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Africa » Lesotho » Thaba Bosiu October 6th 2009

Having visited the tourist information centre opposite the Basotho Hat in Kingsway in Maseru, I was recommended by the lady there to go to Thaba Bosiu and to see the Royal Graves. She gave me directions to the market close to the Roman Catholic Cathedral, where I would find the minibus taxi to Thaba Bosiu - fortunately the service terminated there. The minibus trip cost M12 each way (approx EUR 1.10) and the minibus appeared tardis-like - at one point there were 18 passengers in the bus (this exceeded the seating capacity by about 40-50%) and it took about 35 minutes including stops along the way to let passengers jump on and off to get to the destination. A couple of Peace Corps volunteers (James and John) from the US were doing the same trip - ... read more

Africa » Lesotho September 15th 2009

Day 85 Aliwal North - Lesotho 31.8.09 We left the death camp at around 7am and stopped in town for a few supplies before heading towards Lesotho. Across the border it was like a different world again, reminiscent of east africa, in as much as there were lots of huts and very basic buildings not to mention run down shacks that would still be housing people. We climbed higher and higher in our truck until we reached our camp, Malealea Lodge, apparently "Lesotho in a nutshell" which is good considering we only had a nutshell's time to take it all in! In the evening me and Chelle cooked for the group (stuffed butternut squash with Apple Pie and custard for dessert). Day 86 Lesotho 1.9.09 As we camped on uneven ground last night we were both ... read more

Africa » Lesotho September 7th 2009

Leaving J-Bay by coach (16 hours, overnight, crap!), I make a detour to Durban to fix my wide angle lens, which I dropped onto tarmac trying to get a photo of a whale's tail at Mossel Bay... all v. annoying! I decide to hire a car to travel up to the Drakensbergs and then east through KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland to Kruger Park, so I collect Guppy (named in accordance with the Chris and Tracey Parkin car naming rules) from the airport and head north towards Pietermaritzburg and on to Underberg. I'm heading here to travel over the mountains and into Lesotho, a small country totally surrounded by South Africa. I arrive at Sani Lodge, just north of Underberg, in the late afternoon, just as the setting sun is spreading an orange wash over the Southern Drakensbergs, ... read more
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Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top August 31st 2009

Day 31 - Molumong (Lesotho) - 29/8/09 We left the Sani Lodge at 0900 with our tour guide Michael, on the tour with me there were 4 Dutch girls who were travelling together. We travelled though the roads of the Drakensburg Mountains to reach the Sani Pass and the Lesotho border pass, we went in a 4X4 as its the only type of vehicle that could make it up there. As a gentlemen and somebody travelling by myself took the back of the 4X4. Proceeding through the mountain range was a slow and very bumpy task, the roads were windy and the scenery getting more and more dramatic the higher and higher we went. The more we went on, the more and more bumpy the road got, with me hitting my head on the roof, the ... read more
Me ....
Fountain Of Eternal Youth
Drakensburg Mountains 2

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top July 5th 2009

I left East London for Bloemfontein to meet up with my friend Danie, that is joining me for a trip through Lesotho. I decided to take the boring N6 to Aliwal North, where I decided to visit some historical sites and to stay over for the night. On the way on the N6 I stopped at the Louw Wepener Monument that is in a state of disrepair. He was a famous Boer War Hero. On arrival in Aliwal North I went around to some famous historical sites. The Concentration Camp Memorial Gardens, Blockhouses, The Memorial Gardens for the British Soldiers killed - all from the Anglo Boer War. That night i stayed at the Lord Somerset Guest House in the main road. Something unusual is the Ox Wagon bed you sleep in. Apparently Patricia Lewis, the ... read more
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Aliwal North

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top December 30th 2008

I en forlænget weekend fra d. 12-16. december, var jeg i Lesotho med Anna (svensk) og Anne-Sofie (dansk). Til jer, som ikke gider slå op i et atlas, er Lesotho er et selvstændigt land, som ligger ca. 400 km syd for Pretoria. Det ligger midt inde i Sydafrika og er omkrænset hele vejen rundt. Det meste af landet ligger i bjergområder, og Lesotho deler bjerge med Drakensberg. Vi kørte fredag efter arbejde, og det tog os en evighed at komme derned - både fordi der er længere end man lige tror, og fordi vi allerede kørte forkert lidt uden for Pretoria! På trods af vi nåede grænsen ved midnatstid, var der virkelig mange mennesker - sikkert folk som skulle hjem på weekend fra en uges arbejde i Sydafrika. Men efter at have ventet i en times ... read more
Malealea Lodge
Ridetur mod Bushpaintings

Africa » Lesotho » Maseru December 23rd 2008

Leaving Amakhala was difficult, not least because we had to work out how to get everything back into the Land Rover. This task was made more difficult by a serious hangover induced by our final night party. I won’t go into details but Chris fans should definitely get him checked for itches and scratches after he was taken in hand by an older lady. I think the scratches might have been sustained when he ran off through the thicket to escape the said lady. I’m not sure what the opposite of a MILF is, but if it’s in the dictionary then there is a picture of this lady next to it. So on to Lesotho it feels good to be back on the road again after so long, We left Sunday at around 11.30 and got ... read more
One of the illegal immigrants
Inside our village hut

Africa » Lesotho » Butha Buthe December 18th 2008

In the centre of South Africa, is the world’s third-smallest but highest country - Lesotho. Lesotho has 2.1 million people living in it. The population is largely farmers, living in small rural communities, their main crop maize. The Northern Drakensberg, where I am staying, is nearby the Lesotho border and my backpackers runs day trips across the border. So that was my adventure today. Two mini buses of us packed in and headed off. The drive was almost 2 hours to the border. We all lined up with the locals at the immigration booth to have our passports scanned and stamped. Then we entered Lesotho. Right away, it was different. Lesotho is quite a poor country. South Africa, while it has it’s challenges has it’s share of people who are poor, has great financial infrastructure, especially ... read more
In the Village
Home and the Hill
The kids are a bit shy

Africa » Lesotho December 18th 2008

Monday (15th) we ascended into Lesotho: the mountain kingdom. Another day another country! The driving was great because the scenery was amazing! We took a shortcut on tiny dirt roads that didn't look like they could hold our truck that took us right up through the mountains. They are the same kinds of mountains as the rest of South Africa (rocky, interesting shapes, Table Mountain style), just bigger. Almost like Archangel Valley, but not even quite like that. It was like driving through a postcard! Gorgeous! It was like being back in more northern Africa again. Back to real Africa... More rustic, simple, houses spread out amongst farmlands, cows, sheep, dirt roads, bathroom = behind bushes. We didn't see any cars, just horses for transport. The houses...some of the traditional round huts and then some houses ... read more

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top November 20th 2008

Firstly I had better explain that we didnt actually go to Lesotho as we didnt have enough time but we were a stones throw away so I'd thought I would add it! We arrived at the Khotso Horse ranch at lunch time and were immediately awe insipired by the views. The ranch was in teh mountain near the town of Uunderberg in the Southern Drackensburg region. I beleive the ranch was approx 1500m above sea level and there were still huge mountains looking down on us. We had booked a rondavel as we had stayed in similar type accomadation and was basically a round house with a thatched roof. We did not realise until we arrived that it was a whole house with a kitchen, up stairs and lounge. Impressive. Its quiet season at the mo ... read more

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