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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 22nd 2024

The bus station in Montevideo was actually very nice and the 3-hour journey to Colonia del Sacramento was easy. We arrived at the station and got tickets pretty quickly, with assigned seats. We waited in the main terminal which was nice and clean until it was time to board our bus, which was mostly on time. We were seated toward the back and continued to pick up people at some small stops along the way until there was standing room only, though it was not super crowded like I had seen on other buses in Latin America. We arrived in Colonia del Sacramento a little after 12 and made our way 10 blocks (approximately 1km) to our hotel: Posada Plaza Mayor. It was a very easy, pleasant walk. I mean, two minutes in town and it ... read more
Posada Plaza Mayor
Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia del Sacramento

After our return from Ushuaia, we stayed at the nice hotel, Palacio Paz, near our previous Sheraton Hotel and in a nice park setting. I'll go more into some random nights in Buenos Aire later, but this was just a holdover for our early morning ferry to Montevideo, Uruguay. We checked out of the hotel around 5:30am and walked about 20 minutes to the Buquebus Terminal. Here, we had a very easy, smooth check-in, including immigration for both Argentina and Uruguay in one location. It is a lovely terminal and we just got some juice and coffee while we waited to board. Our ferry was almost empty so we had our pick of seats. I slept 2 of the 3-hour ride to Montevideo. On arrival, we quickly picked up our backpacks and exited the terminal. I ... read more
Plaza Independencia
Mercado del Puerto
Museum of the Andes 1972

Final blog We left Colonia in our little hire car, it had only done 30,000 km but had a dodgy clutch. We has expected to pay 220$ but by using card you avoid the tax so it was only 180$ . Our first stop was on the outskirts of Carmelo going further north and west from Colonia. If you look at a map of South America Uruguay and Argentina are separated by water, the rivers Plate, Uruguay and Negro. We were staying the night at a wine lodge as my birthday treat to Chris , a nights stay and a parrilla and it was very much the plushest place we stayed. Its called El Legado , here is the link if you want to check it out. I was using as a satnav and ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 24th 2023

Blog 6 When I ended the last blog, I had just seen the tango show. The only thing I had left to see was the famous Ateneo bookshop, set in an old theatre. I had marked it in my app and got in a taxi. It was miles away and the taxi was 2,000 ARS, by far my most expensive. It was an Ateneo bookshop but not the one I wanted, I got the correct address and then another taxi, 1500 pesos !! It was beautiful and deservedly is said to be the most beautiful bookshop in the world. I got a taxi back to where I had eaten breakfast as I had left my, very expensive, water bottle, it could have just added to the expensive day. Thanks to my VPN I watched the ... read more
Painted house Colonial
Beautiful courtyard
Disabled obstacle course

Greetings from Uruguay! We are still in the port for some unknown reason (we were scheduled to leave hours ago) and so I’m blogging with a gigantic headache from the wine I drank today. Let me back up for a bit… we arrived in Uruguay probably around 9am. It was high-70s and humid today. We took our time but we also took our waiter’s advice and decided to explore on our own. We walked off the boat and straight until we arrived at an open air market of sorts. It was a long row of shops and outdoor vendor setups. Overly touristy possibly but safe. Lots of local traffic too. Definitely an ex-pat area but this area specifically was probably more of the hippie ex-part area… ganga for sale in brownies and other sweets and bongs ... read more
Kamie Kamie
I think he's carrying a fish
Our buffet breakfast to share

South America » Uruguay March 16th 2023

Today was our final “sea” day which means no stopping at a port today. Here are a few things we learned about South America. The toilets flush backwards… as in, they swirl the other direction when they flush. It is dark at 6pm every day, 365 days a year. They have 12 hours of daylight 365 days a year. The country and the people overall are poor but their shores are lined with Asian based banks like The Bank of China. I’ve already said the Brazilians onboard and in the shops have been rude. Brazilians love to hate Argentinians and Argentinians hate to love Brazilians is a “known” saying around here. Frankly, I don’t think the Brazilians like anyone. Today on the boat overheard speaker they announced “Happy Hour – Buy 6 coffees, get 6 free” ... read more
Kamie's gross beans breakfast
Toilet flushes backwards
The makeup area between our hallway and our bathroom

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 12th 2023

Let’s talk about this ship and about this cruise overall. We are on an 8-night/9-day cruise on the Costa Fortuna which holds just over 2,000 passengers when at full capacity which it is not. The drinks available are Sprite, Coke, Coke Zero and Fanta. They do have some sort of canned disgusting mango/peach/I-don’t-know-what tea and canned, disgusting lemongrass tea. There is no other tea on the ship that I can find. I know these people drink tea and use tea bags but I don’t know where the hot water is or I’d be brewing my own tea and making an iced tea. There is no iced coffee (except what I made one day that was not good). There are constant espressos. Every bar has a gigantic espresso machine. I did see cappuccino on the menu one ... read more
Our Ship - Costa Fortuna
Our cruise path so far

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo February 11th 2023

We arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay bright and early on Saturday, February 11, 2023 for a 10-hour port of call, the second day of our two-day visit to Uruguay. Montevideo, as well as our next port of call, Buenos Aires, Argentina, sits on the banks of Río de la Plata or "river of silver." Where the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean, it forms a funnel-shaped indentation on the coastline. Depending on the geographer, the Río de la Plata may be considered a river, an estuary, a gulf or a marginal sea. If considered a river, it is the widest in the world with a maximum width of 140 miles. “Montevideo” is a word I just like to say. The same holds true for “Uruguay.” I even fleetingly considered Uruguay as a retirement locale. Uruguay is probably ... read more
“Easy Montevideo” Shore Excursion – Montevideo, Uruguay
“Easy Montevideo” Shore Excursion – Montevideo, Uruguay
“Easy Montevideo” Shore Excursion – Montevideo, Uruguay

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este February 10th 2023

Nothing on the shore excursion menu had piqued my curiosity enough to spend my money, so all there was for me to do in Punta Del Este, Uruguay on Friday, February 10, 2023 was to hop on the tender and take a ride into one of Uruguay’s most popular resort towns. Allegedly, the “jet set” gravitates here to party, but the tender left the MS Volendam passengers near the blue-collar, working portion of the city – the fish market. I suppose the beautiful people don’t stray too far from the runway – either definition of runway will suffice. With a panoramic tour of Montevideo, Uruguay slated for the following day, I hoped to find my refrigerator magnet in Punta Del Este. Other than the fish markets, I didn’t find much for sale in the neighborhood, so, ... read more
Miscellany in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Miscellany in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Miscellany in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Una settimana in Uruguay... CHUY: Città di confine tra Brasile (Rio grande do Sul) ed Uruguay comodamente raggiungibile con un lussuoso autobus notturno da Florianopoplis. Perchè proprio Chuy? Semplicemente per il fatto di essere la prima città uruguaiana dopo la frontiera, anzi, esattamente -sulla- frontiera! Avenida Brasil taglia il suo centro e costituisce la linea di confine ufficiale: Brasile a Nord ed Uruguay a Sud, con la città divisa in due e la possibiltà di passare tranquillamente da un paese all'altro più e più volte al giorno, andando a Nord soprattutto per fare shopping, mentre a Sud si trova il centro amministrativo, i migliori ristoranti e gli hotel più economici. Lo ammetto, nulla di indimenticabile, mo ho comunque l'opportunità di osservare da vicino i miei primi esemplari di individui uruguaiani: gente a prima vista tranquilla e ... read more
Montevideo: José Artigas fuori dalla vecchia stazione centrale
La Pedrera: è estate, tutti al mare!
Chuy: vecchio stile

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