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Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao August 5th 2012

Some photos since the last time... Photos include our trips to Accra/ Aburi at the end of week 2, and to Cape Coast and Elmina at the end of week 3. 'Our' being the French volunteers, Alice, Emily, Judith, Noemi and Renaud, and myself.... read more
It's raining, It's pouring

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao July 31st 2012

One thing, amongst many, that I have enjoyed in Ghana is learning people’s names. I have met girls named ‘Patient’, ‘Wonder’, ‘Blessing’, ‘Comfort’ and my favourite, ‘Thank-God’. I have met boys named ‘Ebeneezer’, ‘Zerobabel’, ‘Godsway’ and my favourite, ‘Godknows’…. ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ ‘God knows’ – I just think that’s a great way to introduce yourself. Among the many people I have met, last week I met Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, not the Nobel Prize winning granddad of the world, but a slightly overweight IT man from Aflao who came to fix the modem so I can update the blog again, yippee! In the last few weeks there have been some surreal moments. We started with a crisis – the school exams were to start this week but our printer had broken down. Over the next few ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao July 10th 2012

I have been in Klikor, Ghana for one week now. I must say from day 1 I have been made to feel very welcome by all the staff at the children’s home and the school where I will be working, at the Guest House where I am lodging and by the children and community themselves. Klikor is a rural area where most of the population are farmers. The roads are dirt roads and can become quite difficult to manage during the rainy season as it is now – especially when you’re donning flip flops when wellies might be more useful! Still, the weather is quite bearable as there is cloud cover and a gentle breeze. When it rains, it hammers it down, drumming down on the tin roofs and churning up the mud on the roads. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao July 10th 2012

Some pictures from my time so far... A few of these are from my first day after arrival, Sunday 1st July. It was a very rainy, humid day. Sylva was the main photographer, taking pictures of the children's home, his mother, Baby, who is the cook for the home, and some of the other residents at the home. There's also some pictures from our trip to Lake Volta over the last weekend. Finally, there are some pictures with the older children who left to go back to their schools in other towns today (July 10th) and will come back after I have left.... read more
I have a new friend (2)
One of the children's R.E books

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao November 16th 2008

Riding Day 7 - 125km (total 800km) After an interesting stop in the historical town of Cape Coast, we started on our longest ride of the trip -- Accra. The ride started off well enough, but the big difference is that we didn't have a good enough shoulder to ride on through out the whole ride, so we had to be defensive and ride on the road when we could and move over to the shoulder when we had vehicles passing us. Once we hit the Winneba junction (50km outside of Accra), though, traffic started to really pick up. As each kilometer passed we could just feel we were getting closer and closer to Accra. Before we could reach Accra, we had to deal with our first bit of rain. In typical fashion for this part ... read more
Funerals are a big deal here complete with billboards
A tranquil beach scene
Banku -- one of the local dishes. The dough is made up of fermented cassava and corn -- an aquired taste

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