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Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

The day following our river trek, Paul took us to another river spot, a short drive from Kpeve town. No rice farming in this spot, just the peaceful, quiet beauty of the river, fishermen, boats, and fisher family activity in open huts on the shore. Looking across the river at this place is an island (or what looks to be an island) on which Paul dreams of having an ecotourist resort for all income levels, Ghanaians and international visitors. We had a fun day, unlike no other. In addition to enjoying the river, scenery, boats, and fishermen and family activities, we enjoyed some transportation on Paul’s motorbike. Celia and I travelled to Kpeve (a few short minutes) by trotro, and Paul met us there on his motorbike. He then took each of us, in turn, down ... read more
Fishing Boats at Rest
Cleaning the Catch
Fishermen and Boats

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 25th 2008

Since I last wrote in my blog, there has been a lot that’s been happening here in Ghana. I think I last left on our trip to Wli waterfalls. Wehheelll, since then we had more of the school work, more Sunday church trips and an amazing trip to Cape Coast with the girls. The girls consist of Sister Lucy, Sister Susanne, Sister Lindsey and Sister Emily. Yes, we are referred to as Sister so now I always call them that! So I managed to successfully ask for permission from Madame (mine and Lucy’s host mother/head mistress) for all of us to go away to Accra and Cape Coast on the weekend from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon. I think I managed to soften the blow by saying we would meet up with two of her sons, ... read more
Chilling at Hans Botel Cottage
Yes, it is real.

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 23rd 2008

Knowing the Dayi River was somewhere west and not far from Have, I asked two of Florence’s (our cook) nephews, Richard and Samson, to escort Celia and I to the river. They confirmed that we could hire a fisherman there to take us out in a boat (hand hewn from one log). The 1.5 hour trek from Have-Etoe town to the Dayi River took us past town residents’ farms growing mostly cassava, yam, maize, and okra. Nearing the river, I was surprised by an old village, the original village of Have, where villagers, far from town, make a quiet living fishing and rice farming. Tilapia is the premier fish catch. After meeting the young fisherman and his family, we trekked further to the river, where a new life opened before our eyes. Life on the river ... read more
Fisherman with Tilapia Harvest
Watching the Fisherman
Trees from Another Time

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho July 23rd 2008

Hi everyone! I don't know where to begin~ There's so much to share with you! I've been mixed with many emotions about Hohoe bc there are so many issues here, but the people are so welcoming and friendly. I have not been able to walk down the street without every single person saying welcome and asking how my day is. Please know that I'm very safe here! School is stressful but in a different way than at Little Silver. The children are so used to rote memorization, so they have never been able to think for themselves. I worked with one of the boys in my class on his reading. He read beautifully using the book from our school, but when I brought a book from the home base, he couldn't read one word. In fact, ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho July 17th 2008

Well, I made it to Ghana! My first experience traveling from the airport to my town, Hohoe, was very difficult. On our way, we arrived at a large bridge. Unfortunately, part of the bridge was beginning to collapse. ( A piece of the bridge had fallen into the water below earlier that day.) The police wouldn't let any cars go over it. Our leader pulled some strings and settled on an agreement with the police. Our van was not allowed to drive over it with all of the people in it, bc it would be too heavy. Our driver asked us to get out of the van with our luggage and walk over the bridge. He said he would drive the van over himself and to be careful walking bc the bridge could collapse at any ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 15th 2008

So I am really bad at blogging so that is why the previous entries have been by Emily. :) The time in Ghana is flying by it is crazy. I am can't believe that it is already the 15th! We took a trip this weekend and got to see a little bit more of the country. It was really great! Emily, Marisa (our favorite australian), Lucy(England), Me, and Susanne (from Switzerland) all headed out of Aflao and we traveled to Cape Coast and we stopped in Accra (the capital), Kakum National Park, and Hans Botel Cottage. Accra is really a neat place. It is hard for me to grasp how large it really is though because it seems really spread out. It is always nice to get to be in the city for a little while. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho July 14th 2008

A day at an outreach clinic + Celia’s boyfriend’s research project = spontaneous weekend trip across border to Togo capital city of Lomé. Hadn’t planned on visiting Ghana neighbors, though heard border crossing was easy. Well, it is…if you are Ghanaian! But, still, relatively simple for a visitor. During down time at an outreach clinic in a small village called Ando No. 2 (outlying village of Have), I pulled out my Ghana map and tourist guide. Joyce and Louisa, clinic nurses, showed us their homes on the map, one of which is very near the Togo border in southeast Ghana. Both talked about how Ghanaians regularly cross the border to buy cheaper goods, and the ease of border crossing. This information would not have been quite so interesting if Celia’s boyfriend had not done a research ... read more
Clement's Courtyard
Independence Square in Lome
Neighborhood Market in Lome

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 7th 2008

So I heard that everyone who leaves their country gets sick... It makes sense, but since I had never been out of the country I had no idea it would be like this... Last Saturday night I was not feeling too well, which I took as my body getting used to the food, the atmosphere etc. Sunday morning I woke up sick to my stomach. No big, that is also a part of new foods. Then I checked my temperature. 99.7. I checked it shortly later and it had gone up to 100.5. Lindsey said "We are going to the hospital just to be safe." There was not a doctor at the first hospital so we went to the next one. The doctor asked me some questions then handed me some prescriptions and went on talking ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 3rd 2008

After six months in Kenya and two months in Ghana, I am now at the final post of my first African journey. My new roommate, Celia, and I arrived from Accra on July 11. Celia, from Rome, Italy, studies anthropology at Brunel University in London. She is 21 years old and has traveled extensively, including trips to several other African countries, and fluently speaks Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English. I feel quite deficient, only speaking English. This last assignment is by no means my most enjoyable or satisfying, but the town and region are beautiful, and I am excited to travel this region. The town center of Have (Hav, as in lava; the e as in eh) is the most picturesque and tidy of any I have seen, either in Kenya or Ghana. The road ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 3rd 2008

So, it's been a little bit of a busy week... well, I think so because I am extremely exhausted. We have 3 new people in Aflao now. So after Lucy, Anna and I, there is now Lyndsey and Emily from America and Susanne from Switzerland. Unfortunately, Emily has been in hospital for the past few days. She got sick less than a week after arriving here and her sister, Lyndsey is also sick but not to the extent that Emily is. At first, the doctors thought that it was malaria and we were shown this via test results. But we were all sceptical and luckily the girls traveled to Accra where they were told it was actually a stomach infection. Sooo, we are hoping they will be back soon because we bought the soccer team a ... read more
The PTA Meeting
Smile for the press
Rita, Bernice, Me and Radima

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