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July 26th 2012
Published: September 1st 2012
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Marina and I were assigned to the ante-natal ward to council and check up on expecting mothers. The mothers first had to register and then get called in for exam. We were shown to palpate the fundus and then listen to the fetal heart rate with a rudimentary heart monitor. I found I had to press so hard into the bloody thing to find a heartrate at times. Woman after woman kept coming in and I must admit that OBS really isn't my thing. After this we ended up floating about through the different wards trying to stay busy until lunch.

We hired a tro-tro to Akatsi market, a few clicks away, a bustling market selling all sorts of goods from instruments to food to animals. We explored around for a while and Marina, Duke and myself ended up getting seperated from the rest and kept walking about. Eventually our attention focused on a little chicken coup. The little chicks were scurrying about each way and we all unanimously looked at each other and agreed what we needed to do. The next moment we were proud owners of a little chick, and while we didn't really know how we were going to take care of it, it was still awesome to have a new pet. Duke and I eventually built him a home from the cardboard box he came in and built a roof out of palm leaves in an intricate pattern. Our little chick's name was "Deth Claw".

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