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May 13th 2010
Published: June 21st 2010
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Here's one about Shia, madventurer's famous little village an hour away from Ho.

So when the new volunteers arrived in Ho we (Izzy, Harriet and me) all shipped ourselves into their fancy air-con tro and headed over to Shia. We may have been a little sentimental about leaving Ho but more excited about all the new people and the crazy new project.

So we were told we were to help build a new technical block for the local college. This would help the students who were training in carpentry skills. So the main part of the project for us, seeing as we were only there for two weeks was clearing the area, digging the foundations and making bricks.

There were a lot of locals eager to help which meant that some of the time we weren't really doing much but I like to think we did do more than what we thought! A lot of digging resulting in bulging muscles and tired arms. The local kids were on holiday so they were also around to help keep us entertained when the heat got too much for us to be bothered to work...! The were very sweet and one of them (I'm going to assume he, Kofi, was the 'leader of the pack' as he was Justice's nephew. Justice being the person that organised the project mostly and who's house we were having our meals in. Justice was also the same man who had looked after John Lawler, the head of madevnturer.) decided to borrow our camera's and take a vast amount of crazy pictures. But they do give you a little insight into his life i guess... He liked to pose quite a bit and he only had one pose. So he's made quite an interesting album of pictures.

Although the facilities were so much more basic than they had been in Ho (using a urinal to shower in, if the well had water. Going for days without electricity.) I think it was quite a nicce way to end our travels round Ghana. We made some amazing friends and had a very authentc village experience!
We had a action packed last night in the only 'bar' in the village, Pleasure garden, before heading off to Accra the next day. It was the most sad we'd been about leaving and it really hit home when we were eating dinner in the same restaurant we'd eaten at before heading to Ho almst two months earlier. To think we'd actually been worried it wouldn't be exciting enough! Rumour.
Maybe one day we'll head back, but we thoroughly recommend it as the place to go in Africa.


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