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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 11th 2014

After a quick flight to New York, we were on our way at midnight for the 6650 mile flight to Tel Aviv. At over 600 miles per hour with a tail wind we made it in 9 1/2 hours. That was the good news. The bad news I could not sleep, at all! So I am blogging you with no sleep since Monday am Independence time. We arrived here at 5 pm Israel time so I should get the opportunity for a good sleep tonight if I am not too wound-up to go to sleep. It was a beautiful flight today. Even at 39000 feet you could see the distinct shore lines and topography of France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Turkey, and old Macedonia. The Alps were particularly beautiful over Northern Italy. I sat with two ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra February 11th 2014

*8th Feb – got to the airport from Dubai very swiftly as well as through check in and security, the man behind the desk assumed I was going back to London and looked very shocked when I said I was going on to Amman. All very smooth, got to the gate and met a Canadian couple going on a G Adventures tour too. They happened to be sitting in front of me on the plane. The view was great from start to finish. Saw Dubai from the air, including the Burj Khalifa, Burj al arab and the Palm. Was beautiful. Then as we got closer to Amman we flew over a desert, looked so so vast. Got to the Liwan Hotel, which is lovely so far , shared a taxi with the Canadians then checked in, ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa February 10th 2014

The Baha'i World Center is located in Haifa, and the glorious Baha'i Gardens that surround the Shrine with its golden dome are a major addition to the natural beauty of the city. The Gardens are maintained by a group of young volunteers, Baha'i who come from all over the world to perform a year or more of service at the Center, often before beginning university. They and other volunteers are housed in a number of residential buildings that Baha'i owns around Haifa, or in apartments owned by the Center in other buildings. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 9th 2014

Arrived 5th Feb 7.50am, got to hotel in a taxi and was unable t check in, so dropped my bag and went out. Receptionist advised me which metro station to get to Burj Khalifa. Went to Dubai Mall and got lost in it! Walked around the food court twice without realising! I was looking how to get out to go and see the Burj, but literally couldn’t find an exit for about an hour! When I found one I walked out and couldn’t see the tallest building in the world! Walked around chuckling, thinking how have I lost the tallest building in the world? DON’T WORRY though I found it! Walked around the whole shopping centre at least twice, eventually found the ‘At the top’ Burj Khalifa entrance and it was fully booked until Sunday, gutted, ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 7th 2014

A little more insight into a week in the life of a geologist/engineering/project manager in the middle east. Since this is basically my life week in week out, you can see what I do on a daily basis. Geology! As you can see from the photo, our core boxes are stacking up in the warehouse and that is just a small portion!!! Each box contains approximately 3m of core that has to be logged, photographed, and tested. The field geologist is typically onsite with the field equipment. We have 22 drilling rigs and approximately 10 geologists, the geologists are divided up into various projects, and generally have to cover multiple rigs. The rigs drill between 8 - 15 m per day per rig, and sometimes they can drill a LOT more. The geologists are supposed to ... read more
Core box mountains
Core liners
Typical drill set up


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 6th 2014

our visit at Dubai and Langkawi trip... read more
swapna saha

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi February 5th 2014

The United Arab Emirates are an intriguing travel destination, and up till now I had only ever stopped off in various airports while in transit to Europe. The UAE is ideally situated as a connecting base to the world, and the capital of the seven Emirates is Abu Dhabi. My flight home from Bahrain was already booked with Etihad, the world's leading airline based out of Abu Dhabi. However, when a fellow travel blogger messaged to say that he was currently in the city, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with him in impressive Abu Dhabi. I scrambled to have my flight changed out of Bahrain, and jetted out of the island country in the morning for a full day to explore the city before a late evening flight home. There is a ... read more
Tommy meets The Travel Camel… finally!
Ferrari World at night
Launch of the world's fastest roller coaster

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 4th 2014

26th / 27th January 2014 Where do I start?!!! The journey to Gatwick was uneventful, arrived, checked in our luggage – that was a new one as we usually only take hand luggage!! The plane left on time ( A huge Boeing 777!) and after a delicious 3 course meal we tried to sleep the remaining four hours of flight (6 ½ hrs altogether!) Managed to doze for a while but woke up in time to see a beautiful sunrise across the mainly sandy terrain and we landed at about 7.00am Dubai time (3.00am UK time!!) The airport was impressive – large as are most things here! Full of pillars, mirrors, coloured glass and palm trees. A guy was waiting for our taxi transfer to Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, and we were whisked off for the ... read more
Me and Him in the desert
Catching the abra
Bedhouin Camp

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama February 2nd 2014

There are times spent in any person's life just doing your thing, trying to live a good life and stay true to yourself when an unexpected opportunity presents itself. Well there I was, back in Sydney, basking in the afterglow of a magnificent time in the Arctic just a few months ago and settled back in the office routine. Then my application was accepted to participate as a delegate of the Discover Bahrain program 2014, and I'm happy to be posting this entry after more than a week spent in the capital Manama. The organising team have arranged a very busy program over a period of eight days for the nineteen delegates from around the world. To be honest I didn't know much about Bahrain prior to this trip, but for me the essence of travel ... read more
Arad Bay
Al Amwaj Islands
Go Kart champions

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Buraydah January 31st 2014

Vinerea trecuta am pornit la drum intr-o excursie organizata de Haya Tour, un fel de beduin camping pentru o zi. Am petrecut ceva timp langa un tarc cu camile, pentru prima data, si am asistat la "intarcarea" unei camile. Camilele sunt animale foarte interesante, iar puii au un mers simpatic, parca ar umbla pe picioroange. Cortul de beduin, primitor, avea in centru un foc unde se incalzeau cafeau si ceaiul. Un muzicant ne-a cantat despre viata cu un rabab, apoi am avut sansa sa calarim pe o camila, chiar si sa bem lapte proaspat (dar eu nu m-am incumetat), si in final, chiar inainte de plecare, a aparut si motocicleta de teren ca sa-mi implinesc si eu visul de a conduce in KSA:)... read more
camilele albe sunt simpatice
poza pentru concursul de frumusete
Miriam si-a gasit un nou protejat

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