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54 mins ago - MandiT published a blog
Day 109 - Wilderness Highway & Tasmanian National Parks
March 7th 2014
Friday 7th March, 2014. Wilderness Highway & Tasmanian National Parks We left early and started the drive along the Wilderness Highway back towards Hobart. We had resolved that today we will purcha ...
1 hour 0 mins ago - whiteriverevans published a blog
Hiking Diamond Head and dealing with cloudy skies!
April 10th 2014
Towards the Mountain & Towards the OceanWow, can it be possible that it's Thursday already? Our last full day sad! After the huge disaster of Brett being sick and missing our family snorkel ...
1 hour 14 mins ago - Redhead published a blog
Home in San Diego
April 15th 2014
What a wonderful trip. For us two weeks was good. Getting tired of hotels and eating out! Last day in Christchurch weather was very nice sunny, and warm like San Diego. Hotels we stayed at were all pr ...
1 hour 16 mins ago - Welcome2TheJungle published a blog
Golfito, Costa Rica
April 14th 2014
===English version below=== Boquete was slechts een korte tussenstop op weg naar Costa Rica waar ons een huisoppas van 8 weken wacht. Het is precies 5 jaar geleden dat we in Costa Rica waren en voo ...
2 hours 29 mins ago - The Krenns published a blog
saigon again
April 16th 2014
ein eher unspektakulärer tag beginnt mit einem activity-frühstück: menü-karten sind in can tho weiterhin nur auf vietnamesisch und auf der straße wird gekauft, worauf der finger zeigt. die auswah ...
3 hours 40 mins ago - fromthebottomup published a blog
Salta - A Dead Boy and a A Tale of Two Gorges
April 16th 2014
I liked Salta from the off. It helped that after the frustration of the Argentinean transport strike I was finally on my way again and that after plenty of practice I´d started to get the hang of bus ...
4 hours 19 mins ago - tonywilsonslo published a blog
World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 5
April 15th 2014
Day 5 – Michelle’s sense of direction is better than Anne’s Tony left for work and Michelle and Anne had to find something to do. They finally settled on a movie and the Zoo. Finding the thea ...
4 hours 23 mins ago - KatieKerrySteph published a blog
Vegas to Lone Pine - Approx 222 miles
April 16th 2014
Today was going to be another longish drive so we decided to start no later than . Steph and I decided to go to the Bellagio breakfast buffet and left Kerry still getting up as she wasn't up got it. W ...
4 hours 28 mins ago - KatieKerrySteph published a blog
April 14th 2014
So today has been loads of fun I really love Vegas. We decided to split up today which was great for a bit of space. Kerry went off on her travels and met back up with us for lunch about in Caesars P ...
4 hours 49 mins ago - tonywilsonslo published a blog
World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 4
April 14th 2014
Day 4 – Central Park (and travel) Our flight was not scheduled until the afternoon. We made a real effort to get up and get packed this morning so we could spend a little more time in Centra ...
5 hours 48 mins ago - Lahuitenchine published a blog
Résumé de la journée du 16 avril
April 16th 2014
Alors pour aujourd'hui résumé de la journée : ceux qui ont mal au genou (Dom eu Gabrielle) vont nous rejoindre en bus un peu plus tard à Xingping, le reste prend le bus jusqu'à Yangdi, il s'agit ...
6 hours 39 mins ago - deejayvee published a blog
The Wild West
April 16th 2014
After spending quite a few dollars getting my Suzuki ready for some off-roading and camping, I left Sydney early on Sunday morning for the long drive (880km) to Melbourne. My ultimate destination was ...

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