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Africa » Ghana » Volta February 25th 2009

Hey All! I've adopted a new policy...well, actually it's not really new, I've just finally given word to my strategy while abroad. Weekdays belong to the University, but the weekends belong to Ghana! That being said as soon as I got back from Dreamland, I began to plan my next trip... Yeah, maybe a little eager...just a little. After surveying beaches, I thought it was time to head north. So myself and three others departed for the Volta Region of Ghana, using the town of Hohoe as our adventuring headquarters. We left Accra late Friday afternoon by bus, arriving at the sleepy town of Hohoe around half past eight. We stayed the night at the humble Matvin Hotel...which was...well, it was no Dreamland Beach Resort, but hey, it was a place to rest up, grab some ... read more
Hiking in Todome
Mount Afadjato

Africa » Ghana » Volta February 16th 2009

Friday was Sonja’s birthday and we decided to celebrate in style. We all got dressed up and it was so fun seeing all the girls getting all pretty. It was the first time I’ve worn make up in probably 3 or 4 weeks, I almost forgot how to use it! We went to Osu (a little section of Accra that is more touristy, but has good food and shopping) and ate at Havali Indian Restaurant. I’ve never had Indian food, but this was a nice restaurant even to American standards. It’s run but this tiny Indian woman who was absolutely adorable. Since the restaurant was not run my Ghanaians we got food for about 20 people in no time and had eaten and paid in an hour! Record time in Ghana!! The food was incredible too! ... read more
Jay and his new friend
Dreamland Resort

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho February 16th 2009

This weekend I went back to the Volta Region with the girls from my group to see the monkey sanctuary. It was our first time taking a trip on our own and I felt like I had a “real” African experience because we spent the night on the outskirts of a village called Tafi Atome and interacted with the local people as well as the monkeys. And it helped that we didn’t pull up in a huge air conditioned tour bus with a guide. It took three hours by tro-tro to arrive, and then the sanctuary was 5km down a dirt road. Three local girls helped us down the road until we found a pick up truck that gave us a ride the rest of the way. Once we got there we met Emmanuel who would ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta January 12th 2009

Well, I am now back in Agogo having finished my final leg of travelling during my Christmas break from school. For the last part of our travelling we headed to the Volta region in Ghana. This area of Ghana is on the other side of what is now Lake Volta - the largest man made lake in all of Africa (the world?). Some highlights included staying at a hotel on the lake and going swimming and canoeing, visiting the Akosombo dam (reason for the artificial lake) that provides electricity to all of Ghana and neighbouring countries, going to the Cedi bead factory that makes traditional African beads, and visiting the Wli falls on the border of Ghana and Togo. My favourite part of the Volta region would be going to the Wli Falls. While East Africa ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta December 1st 2008

The weekend after Togo we agreed we’d had enough excitement for one fortnight and chose to stay in Accra. What with 11 hour trips to Takoradi and hiding from Togolese taxi drivers, I still hadn’t had my much-hoped-for day on the beach, so I decided to play things safe and spend Saturday sitting by the pool at Accra’s Novotel. At eight cedis it isn’t a bargain, but you do get a free drink and towels provided, and you’re guaranteed not to end up stuck on a tro-tro full of bush rats and child traffickers by mistake. Instead I just had two happy days of reading and sitting in the sun. (I have, predictably, rediscovered reading since I stopped having to plough to the end of three set texts a week. I did, however, manage to leave ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Aflao November 16th 2008

Riding Day 7 - 125km (total 800km) After an interesting stop in the historical town of Cape Coast, we started on our longest ride of the trip -- Accra. The ride started off well enough, but the big difference is that we didn't have a good enough shoulder to ride on through out the whole ride, so we had to be defensive and ride on the road when we could and move over to the shoulder when we had vehicles passing us. Once we hit the Winneba junction (50km outside of Accra), though, traffic started to really pick up. As each kilometer passed we could just feel we were getting closer and closer to Accra. Before we could reach Accra, we had to deal with our first bit of rain. In typical fashion for this part ... read more
Funerals are a big deal here complete with billboards
A tranquil beach scene
Banku -- one of the local dishes. The dough is made up of fermented cassava and corn -- an aquired taste

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho October 21st 2008

Sorry I have not kept this blog updated... there has not been too too much to write about so I saved myself the frustration of dealing with the internet for awhile. This past weekend we went to the Volta Region and stayed in a village (Liati-Wote) with families. In this village there is a waterfall and a mountain you can climb. The plan was to leave Saturday morning and go to a monkey sanctuary and Sunday we were supposed to climb the mountain and then visit the waterfall. Unfortunately, due to a flat tire mid way through the trip we had to alter our plans. Let me first start by explaining the ride up there. We actually left pretty much on time (about 20 minutes late). The bus we had did not have any air conditioning ... read more
Mount Afadjato
view of Liati-Wote from top

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho July 31st 2008

I don't think I ever need to see another goat, cow, or chicken cross the street! Malaria is widespread in Hohoe. Our house mom has fallen ill to it, and one of the teachers at my school also has become infected. They tell the volunteers not to worry-it's just like the common flu in America. The only people who die from it are in remote villages who cannot reach a doctor to take the pills. I'm not sure if I believe that. It makes me angry to think of all the people who are dying bc they don't have access to proper treatment. The most interesting person I've met here is Mary. She owns a local batik fabric shop. Looking at her shop, you would think it's like any other on the street; however, in the ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

Part of Paul Kpai’s vision for economic development of his Have community and surrounding region is to promote tourism in the stunningly beautiful Volta Region. With that in mind, Paul treated Celia, me, and Jason (another Village Volunteer in Have) to a complimentary day tour of some of the most impressive wonders in this vicinity. Lucky me, I got to do the tour again, with the newest volunteer Kim, who is from New York, and is working on “the farm,” the sustainable agriculture project established by Paul about ten years ago. The tour agenda included Wli Waterfalls, highest in West Africa; Amedzofe, the highest human habitation in Ghana; and Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary. A grand tour, indeed. Paul recruited his good friend, Constance and his SRV as chauffeur and tourmobile. Paul ordered lunch prepared for the road, ... read more
Wli Waterfall (lower cascade)
Kim & Paulo atop Gemi Mountain
Sunset from Gemi Mountain

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

At 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, I hope to see a trotro to Accra stopping to pick me up beside the road at the top of the path to my home for the past seven weeks. Ready to be home and seeing family and friends, starting over with a new career (aka finding a job!), finding a home, purchasing a vehicle and paying over $4 per gallon (and rising!) for fuel, getting a phone and new cell phone plan - all the benefits and challenges of our society and culture. But, I will certainly miss this more simple but not so easy world. I depart Accra tomorrow night for London, with a brief stop to change to another British Airways Boeing 747-400 bound for JFK in New York. My daughter, Micky, lives in Manhattan, and I will ... read more

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