefered to call them hamsters
Frozen Daddy and SofiaFrozen Daddy and Sofia
Frozen Daddy and Sofia

next to frozen waterfall
Sani PassSani Pass
Sani Pass

Lesotho/South Africa border

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