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Africa » Ghana » Volta July 28th 2012

The weekends gave us some free time to explore the area and take it easy. We organized an outing to go to a beach near the town of Keta. We hired a driver by the name of Alfonse, who spoke French because his mother was from neighboring Togo. Along the way we passed through small villages and beautiful rice fields, stopping for coconuts to consume. Once we arrived I quickly grabbed my day pack equipped with camo pack and food and took off on my own to walk the beach. The waves were strong and fishing boats lined the coast on this sunny day. Calls of Yevu could be heard intermitently but for the most part I felt a serene sense of peace. Being on my own for a while was what I had been longing ... read more
Palm Climb

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 27th 2012

Rachel and I were assigned to the operating room on this day. Upon our arrival we were given a brief tour of the place. They seemed to have all the essential facilities such as operating tables, vital sign operators, coagulation devices, suctioning devices, etc. Sterility was still questionable at times yet they did their best to maintain as clean and environment as possible. The first minor surgery we got to see involved in EOU (Evacuation of Uterus), the contents of which needed to be removed after an aborted fetus' remains still lingered within. Following this was a cervical biopsy, albeit under no anasthesia, and the woman bellowed out continuous moans as the doctor worked. The main major surgery of the day was a total hysterectomy. The woman was presenting with uterine fibroids and had had a ... read more
Checking Urine Levels
Hard At Work

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 26th 2012

Marina and I were assigned to the ante-natal ward to council and check up on expecting mothers. The mothers first had to register and then get called in for exam. We were shown to palpate the fundus and then listen to the fetal heart rate with a rudimentary heart monitor. I found I had to press so hard into the bloody thing to find a heartrate at times. Woman after woman kept coming in and I must admit that OBS really isn't my thing. After this we ended up floating about through the different wards trying to stay busy until lunch. We hired a tro-tro to Akatsi market, a few clicks away, a bustling market selling all sorts of goods from instruments to food to animals. We explored around for a while and Marina, Duke and ... read more
Duke Claw!
Ante-Natal Ward

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 25th 2012

Some of us (Rachel, Held, Hartropp, and myself) were selected to go on our first outreach mission to a small village about an hour east called Hatogodo. A few nurses were going along, one named Noel was able to give me interesting bits of info regarding nursing in Ghana, and I in turn explained how health care in Canada was. We arrived in the village square where several nurses were already set up and a scale was hanging from a branch. Women brought their babies to hang on the weight, while several other stations updated childhood vaccinations. I had the opportunity to walk around the village and truly experience rural West Africa. The girls gave out stickers and blew bubbles, which frightened the children extensively. Once they warmed up to it though they began to enjoy ... read more
Very Cool
The Village
Hartropp and Held

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 24th 2012

We arrived bright and early for breakfast and then began our tour of Sacred Heart Hospital, where we'd be working for the next three weeks. The hospital itself was within a compound and had several rudimentary buildings as well as certain newer ones, serving different functions. One of the nurses gave us a tour and introduced us to all the staff. I instantly noticed how resourceful they were with medical supplies, having to reuse needles on the same patient and using IV tubing as tourniquets. We visited the OPD clinic, male and female wards, antenatal clinic, ER, lab and pharmacy, as well as parts of the OR theatre. We met Dr. Kugbey, who was on rounds and was able to explain to us in great detail certain patient cases and focused assessments. Since they don't have ... read more
Ready for Work
Ninja flower star...of death

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao July 10th 2012

I have been in Klikor, Ghana for one week now. I must say from day 1 I have been made to feel very welcome by all the staff at the children’s home and the school where I will be working, at the Guest House where I am lodging and by the children and community themselves. Klikor is a rural area where most of the population are farmers. The roads are dirt roads and can become quite difficult to manage during the rainy season as it is now – especially when you’re donning flip flops when wellies might be more useful! Still, the weather is quite bearable as there is cloud cover and a gentle breeze. When it rains, it hammers it down, drumming down on the tin roofs and churning up the mud on the roads. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao July 10th 2012

Some pictures from my time so far... A few of these are from my first day after arrival, Sunday 1st July. It was a very rainy, humid day. Sylva was the main photographer, taking pictures of the children's home, his mother, Baby, who is the cook for the home, and some of the other residents at the home. There's also some pictures from our trip to Lake Volta over the last weekend. Finally, there are some pictures with the older children who left to go back to their schools in other towns today (July 10th) and will come back after I have left.... read more
I have a new friend (2)
One of the children's R.E books

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho June 14th 2011

I have been here for just over a week and I am loving it. I have been to Accra, Ho (including the colony of cured lepers), and been to a community that was one and a half hours drive away from where I am staying (in Ho). I have spent 3 days in the hospital and have worked in the O.P.D (out-patient department) and Pediatrics. Tomorrow we are doing an outreach to a place near Hohoe and we will be taking blood pressures and temperatures. On Thursday I am back in the hospital and will be going to the lepers colony on Friday again. This weekend we are going to go and hike Mount Afadjado and go to Wli Falls. I hope my next 2 weeks are as good.... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho June 6th 2011

I arrived in Ho last night and went to a bar around the corner from the house with 2 of the other volunteers. I went to the town centre this morning and might be going back tonight. It's a surreal experience as I've seen scenes like it on television and in films but it is almost exactly the same. The accommodation is good and the other volunteers are great! I think that on friday I'm going to the cured lepers village to do a clinic, but that's all that I know. The weather is very very warm but I'm enjoying it. If the trip continues in this way, I'll be happy.... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho May 24th 2011

Right, so last week we actually did some proper work. On Monday I called all of the local schools and organised to go in and do talks to them over the coming weeks on HIV and Malaria/Animal Bites. On Tuesday we went into the maternal health centre as usual, although again nobody turned up (which was also the case today - we are going to try one last time this Thursday and then give it a break for a month.) We did 3 talks in total last week, 2 on the Wednesday and 1 on the Thursday. On Wednesday morning we went into one of the schools in our village and spoke to them about HIV (as it is one of the few local schools not done yet.) I enjoyed giving this talk, the teachers and ... read more

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