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North America » Mexico June 19th 2006

So where to start? Brady and Mel arrived here in Sayulita last week - and so it begins! After 5 weeks of relaxing Jesse, Maggie and I are ready to get going on our little expedition. As before, the general idea is to slowly work our way south through Mexico and then as deep into Central America as we can go - with as many side trips and waves in between as we can handle. Having our truck and campers down here is incredible - we have already found ourselves in some pretty out-of-the-way places that busses and taxis don’t go. Where will we find ourselves once the 5-star-Mexican-gringo-trail is 1000 km behind us? There have already been a few interesting moments in the days since Brady and Mel arrived. Last week Jesse and I returned ... read more
What Iguana?
G46..... Bingo!
watching the locals rip in Manzanillo

North America » Mexico » Morelos » Cuernavaca June 19th 2006

can you believe it??... read more
taxco again
mr. big's greatest hits?

North America » Mexico » Morelos » Cuernavaca June 18th 2006

On Monday we started classes, with includes 3 long sessions on grammar before lunch and 1 short session of vocabulary after lunch. After classes we were allowed to explore the city, so we always went downtown to explore and eat. My host family did not do much cooking so my roommate and I ate downtown often. On Wednesday after class, we went to Taxco, which is a small town near Cuernavaca that is known for selling silver. After taking a tour of another small basilica, we were basically set loose in the markets. Many of the booths sell silver, but some of them sell miscellaneous handicrafts. One persistent merchant sold handmade Chinese finger traps. I bought presents for most of my family and many pieces of silver jewelry. At one point, a classmate and I got ... read more
Taxco Silver
Acapulco Waves

North America » Mexico » Querétaro June 18th 2006

This last weekend is our student group´s last weekend that doesn´t have a trip planned in it. We took a lot of time soaking in things of Queretaro that we don´t usually have time to do during the week. Friday night, about seven of ¨the girls¨went out to dinner in the Centro (this is the same place where my fountain picture was taken). There are many restaurants that have seating outdoors and the scenery is amazing! Many people are out just to be out. There are musicians and people selling things in the streets. We all had some pretty traditional Mexican food, then walked down the street for some icecream! Later that night, our group split up for a bit. My roomate Meghan and I went out in search of a ¨posada¨, a weekend homework assignment ... read more
La Hacienda
Flower Thieves


North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara June 18th 2006

Did you know that the World Cup is on??? I'll be the first to admit that I never paid attention to this event in previous years, but being here in Mexico during the World Cup is awesome! On Friday at 2 o'clock in Guadalajara I was sitting in a crowded bar with a HUGE michelada (beer, lots of lime juice, and worcestershire sauce) that I couldn't even finish. It was Mexico vs. Angola and from where I sat I had the view of the television, the people, and a busy street in Guadalajara. I was sitting with a Guadalajara transplant from the states who kept saying "look at this traffic...amazing! It's like Sunday!" The table across from us had a handful of girls my age whom were drinking two micheladas to my one. They were so ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta June 17th 2006

Well, we DO love to who could pass up a deal for $611 + tax to fly to Mexico and stay in a 4 star all inclusive for a week? I mean, we can drink at least that in a week!! :P Our resort was called the Royal Decameron and it was nice enough. 5 pools, although we only aquainted ourselves with 2. The sun was hot, the drinks were strong, and we were in full relaxation mode. If you stay here, don't expect too much from the food. I didn't find a lot to be edible, and when there was something good everyone else must have felt the same way because it ran out quickly. I have a new love of ham and cheese omelettes though, I need to recreate these at home. Not ... read more
Puerto Vallarta
Mi casa

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada June 17th 2006

Hey everyone, I'm sitting at the Hotel Sheraton in San Diego waiting for the shuttles to arrive. We will be leaving in about a half hour to arrive in Ensenada, Mexico and board the ship. There's a ton of people here, it's a little overwhelming, and I'm still really nervous. Hope everything is going well at home. Talk to you soon...... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres June 17th 2006

Hello everyone. I've moved on from Guatemala and now I'm in Mexico. I went from Xela (Quetzaltenango), the point of my last entry, to the famed Semuc Champey. Semuc champey is a series of beautiful turqouise pools flowing through a natural bridge under which the raging river Kan-Ba flows. But better than the pools are the nearby cave. The cave has a river flowing through it so we had to swim with candles. There were some massive caverns in it with waterfalls and rocks that we could climb around on and jump off. There were also some really tight squeezes with just about a foot of room between the water and the ceiling. The cave tour was by far the best 30 Quetzales I've ever spent. I took a very long bus ride from there to ... read more
Mayan farmers tending their plot
In the Cuevas Las Marias
Semuc Champey from the mirador.

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca June 17th 2006

Friends, In case you hadn´t heard already, the other morning the massive teacher strike that has been occurring since late May took a turn for the worst when police stormed the zocalo with the hopes of removing them. Below is a narrative written by a UNM Professor who witnessed first-hand the events that took place. It has been my experience that the teacher's strike has caused some tension within Oaxaca. On the onehand I admire the teachers for sitting and sleeping in the streets of the Zocalo and surrounding areas and fighting for what they believe in. On the other hand, Oaxacan residents say that the teachers are spoiled, earn 7-10 times the average wage of Oaxacan residents while working only 4 hours a day. In fact many people have told me that many teachers would ... read more

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