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5 mins ago - mindastray published a blog
Monasteries near Valcea
June 6th 2014
Left work on Friday and went to Buleta. On Saturday I went around to see the monasteries: Dintr-un lemn, Surpatele, Horezu and Govora. On the way back home I stopped at Bunesti. It was a nice, rela ...
22 mins ago - laurawhite published a blog
How I Survived a Cruise Despite a Crippling Fear of Boats
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

July 29th 2014
I was catching a boat a few weeks back to the Perhentian Islands, in Malaysia (more on that later, it's an amazing place). And it reminded me of another boat ride I took, a cruise with my parents, and ...
36 mins ago - mindastray published a blog
May 31st 2014
A short trip to Brasov that I hadn't planned. On a Saturday evening, after finishing with the exams, I felt I couldn't stay home anymore and left for Brasov... After a nice dinner in an obscure pub ...
1 hour 12 mins ago - Colin and Carole Block published a blog
Departure from Budapest at night (retrospective)
July 28th 2014
Darn it! Andrew has better jokes than us! The internet connections, both Wi-Fi and mobile, were almost non existent in Bratislava, so this is actually posted from Vienna! Even in Vienna the connect ...
1 hour 17 mins ago - ThijsD published a blog
Taupo - Coromandel - Street 309
July 29th 2014
Deze morgen weer wat ijs op het raam maar het beloofde een mooie dag te worden. Vlak na zonsopgang zetten we onze reis verder richting Coromandel ! De Coromandel is het meerst noord oostelijke punt va ...
2 hours 28 mins ago - SlimJim published a blog
Browsing in Boppard
July 29th 2014
Yesterday, while we slept, the ship started up and took us around the Zee Hamm, leaving the Mosel and getting back on the Rhine. Then, at the Boppard Hamm, we docked at the small village of Boppard, t ...
2 hours 34 mins ago - D and S published a blog
Day 8 - Bainbridge Island
July 28th 2014
First time for us to explore Bainbridge Island. Took the ferry from Seattle - about 30 minute ride in a large car ferry. We decided that we would do some biking while we were there and rented bikes as ...
2 hours 45 mins ago - CWG published a blog
The 6 Hidden Wonders of Ha Giang City
July 29th 2014
As you may or may not know, Ha Giang city is the capital of Ha Giang province which is the northern most province of Vietnam and it borders with China. Having lived in Hanoi for almost 2 years now, I ...
3 hours 6 mins ago - D and S published a blog
Day 7 - Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier
July 27th 2014
Today we traveled nearly 400 miles round trip to see both Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. We traveled 36 miles over the winding Routes 25 and 99 to the Windy Ridge lookout. Not for the faint of heart. Mt ...
3 hours 35 mins ago - FionaBreak published a blog
San Francisco - Part 2
July 9th 2014
24 jours que je n'ai rien posté mais je suis de retour! Et oui c'est ça la vie de "traveller", j'aurais appris à mes dépends que rien n'est vraiment planifiable et qu'il faut s'adapter aux situati ...
3 hours 59 mins ago - mahadev published a blog
Down, but not Out in Georgia Pt 6: Chilling out in search of Hot-Springs
July 18th 2014
Abastumani, Georgia July 10 2014 “Let's go." "We can't." "Why not?" "We're waiting for Godot.”.... ...“There's no lack of void.” I had been told that Abastu ...
5 hours 26 mins ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
jour 48 les Badlands 270 kms
July 28th 2014
Badlands = les mauvaises terres Deux jours consécutifs avec du soleil, ca tourne au miracle. Les prévisions pour toute la semaine, dans la région, dépassent les 30* On y croit!!!!!. Je laiss ...

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