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September 5th 2010
Published: September 5th 2010
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So summer is almost over, well its actually over. But we had to do something new to crown it so originally I thought we could go parasailing in the Kwahu mountains but apparently that only happens in April. So my dad suggested we go see Wli falls and after some research we decided to do that and climb Mountain Afajato, the highest in Ghana!

It was hard to find time that suited both my bestfriend, Roselyn and myself but we decided on this weekend as a last minute thing so we were a little ill prepared. But its still been great so far.

So the actual journey........
We met up at Kwame Nkrumah Circle to board a bus straight to Hohoe but we couldn't find any buses that take that route so we had to go to the Aflao Station in Accra. It was easy to find a bus from there. We started the journey at about 1pm and it was a lot longer than we both thought it would be! The scene on the drive is just beautiful: the landscape is amazing and all you see is just miles and miles of green. The bus was fairly comfortable and it stopped at the Adomi bridge where we got some aboloo and adode.

We got to Hohoe at about 6:15 pm where we set off to find hotels, compare prices and settle on a fairly reasonably priced one. We also thought it would be a great opportunity to see Hohoe, which was actually more of a town than I expected. In total we checked out 5 hotels and lodges, a lot considering they are scattered all over the town and we were on foot! There's a lot of cabs around if you're not up for the walk but its a great opportunity to interract with the people of the town. Talking about interractions, we got a lot of "woezolos" which means "welcome" but seems to be a form of greeting here.

In the end, we settled on a hotel in the heart of the town for a very reasonable price and after settling in and getting ready and resting a bit, we set out to look for some "akpler", traditional food of the Ewes. Neither Roselyn nor I had ever had it so we had no idea what to expect. But we found three things: a good place to buy some, the Ewes call it "wokpler", and its a lot like "tuo zaafi", the traditional food for Northern Regions.

The people of Hohoe are really hospitable and we found out a festival has been going since Wednesday tomorrow will be the climax. We're supposed to go climb Afajato tomorrow though so we're not sure if we'll make it back here in time for it but we'd sure love to!

Like a lot of other Ghanaian foods, wokper leaves you feeling very full and heavy! So we're gonna sleep it off and rest for tomorrow. I'm sure it will be great, and tiring but I'll keep you posted!!


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