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South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 1st 2019

Texte en français après l'espagnol... ¡Tomaremos el camino hoy para continuar por el Río de la Plata, pero también llegaremos al Atlántico! ¡El color del agua cambiará en absoluto! Nos interesa visitar Punta del Este ya que todos nos han dichi ir hasta ahi... Desgraciadamente no elejimos un buen hotel en el camino... En Piriapolis nos espera el Hotel Escorial que esta en la rambla pero apenas entramos... y despues de todos los kilometros hechos me doy cuenta que es una locura volver dentre de dos dias de una vez hasta Colonia. Enseguida pregunto si podemos cancelar la segunda noche que teniamos que pasar aqui y gracias a Dios nos dicen que si... No les dije que era porque el lugar nos parecia demasiado popular, pero bien que para regresar la ruta iba a ser demasiada ... read more
pour aller le long de la côte vers le Nord

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 16th 2016

Geo: -34.9751, -54.943We dressed in shorts and shoes expecting to walk around a small town. We should have dressed for a day at the beach. We were tendered ashore today into Punta del Este around 9.30am. What a beautiful little town. Long sandy beaches stretch out along both sides of this penninsula. On one side, a calm protected bay where our ship lay docked, and the other an exposed surf beach heading out to the South Atlantic. We wandered around the bay beach, alongside yachts, giant gulls and flying fish leaping out of the water. Even a giant sea wolf had arrived on shore as a welcoming party. Basically a large seal, with a huge impressive mane. It wasnt long before Id abandoned my shirt, and shoes for thongs and we were knee deep in the ... read more
Sea Wolf
Sea Wolf
Punta del Este

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 24th 2015

Its been some time since we last wrote. We left Torres del Paine quite exhausted and in need of some comfort. When we arrived in El Calafate we chose a very comfortable hotel to stay in for two nights. Our main purpose in this area was to visit Perito Moreno, a massive glacier which can be seen from quite close. The glacier was indeed beautiful and massive, with the most fun part being the waiting for chunks to break off and fall in the water. One was especially dramatic: given that the glacier is about 70 meters in height a chunk of ice falling off makes for a pretty large splash! Another sight that we considered was hiking up Mount Fitzroy, a few hours away from El Calafate. However, since the weather predictions weren't looking too ... read more
Our apartment building in Buenos Aires
Tango in San Telmo
Drinking Yerba Mate in the botanical gardens

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 5th 2015

After covering over 12,000 km driving in the RV, making our way to Uruguay and exploring Colonia, Cabo Polonia, Punta de Diablo and the whole east coast of Uruguay arriving in Punta del Este was a wonderful break. Believe it or not this can take a toll on you. We are all needing a break from our transient life style as well as each other. We rented a one bedroom apt. through airbnb which has proven to he a helpful website on our travels. Max and Liv shared the bedroom with 2 single beds while Sean and I slept in luxury. I on a single daybed and Sean on the single trundle mattress that pulls out from under the daybed! GER-Day....memories of living in Ottawa ( eh Millie) We had a little kitchen that had all ... read more
Visiting the Loberia's
Fresh fish all day everyday!

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 3rd 2015

Hola everybody, We are in Uruguay, it is sunny and hot here. I had my first surfing lesson in Punta del Diablo and then more in Punta del Este where we have been living for 2 weeks. I got up 25 times and it was really hard but SUPER awesome. Miss you Max... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 1st 2015

Hola everybody, I wish you were all here enjoying the sun with me! Planes,RVs,Ferries and buses....We are in Punta del Este, Uruguay (surf city)speaking of surfing we took a surfing lesson I got up on the board but it was really hard.!! Some mornings we wake up and walk down to the harbour to see all the sea lions they're so funny I even named them Nacho,Luca,Dreamy and last but not least Fearstine!! one time we were a foot away from Luca and Fearstine. We also went to a fancy old hotel called CASA Pueblo it was beautiful. On my spare time I built a card house. Totally wish you were all here. LOVE LIV,!!!!'!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!... read more
The board is so BIG!!
It's my finest work other than school work (: (:

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este January 25th 2015

After spending 3 weeks eating steak and getting fat, what does one do next? Go to the beach of course! Uruguay is directly across the bay from BA, so we decided to take a ferry over to Montevideo (the capital) and make our way down to a beach resort called Punta del Este ("PDE"). It is often called the Monaco of South Amercia. Ok, it has tall condominium buildings and one hotel with a casino, but to compare it to Monaco is a stretch. That's like entering a donkey into the Grand National, they are worlds apart! Don't get me wrong, we had a great time on the beach and I won a bit of money at the casino, and it was exactly what we wanted. We even managed to find a lovely running route around ... read more
Some boats in the harbour
Fingers in the sand

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 19th 2014

Punta del Este was a good introduction to the wildlife of Uruguay and their different temperaments. Some were glad to pose with the tourists (see photo 1), whereas others wanted to maintain their distance and just chill out (see photo 2). Unusually, there was an area of town containing clothes shops that just helped you emphasise that particular part of your body that you felt needed bringing to the fore. One such example is shown in photo 3. A personal sense of delicacy prevents me from elaborating further. * Punta del Este fue una buena introducción a la fauna de Uruguay y sus diferentes temperamentos. Algunos estaban encantados de posar con los turistas (ver foto 1), mientras que otros querían mantener su distancia y simplemente relajarse (ver foto 2). Inusualmente, había una zona de la ciudad ... read more
photo 2
photo 3

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 6th 2014

So finally in the Spanish speaking world again! Feels nice to have an element of control over understanding people yet strangely feels like just being in Spain (except with a much harder variety of spanish to capture). Our bus journey in total was around 20 hours, from Florianopolis to Porto alegre in Brazil then down the coast to the Eastern tip of Uruguay. Surprisingly the bus journey was fine, the Uruguay bus was amazing, we didnt know you got fed on it, or definately wouldnt have spent our last 50 reals on a Frango meal (chicken, but we have been caling it Frango as its much catchier). We ended up getting served yet another Frango! Uruguay has signalled the start of a "detox" for me, looking back over the last weeek or so in Brazil we ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 5th 2014

Geo: -34.9751, -54.943A beach resort area.... read more
Punte Del Este
Punte Del Este
Punte Del Este

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