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Africa » Ghana » Volta October 19th 2009

I’m so happy that Ghana won the under 20’s world cup. It was such a nice atmosphere. At the orphanage it has inspired so many of the children and probably many more people in Ghana. Apparently in Accra , there was street parties until the early hours of the morning . Ghanaian s love to party so that was the perfect excuse to party on the streets . lol What am I missing in London anything interesting? I heard about Steven Gately , I can believe it very sad . I liked Boy zone many years ago Whats happening on Emmerdale , coronation street and Eastenders Please someone fill me in lol ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta September 22nd 2009

I was debating whether I ought to write this up at all since it is a bit heavy as far as content goes, but I thought it best so here goes. Our trip to Dodi island did not go as planned, its not that it wasn’t good or profound as you will soon see, but it just didn’t go as planned at all. We started our trip a bit late because the traffic was bad and the tro tro took a long time to get to our pick up place. We eventually loaded up our people (there turned out to be 8 obroni and six obibini). We stopped off to get our trees at someone’s house and hit the road. Now, since we had hired the trotro, it didn’t need to race for fares ( a ... read more
Sam and a little girl from the school
Hairy times!
small school boy

Africa » Ghana » Volta September 17th 2009

This time for a change i thought i would write in advance of my plans for the weekend. I am heading up a group with a few friends that is going to dodi island in the eastern volta region this weekend to help out and do some work. we will be leaving on friday with all our supplies including cement and trees and food besides the normal things like TP and dishes. we are set to come back on Monday during teh day, and the whole trip including accomadation food and supplies should cost about 75CAD. These Friends of mine are the same ones who have the schools in Accra that i have been going to for teaching. They ( my frineds) have built a school for the children on the island because otherwise they children ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta August 22nd 2009

So its Saturday 22nd August. Im more than half way through my trip! The internet has been a bit dodgy lately so the blog I did mid week did not save, boooo!! So now I'm a little unsure what has been saved and what hasn't apologies if I repeat myself! Soo last weekend I went to Cape Coast, we had a 4 hour tro tro (like a mini van, jam packed, so uncomfortable) ride to Accra first, when we got there, as soon as we were parked up, taxi drivers were after us. We were going to the mall, a taxi driver wanted to charge us 10 cedis, this was way too much, we had been told by someone in Accra it should cost around 3 or 4 cedis. We refused to pay the 10 they ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta August 13th 2009

Hoi! Nou dat was me weer een weekje! We zijn naar e volta regi gegaan en hebben Suus en Guus daar kunnen helpen met hun projecten. Zij zijn hierheen gekomen om de lokale bevolking een stapje verder te helpen en hebben daarvoor thuis het een en ander aan euro's ingezameld. (altijd handig!) Er zijn inmiddels overal prullenbakken neergezet, plafonds, luiken, en stoelen&tafels gemaakt in de scholen, verder zijn de scholen wat opgeknapt wb de muren en aan de binnenkant hebben wij geholpen het geheel wat op te fleuren. Dus nu zijn er overal vlaggen van afrikaanse landen en nederland te vinden! was echt een leuk project en ook erg gezellig met die twee. hadden een vast adresje om te eten 's avonds en wij sliepen in een lodge met uitzicht op groen bedekte heuvels en een ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho July 28th 2009

This is a long one, you may wish to digest it in portions It had been 14 years since I flew out of Nairobi. I had spent 3 months travelling through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique Swaziland and South Africa, probably the greatest travel experience of my life. Anita and I had talked about doing voluntary work, in Africa, before we left Aotearoa nearly 18 months ago but we had not made any set plans. We had spent 3 months, in London, trying to find employment in Europe during the summer months without success and given we did not want to return to a Kiwi winter, we returned to our orginal plan of voluntary work. After checking out several organisations we settled on IVHQ, unknown to us and ironically a NZ organisation. The website ... read more
The Originals
Bucket Baths

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 2nd 2009

Hello! It's been one year since I've been to Africa and I am absolutely craving my next trip. I traveled to Hohoe, Ghana last year with an organization called Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) ( and my life has not been the same since. I have started this blog to share stories, pictures, videos and to urge you not to just travel, but to become immersed in another culture that is different from your own. I taught my own class for about a month in a small school right in Hohoe and also did some volunteer work at a school for the mentally challenged that was located in the outskirts of the village. Working beside local people for commonly shared community goals was the most unique and clarifying experience I have ever had and I am anxiously counting ... read more
Outside Accra
Yooo (welcome)
Hanging outside the home base

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho March 23rd 2009

So this weekend I decided it would be a great idea to wear myself down into the ground. We got back from Mole on Thursday morning and I slept the day away until that afternoon when I went to Champs with some friends to watch the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. It was exciting because I was able to watch the LSU game but didn’t watch the second set of games because it was getting late here and I was worn out. The next day I left to go to the Volta region where we were going to do some hiking and go to the Wli water falls. Some of the group left on Thursday but there was no way I could physically do that after Mole so we left Friday afternoon. On the ... read more
it really is that steep!
Thats the mountain in the background
me dying on the side of Afadjato

Africa » Ghana » Volta March 12th 2009

Shots taken at Hohoe, Liati Wote, Likpe Todome, Likpe Bakua, Wli, mountains, caves, waterfalls, the works! Big thanks to Jessica for letting me use a lot of her pictures! Enjoy!... read more
The Road to the Volta Region
Caves of Todome
The Road to Afadjato

Africa » Ghana » Volta February 26th 2009

Hohoe After my week at Donkorkram hospital, I completed a large loop by return to Accra via the eastern Volta Region. First I took a long tro-tro ride another branch of the Volta River. We crossed by large canoe in a ride that took about 1 hour. Then by tro-tro to the little town of Hohoe. Wli Falls Quick day trip to Wli Falls. This waterfall is the highest in West Africa. It's divided into two tiers. To reach the top tier, my and one guide took a one hour hike up the mountain. This was without a doubt the most difficult hike I've ever done. The path was really narrow and thick with trees and boulders. At times, it was really a small rock climb rather than a "hike". My guide did it in flip-flops... ... read more
Canoe across the Volta
Woman in town
House with Volta Mountains in background

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