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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 26th 2015

Day 59 Lima, milestone and strange encounters with the traffic police Distance driven today: 97 miles / 156 km Cumulative distance driven: 10,705 miles / 17,228 km Today’s trip: Huacho to Lima, Peru Almost got big fine by the Lima traffic police for driving our bike on a normal road: yes, but we somehow managed to avoid it Today we had a short distance to ride, as our goal was to get to Lima. However, we were delayed significantly this morning when leaving Huacho, due to many streets at the center of the city being closed. The reason was the Independence Day of Peru coming up on Wednesday, and the numerous school parades taking place along the streets. When we finally got out of the city, over an hour later, we drove through the coastal desert ... read more
School children parading to celebrate Independence Day
Lima suburbs.
Lima waterfront

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima June 8th 2015

Hi All, So we arrived in Lima airport at 2pm, it was a lot hotter than we thought, lucky I still had shorts on and Vicky had about 4 layers so she was really hot!! Once we got our bags we found Vick’s bag had been tampered with as the pad lock wasn’t through the metal hooks of the bag but just through the material of the zip straps. She wasn’t too annoyed because she didn’t have anything in their at all worth stealing or that she couldn’t replace. It turns out that her bag had been chosen for a through inspection at the LAX airport whilst going through there own large luggage scans. There was a little leaflet inside stating that it isn’t their fault if they break the pad-lock and that the scans are ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 29th 2015

Inzwischen sind wir zwar schon ein paar Tage in Peru, aber trotzdem alles schön der Reihe nach...: Ganz ungewohnt hatten wir diesmal ein (gegenseitiges) Verabschiedungskomitee - Lothar mit Steffi und seinen Mädels, die wir wiederum nach New York verabschieden durften. Wir hoffen ihr hattet ein paar tolle Tage dort!! Was erst nach erster Panne und Ärgernis aussah - unsere reservierten Plätze waren vergeben - sollte uns dann sehr zugute kommen: wir durften ersatzweise auf dem Flug von Amsterdam nach Lima die Plätze am Notausgang beziehen und uns über die Bein- und Bewegungsfreiheit freuen. Nach 3 Spielfilmen und wenig Schlaf kamen wir dann dennoch ziemlich müde in Lima an, genau im richtigen Zustand, um besonders froh über unsere gute Wahl des Hostels zu sein: zwar recht zentral in Miraflores, aber in einer Nebenstrasse sehr ruhig gelegen. Wer ... read more
in Reih' und Glied, klappt doch wie am Schnürchen
Mais muss doch nicht gelb sein!
a Pfond Kuttla bidde, o'gschnidda

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 11th 2015

CANADA - LIMA Arrivée du vol International à Lima en soirée. Transfert à l'hôtel dans le quartier riche de Miraflores. Nuit à Miraflores. Mise à jour Nous partons bientôt pour l'aéroport. Le grand jour est enfin arrivé ! Tout est prêt, les valises sont fermées (et complè l'espère) et même le dernier pipi est fait ! Pour les fanatiques, le vol AC 455 à 14h (Ottawa- Toronto) et le vol AC 80 à 17h55 (Toronto - Lima), les vols sont confirmés...pis nos places itou. Adieu neige !! Dimanche matin 8h30 Allo à tous. Le vol était parfait, on avait pris un upgrade pour des bonnes places dans l'avion pis on avait des places où on peut se levé et s'étirer les jambes. C'est pas qu'on est des grand jack mais c'est bien. L'arrivée était tardive alors ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 20th 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015 Today is our last day of our wonderful Trafaglar Tour, last night in Cuzco. So sad. Unfortunately all good things to come to an end. Todd woke up at 5:00 am to work on checking school stuff and responding to email, he also type of some of the blog. Cindy and I ate breakfast at 8:00ish this morning, we needed to get back to our room to make sure our luggage is in the hall by 8:40 am. Not sure I mention this before but since we have to give up regular luggage at the Sonesta hotel on Tuesday, when arrive this hotel, Novotel Cuzco, our luggage was waiting for us at this hotel, in our assignment room on Wednesday evening. I have to admit, I was a little nervous, however Trafaglar ... read more
Cindy and I in from of the Museum Larco
Grounds at the Museum Larco

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 15th 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015 We ate breakfast around 8:30 am this morning, our actual tour did not start until 11:45 am. Breakfast was great like Saturday, there type of food was about the same, however they did not have our favorite chocolate filled pastry. Following breakfast we returned to the room. Cindy Skyped and Todd ventured out of the hotel to get water for the day. We meet our entire tour group in the hotel lobby, Novotel Lima. By 11:50 am we were boarded on the bus ready to start our tour. Each us were given name tags which I thought was a nice touch. Particularly since none of us knew each other. Our tour guide, Angel, explain several things about the Lima area. There are 53 mayors in the Lima region and one head mayor. ... read more
Family Coat of Arms - Casa Diez Conseca
Family Room - Casa Diez Conseca
A letter from JFK to the family - Casa Diez Conseca

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima December 22nd 2014

Crossing the border from Ecuador into Peru, it may seem the barren landscape which suddenly engulfs everything around you is lifeless until the mounds of litter that pave the roads indicate there must have been life since the Incas, and that whoever lives here is not impartial to a bag of crisps and a Coca Cola. Whilst this doesn't paint the best first impression of a country notorious for its historical wonders, this spoiled exterior is almost inkeeping with its charm as almost anywhere in Peru you can blow the sand off to find ruins of a civilisation gone by, but it is a younger generation leaving their mark now. When I said you can find ruins almost anywhere in Peru, I largely meant anywhere except Mancora, where the closest remnant of a pre‐Colombian era is ... read more
El Vino

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima August 5th 2014

Hello from Peru! Our trip here on Monday was easy despite a short connection in Atlanta. Things got more interesting when we arrived in immigration area in Lima's airport. The long line went fairly quickly but just as we got to the desk, all the computers crashed. At midnight, we spent the next 45 minutes with a very friendly and apologetic immigration agent and several hundred people waiting behind us. The help desk in Bombay finally figured it out (ctrl/alt/del?) and we reached the hotel in the Miraflores area around 130am. We only have one full day in Lima and considering our lack of sleep we covered a lot of ground today. We took a cab to the historic Centro area to visit a the main plaza. The changing of the guard at the president's official ... read more
An occupied cathedral crypt
Plaza Major and Cathedral

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 8th 2014

mit einem lustigen bus fahren wir heute nach lima. mit einem bus, von dem niemand so genau sagen kann, wann er wirklich hier in paracas ankommt. so warten wir also seit sieben uhr morgens auf den versprochenen bus und das ist eigentlich gar nicht so schlimm, weil wir von vorne herein wussten, dass wir warten müssen und außerdem scheint die sonne und sehr freundliche streuner-hunde leisten uns gesellschaft. dann, nur eine gute stunde später besteigen wir unter weiterhin strahlender sonne den riesigen, schon etwas vertrauten, doppeldecker-bus. aus dem fenster sehen wir die slums um paracas. und die wollen auch gar nicht aufhören. immer weiter und weiter reihen sich die kleinen, aus schilfmatten, wellblech und allerlei müll gebauten kuben. die straßen sind dreckig. viele, noch mehr, hunde-gangs streunen durch die gassen. plastik-sackerl wehen über den asphalt. keine ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima June 21st 2014

There I was, back at my favorite coffee shop, after having spent a final day walking up the coast from Hanga Roa and seeing a couple more moai. I usually try to be here around 7ish or so, and for the past couple of nights blanco would see me coming and jump up, wag his tail, and grab a rock in his mouth. I'd sit down, and he'd drop the rock at my feet and back away, getting ready for my toss. Timo, the owner of the shop, would bring me my americano without me even needing to ask. I happily tossed the rock with blanco for an hour or so... and if I ever ignored him, he'd bark, or push my chair with his paw. Then the second dog came up, the one that I ... read more
Another Horse!
Ahu Tahai

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