Some pictures from my time so far

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July 10th 2012
Published: July 11th 2012
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Some pictures from my time so far...

A few of these are from my first day after arrival, Sunday 1st July. It was a very rainy, humid day. Sylva was the main photographer, taking pictures of the children's home, his mother, Baby, who is the cook for the home, and some of the other residents at the home.

There's also some pictures from our trip to Lake Volta over the last weekend.

Finally, there are some pictures with the older children who left to go back to their schools in other towns today (July 10th) and will come back after I have left.

Additional photos below
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The front courtyardThe front courtyard
The front courtyard

The children's home is arranged around this courtyard with rooms for the boys and girls (approx 20 children), kitchen, new dining area, bucket shower areas. The rainy season means the courtyard is very muddy in this picture.
The kitchen and home's people carrierThe kitchen and home's people carrier
The kitchen and home's people carrier

The people carrier was donated and driven all the way from Holland by the volunteer. The home now use it primarily for their farming uses.
Keko and IKeko and I
Keko and I

The loveliest little gentleman you will ever meet
Getting on the boat to cross the riverGetting on the boat to cross the river
Getting on the boat to cross the river

This boat had just set off when we realised it was the boat we needed. Queue sprint to boat with everyone around us laughing at the 'yavus' running!
My companionsMy companions
My companions

From left to right: Emily, Judith, Alice, Fabien, Renaud and me. These 5 are teaching volunteers at the senior school and have been great companions on my trip so far
View from the bus on the way backView from the bus on the way back
View from the bus on the way back

The bus connections between towns is relatively convenient if you have done the research beforehand. What you can't prepare for though is the 110mph turn on the corner in a bus jammed with around 12 people and perhaps some freshly caught fish or a chicken at the back.

Davidson and I with Sylva fooling around at the back
Actually workingActually working
Actually working

...on Operation Bank Reconciliation
Exodus and IExodus and I
Exodus and I

Exodus is David's (founder of Friend Foundation) son. He's studying at a technical college and has just wired up this new structure which is the new dining area at the home.

13th July 2012

Great blog!
A great blog! I'm going to enjoy reading more about your adventure.
14th July 2012

Hey Sonia, looks like you're having an amazing time! Your photos are great. I miss everyone so much. Say hi to everyone from me and tell them "I'm coming"!
17th July 2012

Hi Carys! Have told them 'you're coming'! Lol did you find yourself saying that back in the UK? I keep making that 'eyyy' noise in conversation. Hope you're well. S x
20th July 2012

Looks like you're having fun Sons!!
18th August 2012
My high street

My High Street
No gum and no litter! So clean :-)
18th August 2012
Keko and I

Cute guy!
18th August 2012

Big Smile :-D
18th August 2012
Exodus and I

Friends - so many friends!
Gosh Sonia you are going to have so much letter writing to do in the years to come!

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