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July 24th 2012
Published: September 1st 2012
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We arrived bright and early for breakfast and then began our tour of Sacred Heart Hospital, where we'd be working for the next three weeks. The hospital itself was within a compound and had several rudimentary buildings as well as certain newer ones, serving different functions. One of the nurses gave us a tour and introduced us to all the staff. I instantly noticed how resourceful they were with medical supplies, having to reuse needles on the same patient and using IV tubing as tourniquets. We visited the OPD clinic, male and female wards, antenatal clinic, ER, lab and pharmacy, as well as parts of the OR theatre. We met Dr. Kugbey, who was on rounds and was able to explain to us in great detail certain patient cases and focused assessments. Since they don't have as much technology to rely on, their assessment skills need to be impeccable, or as close as possible. I hope to at least level up in this regard. We observed several more cases and met more people and I got to perform an abdominal assessment on one of the patients.

After lunch we proceeded to walk to the local market where we shopped for food that one of the women at the convent, Christine, could use to prepare our meals with. I often find markets really interesting and went around learning prices for certain items and trying to snap some photos. Unfortunately I got into a bit of trouble as someone became offended that I was snapping photos and tried starting a commosion. I didn't want to create any problems but there were so many more amazing sights that I wish I could have captured. The evening continued with us going to a bar in the market and downing some star.

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