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Marisa Fowler

On September 1st 2013, I will be heading over to Rewa Eco Lodge in Guyana for a 4 week volunteering trip with Fronteering and a few days travelling in Guyana. Sharing my stories for all!

On May 14th 2008, I will be interning in Ghana in the Volta Region for 3 months. I'll be working in the local orphanage and at the hospital on an AIDS/HIV program with STAESA (Students Travel & Exposure South Africa). Sooooo, I would just like to share my adventures with you!

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi » Rewa September 28th 2013

Tuesday 24th September 2013 Ahh, forgot to mention another frog/toad incident. So before I went on the Grass Pond adventure, I was tossing up wearing boots or just flip flops. I grabbed the shoe and knocked I against the windowsill expecting a spider to come out but instead it was just a little toad!! I left him there and opened up the windows more so he could jump out but he didn’t seem to want to move. When I came back from the adventure, I had just assumed he was gone. I went to bed with the mosquito coil on because there were a ton of bugs out. When I woke up this morning and made my bed, opened the windows, there was the little toad friend again, just sitting on the floor. I ... read more

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi » Rewa September 23rd 2013

Saturday 21st September 2013 Saturday is just another normal working day. We have another 2 guests that have arrived, a mother and daughter team from the UK. They are a lovely pair and it’s good to have some guests again. Unlike most of the other guests that stay 2 nights, they are staying 3 nights in Rewa. I personally think you would need 4 or 5 days to really see the whole of Rewa but still, 3 nights is a good effort! For dinner, Toria decides we should try rum and lime juice and it sure does go down a treat. I am going to have to bring a few bottles of El Dorado rum back home with me. A few glasses go down a treat and I feel so happy I can barely ... read more
The damn fresh cold
Preggo Iguana
On the way to Grass Pond

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi » Rewa September 21st 2013

Monday 16th September 2013 – halfway It’s a usual day back at work and it’s onto those projects I left behind from the first week of the trip. I head over into the room – which is already getting a little bit on the hot side – and get started on the work. I’m still attempting to build them a quote document which will make it easier to quote as well as being more consistent with pricing. All the bookings clerk will need to do is plug in the number of guests (or in their terms PAX), the number of nights they are staying and then yes or no to the 3 options of tours available. But due to some of their more complex/strange pricing, it is making it difficult to then divide between ... read more
Mosquito net times.
Self Help
More self help for the lodge

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi September 15th 2013

Tuesday 10th September 2013 I wake up to find that I have been eaten alive by mosquitos – and right on the sole of my foot again, right next to the damn honey bee sting. The nice cold shower cools down the 80 odd red dots on my legs and feet. After breakfast, I head over and I’m straight into marking maths homework about ordering numbers from smallest to largest and using the greater than and less than symbols. The principal goes off into the field again to check on progress for the racing track but gets caught up in a meeting. So after the maths homework, I just help the students with their reading skills. In no time its straight back to the lodge for lunch and just as quickly, back to class ... read more

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi » Rewa September 9th 2013

Friday 6th September 2013 Finally a cool day! The breeze is actually quite cold and I find myself wearing a shirt over my singlet rather than using my shirt to collect and wipe all my sweat during the day. The day starts and I set to work trying to build an excel matrix for quoting 2014 rates. At the moment, it’s very manual and they spend a lot of timing add the costs up. I have literally worked on it all day and I’m almost there, just having a couple troubles with how they cost a particular portion. I’m trying to make it easy enough for them to review the rates again and update in 2015. I’m outta there at 4pm, my brain is fried and the heat box certainly got hotter and hotter ... read more
Follow the leader
More rainforest

South America » Guyana September 5th 2013

The day is much cooler again, I would say it’s about 26 degrees with a cool breeze. Eventually the day does heat up to about 32 but of course in the office it feels like 50! I had a troubled sleep waking up a 9.30pm in a panic and then again at 2:30pm which keeps me awake until 3.30pm. I need to the bathroom each time I wake up and when I walk outside, I get distracted by the stars and I wish I could figure out how to take photos of how beautiful the sky looks. In the morning after breakfast, Junita, the 18 year old assistant cook comes to my benab to tell me that Freddie the Caiman is at the river edge. She knows that I have been looking forward to seeing him ... read more

South America » Guyana September 4th 2013

This morning, I woke up to the sounds of Howler Monkeys… Well, I think that’s what they were. They were so loud but it didn’t last long. I was already due to get up anyway and I was definitely ready for a nice cold shower to cool down my sunburnt patches of skin. I headed over to the toilet and lifted up the lid to find a little present in there. On closer inspection, I saw two little eyes beaming up at me. Either some just passed an intact amphibian through their digestive system or it was an actual frog hanging out for a little bit. I really didn’t want to do my business on him so I tried to flush him away, back in to the river. The water system in the showers and toilets ... read more
Aussies stick together
Trek time

South America » Guyana » Annai September 3rd 2013

Tuesday 3rd September Before I start – I will avoid uploading photos on this blog until I get to NYC. I don’t want to kill the bandwidth here. The curse of the jetlag continues and I’m wide awake at 4:30am. I have 2 ½ hours to kill before I am due to be picked up by Terrence to start the journey. A nice cold shower instantly puts a spark into me and I’m ready for the adventure. Terrence picks up at 7am from the Rainforest B&B and we head on down to Ogle Airport. Ogle is a much smaller airport than Cheddi Jaggan and specialises in small commercial flights to domestic areas and to border countries like Suriname. Because the plane is so small, the weight limit for luggage per person is only 9kgs. ... read more
View of Ogle Airport
Finally landed

South America » Guyana » Georgetown September 2nd 2013

So, after 36 hours of travelling... I am finally in Guyana and it's so beautiful and full of colour. So far, I've only driven between Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Georgetown which probably isn't the most aesthetically pleasing route, but even the run down houses are painted in these beautiful bright pastel colours My flight route here was insane! I left Melbourne at 9am on Sunday 1st September. But by the time I got to Guyana , it was 11:30pm Monday 2nd September Melbourne time! Melbourne - Sydney - Los Angeles - New York - Trinidad (although I stayed on the plane) - Georgetown. My ankles are the biggest I have ever seen them, full cankle syndrome. I have also come to the realisation that I am actually really patient when it comes to waiting in ... read more
Rainforest B&B

Africa » Ghana » Volta July 25th 2008

Since I last wrote in my blog, there has been a lot that’s been happening here in Ghana. I think I last left on our trip to Wli waterfalls. Wehheelll, since then we had more of the school work, more Sunday church trips and an amazing trip to Cape Coast with the girls. The girls consist of Sister Lucy, Sister Susanne, Sister Lindsey and Sister Emily. Yes, we are referred to as Sister so now I always call them that! So I managed to successfully ask for permission from Madame (mine and Lucy’s host mother/head mistress) for all of us to go away to Accra and Cape Coast on the weekend from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon. I think I managed to soften the blow by saying we would meet up with two of her sons, ... read more
Chilling at Hans Botel Cottage
Yes, it is real.

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