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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 2nd 2018

GÜN 29 02 MART CUMA: Bugün, planımıza göre, Uruguay’ın Colonia şehri ziyaret edilecek. Dün dersimize çalışmıştık …sabah yürüyerek limana vardım . Sistem çok güzel çalışıyor. Arjantinden çıkıp ,Uruguay işlemlerine giriyorsunuz ve iki masa yan yana.. "Buquebus" Uruguay'a gemi kaldıran şirketlerden biri. Elbette başka şirketlerde var ama galiba en etkin olanı, bu şirket. Gemi tam olarak doldu…zamanında kalktı ve bir saat sonra Colonia’ya yanaştık. Rio de la Plata nehri, Atlantik okyanusuna çok geniş bir delta ile dökülür. Bu nedenle, Buenos Aires deltanın güney yanında kalırken, kuzey yanında Colonia, ya da yerel adıyla “Colonia del Sacramento” adlı Uruguay kenti yer almaktadır.. Hiç yapmam ama bilet olanaklarını incelerken ,... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo November 16th 2017

Just because Uruguay is such a pleasant surprise and because we have enjoyed it so much we wanted to share some more pictures from the second part of our trip along the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. This means a lot of beach pictures so if this is not an appropriate moment for you, as we understand European autumn has arrived, please just skip this post. From Paloma we traveled to Cabo Polonio which is the direct opposite of Punta del Este. Where Punta del Este is the high rise building hip and posh latin American jet set beach resort, Cabo Polonio is a small hippie fishing village without electricity and running water in the middle of a nature reserve. Where in Punta del Este you can look at people, in Cabo Polonio you actually meet people. ... read more
Cabo Polonio downtown
Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio

South America » Uruguay November 14th 2017

11th to 20th of November 2017 Montevideo Pretty chilled for a capital and a great place to visit. We couchsurfer at Sofia's place with another German girl and after staying in dorms it was nice to be in a apartment. We had the coolest free walking tour till now where we drank mate and grappamiel, a sweet liquor with honey. They told us a lot about the city and the more they talked the more we liked this capital. We heard stories about jail escaping, marijuana legalisation, history, ghost stories and of course football. We also went cultural and visited an art museum (partly because it was free and we where in the area ;) in an old prison and walked through the Sunday marked. Punta del Este It is time to leave. After 3 ... read more
Beautiful view from the lighthouse in Colonia

South America » Uruguay » East » La Paloma November 8th 2017

Just a one hour boat ride across the river from Buenos Aires we found ourselves in Uruguay, which in a lot of aspects is the small brother of Argentina. Both countries are very modern and have a very European feel. The Uruguayans speak with the same accent we find a bit difficult to get used to and they eat the same (or more) amount of beef from the asado which we love. In summer half of the people in the country are actually from Argentina (on holidays) . We find the Uruguayan people a bit more friendly and live is clearly a bit more relaxed than their neighbours, travelling around the small country has been smooth and easy although again as in Argentina a bit expensive. Landing in Colonia we spent a few days wandering around ... read more
Colonia lighthouse
Antique street Colonia
Azulejos Colonia

South America » Uruguay » East November 1st 2017

Back to the mouth of the river and back into Uruguay. This port was a tender and put into a very picturesque beach town , well beach city I suppose. A small island used as a resort on the East coast. Puerto de Punta Del Estes. The day was sunny and warm with light winds. Quite a long tender ride in to the pier. On arriving , there was the usual mob of local tour operators, bus charter operators and taxi hacks. Everyone trying to sell their time and take up yours! We choose to walk,the perimeter with our friends, so 6 of us. We had a map and put Jit in charge of navigating the local tourist stops. Had we taken the ships tour , it would have cost us $49 each. Kate and I ... read more

South America » Uruguay » North October 29th 2017

Buenos Aires When we received our invitation to have lunch with the Captain , I started to think about the questions that I could ask of him. Pay rates as a Captain , changes in propulsion for large tonnage ships, maybe his feelings on the Catalonian vote? Well this is not the Love Boat! He did buy us and about 300 other guests a glass of champagne , while the main dining area was opened and we had a very nice lunch. As Kate hadn't preordered her meal , there was not much she could eat , because of her onion allergy. A good tip. Get on good terms with the assistant Cruise Director. They seem to be more approachable than their bosses. Jeff , grew up in London Ontario and went to school at Western ... read more
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Maybe a giant egg

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo October 27th 2017

When Kate was in the shower this morn , she asked me what it was like out. I replied , snow covered mountains and rain. She made the comment that we did not need to travel 4500 nautical miles to see this! Just a few minutes after I commented on the lack of civilization , we crossed paths with a small fishing vessel and the then overtook a 30 ft sail boat motoring along. What the Hell are they doing here! i suppose they could ask the same question of us. The channel is opening up and the low cloud is dissipating, time for a beer. Captain just advised us that we could expect nice cruising conditions for the next few hours, entering a very narrow, shallow channel , the Summer Channel. The ship would slow ... read more
Cathedral Ushuai
Oh man it was closed!
Dockside Ushuaia

South America » Uruguay July 29th 2017

Sunday - Argentina to Uruguay and back again We took the 09.00 ferry to Colonia in Uruguay. We were advised to arrive an hour beforehand and were quite impressed with the speedy boarding procedure. The hydrofoil ferry was comfortable with large seats and fairly full. The trip took an hour and fifteen minutes, the tourist information girls were very helpful and gave us a map with suggestions of the order we should walk to see everything. Colonia was a pleasant town with interesting wide brick streets and shabby old colonial buildings plus some very old cars. We saw the sights and had a leisurely lunch back in the port area. Catching the ferry back was chaotic with huge queues and people not really knowing where to go, not just us!... read more

Suzanne here... At around an hour and a half, the bus journey from Carmelo was much too short for my liking. We really enjoy traveling by bus. We'd seen a bit of scenery and eaten the cheese baguettes I'd made before we left. I then had just the tiniest little snooze, when David informed me we were nearly there. Bah. Hotel Perla del Plata was just a short walk from the bus station. It wasn't our first choice, but hotels in Colonia are rather pricey. Luckily it was actually quite nice. Small room but clean and comfortable, so nothing really wrong with it. Colonia del Sacramento is a very pretty little town with cobbled streets and a UNESCO listed historic centre. It's on the Rio de la Plata, the same river as Carmelo. At Carmelo it ... read more
The old Colonia estacion
Colonia Barrio Historico area
Plaza de Armes

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