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South America » Uruguay » West » Carmelo May 26th 2017

David here... True to form, within 20 minutes of setting out from Montevideo by bus, we were both nodding off. The scenery in Uruguay is pretty flat so we weren't missing much really. The journey was 3.5 hours and was very comfortable, although it was also a local bus with people jumping on and off at random points. Oliver, our host in Carmelo, met us at the bus station and drove us to our lodgings - La Pratica. Along the way he told us about the town, landmarks, where to get supplies, the best places to eat, etc. All very useful and it was nice to be able to chat to someone in English for a change. We were staying in an old shipping container converted into a room, with a sofa bed, bathroom, and a ... read more
La Pratica - sleeping in a shipping container
La Pratica - sleeping in a shipping container
The inside of our shipping container home

Suzanne here... The night bus from Porto Alegre was fine. We were given dinner, then they put on a Simon Pegg film. We'd never heard of 'Hector and the search for happiness' and it wasn't the greatest film ever. But it kept us entertained until it was time to try and sleep. What I don't understand is why, on any normal bus journey I'm nodding off within ten minutes. But put me on a night bus and I'm wide awake. We did both manage to get some sleep eventually. I completely missed passport contol. The bus attendant handled all of that while everyone slept. The bus attendant decided it was time for us all to wake up, and put Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' on, which didn't go down well with everyone. We liked ... read more
Castillo Pittamiglio, dated 1911
A Chivitos sandwich, with steak, ham, egg, cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce and mayo!
The outside of an 1800's prison...

South America » Uruguay » East April 11th 2017

I'm so far behind on my blog now that I'm going to try a different approach and jump back and forth between recent events and ones that now feel like a lifetime ago. So we now jumping forward about 100 days to last week. I'm currently in Uruguay and have been here since 30th March. It's not the most exciting country in South America, and it's very quiet in most parts at this time of the year. However there is a nice feel to the place, the people are laid back and friendly and I think it would be a great country to live in. What I have most appreciated is its size. I definitely prefer smaller countries - and in Uruguay a 5 hour coach trip took me right along the coast to close to ... read more
Punta del Diablo in the sunshine
Punta del Diablo beach
Dog at Punta del Diablo

South America » Uruguay February 27th 2017

Hello from Montevideo Uruguay. You can add another country to our list. We arrived this morning but about an hour late. The day was nice and sunny with the temperatures being a bit above average around 90 degrees. There were strong winds cutting across the channel leading into the port, so we had to spend some time in the bay waiting for the wind to subside. We were already up before we found out about the delay, so we got dressed and had some breakfast sandwiches and donuts and then stayed in the cabin until we docked. Actually it gave us a chance to watch the entry into the port. Our excursion left about 10:00 but they covered all the same things which we would have seen if we’d been on schedule, just getting back to ... read more
Architecture of Building
National Hero of Uruguay
Monument to Original Immigrants

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo February 27th 2017

Geo: -34.8939, -56.1568Here we are another sea day. Unfortunately the morning has bleak, cloudy and foggy but at least it is wRm. Supposed to have sunshine this afternoon. We shall see. Watched an entertaining.culinary event. Now we are doing laundry. Tonight is another formal night and the captains cocktail party, as well as meads birthday. We arrived in Montevideo an hour late due to 30 knot winds. This is a busy port for both shipping and tourism. Danny there are huge container ships here and several with Maersk containers. We have a city tour this afternoon.Had a lovely tour of the city of Montevideo. A very clean city with lots of white sand beaches and ocean front condos averaging about $400,000.00 It is a fairly large city with los of big building with really fine architecture. ... read more
Not alone

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo February 23rd 2017

Again we took a cruise ship tour to get a quick and easy overview of the city. I had not read the itinerary in detail but the part that grabbed my eye was the market. First we stopped at the mandatory city square, then drove up the coast appreciating beach views. Next stop was a stand of trees full of squawking parakeets. At last we headed to the market. Yes it was colourful and yes there were stalls of local produce including from farmers. However it was rather clinical with all the goods in very ordered booths and as it took less than 10 minutes to walk around it was also very small. The best thing that can be said is that we were able to exchange US dollars to treat ourselves to ice cream. Our ... read more

South America » Uruguay February 9th 2017

I spent a few days in Uruguay, first in Montevideo the was really worth doing the walking tour here to learn how different this country is from the rest of the continent. They don't have crazy mountain and river activities, so tourist don't come here a lot, they just have the beach and maybe some horse riding if you adventure yourself inland. They only have 5 million people in the whole country, the guide jokes saying they had more cows than people. Unlike every other country, they don't have any indigenous population left, they are all immigrants and know it so they welcome anyone in, and they are vey open minded. It is the only country in South America to have legal gay marriage, legal abortion and legal marijuana. Their president office is a glass ... read more

Arriving in Asuncion early in the morning tired from another all night bus ride is probably not the best time to judge a place. The outer suburbs did look a bit rough but our hotel is located in one of the better parts of town next to a ritzy mall and a McDonald's, which we visited for breakfast while waiting to check in. Day one was spent watching TV going to the cinema and having a great lunch at the food court. Day two saw us hire a taxi for the 800km return trip to the city of Concepcion located on the Rio Paraguay north of Asuncion. They call the city the Pearl of the North, god only knows why there is nothing there to do or see. Still it was nice to travel through a ... read more
Paraguayan countryside
Piedra personas

South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo November 29th 2016

Geo: -34.8939, -56.1568Yesterday, we were up in time for breakfast in the hotel. It closes at 10:30 during the week so we needed to make an effort to get up still adjusting to the time change and lack of sleep on the overnight flight. It was slightly better than yesterday, but still nothing special. The waiter today was more interested in providing service than the one yesterday. After breakfast, we walked outside for just a bit and found that the market had been set up in the street in front of the hotel again. I had read that it was only on Sundays, but it was blocking the street again.Philip and I spent the rest of the morning finishing packing and using the hotel's wifi to read and send messages not knowing how easy internet access ... read more
Port at Buenos Aires
Port at Buenos Aires
Tug and Pilot Boat

South America » Uruguay November 15th 2016

The final ‘episode’ of this, 'our' South American travel experience. The collective ‘episodes’ (this being the seventh - and final) describe our journey from our arrival in Buenos Aires (Sth America) from the 1st week of October for an extended tea-bag experience of this huge continent. Like home, the continent is huge. In the few weeks available to us, we can only experience a few locations - a (tea-bag) dunk here, another there, and so on. After a few days in Buenos Aires, we flew to Lima for a 'dunk' into a few selected locations. We then fly to Chile to do some more 'tea-bagging'. We'll eventually make our way back to Argentina and our departure home. We attach a few pics to give a flavour of our journey, and some may 'flow over' past the ... read more
Pretty - Colonia del Sacramento
Rosaria district landscape
Fiat 500 - Colonia del Sacramento a

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