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Africa » Ghana » Volta February 21st 2011

Well I had another eventful weekend. On Friday evening I traveled with a number of other volunteers to Wli (pronounced vlee) Falls. These waterfalls are at the very eastern edge of the country near the town Hohoe and just before the border with Togo. At the hotel we stayed at, you could actually look over the hills and into Togo. It was quite an interesting trip and really great to see a part of the country away from the coast, which is where I've traveled before. The trip also had some very interesting/crazy elements: Me and a few other volunteers left to go to the tro tro station around 3:30 Friday afternoon. After arriving and finding a bus amidst the rediculous crowds of people, we ended up having to wait nearly two hours before the bus ... read more
Ghanaian schoolyard
Pure water sachets
Elmina slave castle

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 9th 2011

18:05 I had the best time ever today! I went on a day long safari. I had 2 get up extra early (5 am) 2 catch a peek of all the fascinating animals. It’s a good job my Camera has a very powerful zoom in because I wouldn’t like 2 get near half of those animals I saw today. There was a giant scorpion, birds, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, monkeys and lots more. Some tourists and guides and I travelled round the Digya National Park, by Lake Volta, in a Land Rover exploring, sight-seeing and taking pictures. It was great. My next stop is Lake Chad in Chad. With my rented Land Rover I’m going to drive on the Coastal main roads up to Lagos, stop for a rest at Lagos and then carry on traveling on ... read more
venomous snake

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 8th 2011

13:24 The Boat trip was fantastic!! There were so many amazing sights and people and most of all animals. It cost 3 USD (United States Dollar) for a 3 hours cruise. I got a great picture of Elephants right up close on the bank of the lake. They were huge! The sailor told me they weigh up to 7500kg. This afternoon I plan 2 go fishing but first I’m going 2 an African Café. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 7th 2011

21:17 Today was amazing!! I’ve booked a Boat trip for tomorrow just after lunch. Lake Volta, as I found out, is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world and it’s man-made! It’s completely all in Ghana and cost the country £70 million. It takes up over 3.6% of Ghana’s land and is 6 degrees of Latitude north to the Equator. I had a picnic next to the Lake and I saw loads of unusual people and Animals. Some people go around with humongous, heavy baskets on their heads selling Sachets of Water! I was quite surprised but apparently that’s normal. I can’t wait for my boat trip tomorrow. It’s really hot here…already I’ve gone through 1 bottle of sun-cream and I’ve only been here for 2 days. It was around 49 degrees at midday ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta September 20th 2010

9/20/2010 It’s Monday morning and I am currently sitting outside on my balcony, having a cup of tea, and listening to a group of students practicing their African drumming down on the lawn. Last weekend I traveled to the Volta Region with five other international students on a mission to take part in Ho’s annual Yam festival, conquer the tallest peak in Ghana, and see some amazing waterfalls. We left early on Friday morning so we could catch a tro-tro to a town called Ho where we would spend our first night. It’s about a three-hour drive and tro-tros are not very comfortable so I was glad when we finally arrived. Ho is a small town located about southeast of Accra and is the capital of the Volta Region. We set off first to find a ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho September 5th 2010

So summer is almost over, well its actually over. But we had to do something new to crown it so originally I thought we could go parasailing in the Kwahu mountains but apparently that only happens in April. So my dad suggested we go see Wli falls and after some research we decided to do that and climb Mountain Afajato, the highest in Ghana! It was hard to find time that suited both my bestfriend, Roselyn and myself but we decided on this weekend as a last minute thing so we were a little ill prepared. But its still been great so far. So the actual journey........ We met up at Kwame Nkrumah Circle to board a bus straight to Hohoe but we couldn't find any buses that take that route so we had to go ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho June 22nd 2010

Friday June 18: Benin One thing after another has been happening to the bus. First the front window had a crack in it that had to be prepared and put us back one day. On this day a tire from a truck bust and the impact of it broke out one of the side windows in our bus so we were stuck at the hotel until about 11am, when we were supposed to leave around 9am. We had a group session that morning; it was somewhat tense for many people. There have been some issues on the trip between roommates, races, and people just picking out things to get irritated about. The group consists of 20 girls so there is no way to work around girls being girls. I am glad we had the session because ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta May 13th 2010

Here's one about Shia, madventurer's famous little village an hour away from Ho. So when the new volunteers arrived in Ho we (Izzy, Harriet and me) all shipped ourselves into their fancy air-con tro and headed over to Shia. We may have been a little sentimental about leaving Ho but more excited about all the new people and the crazy new project. So we were told we were to help build a new technical block for the local college. This would help the students who were training in carpentry skills. So the main part of the project for us, seeing as we were only there for two weeks was clearing the area, digging the foundations and making bricks. There were a lot of locals eager to help which meant that some of the time we weren't ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho April 22nd 2010

So this is a quick update about our time at the hospital! Cuban doctor number one: Dr. Ramirez (or however you spell his crazy name.) is from Cuba in case you wondered..... He is the gynecologist so a lot of the patients he sees are women! Mainly in his office we have seen pregnant women who have anemia, couples seeking fertility treatment, women with fibroids or cysts in their ovaries and pregnant women with malaria. He out of all the doctors is the least professional. I know that is very rude but he is. Generally there was very little for us to actually do at the Hospital. We were taught how to identify how far along a pregnancy was according to the position of the baby in the mother's stomach. We were also able to witness ... read more
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Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho April 19th 2010

This weekend we went to Accra to drop Sophie off as she was flying to Kenya! We stayed at a pretty budget hotel but it was pretty nice as there were no bugs and the bed was big enough to fit all 3 of us! 3.50 a night you can't really go wrong! We decided as it was Sophie's last day we would do all the things in Accra we would do something very leisurely, we went to Accra Mall. Accra is one of our least favourite towns as it is very very very busy (much like any other capital I guess....) and there are open drains all over the place and its very dirty. It is handy in that the food is better and its just bigger but still.... we love our little village! So ... read more
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