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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 16th 2012

Soooo... I was in Arequipa for 5 days... 4 nights. It is a beautiful city, I dont even know where to start... I stayed at a hostel the first two nights. Arequipay backpackers (great place). But then I went couchsurfing with Percy, who hosted another girl from Germany at the same time and two more girls from Argentina the following day. Arequipa is beautiful, the sun shines 360 days per year and thats already a reason to love this place :) What I found quite weird is how the relation of certain prices work... I mean, a 3 course lunch with drink costs 7 soles (About 2 euro) just as much as sending a postcard to europe... ?!?! On Sunday I went to the Colca Canyon, its said to be twice as deep as the Gran ... read more
Colca Cannyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 1st 2012

Arequipa ist die zweitgroesste Stadt Perus und fuehrt deutlich vor Lima und Cusco was die architekturelle Schoenheit und Lage angeht. Uebertuermt wird sie vom Chachani (6.075m), der Bergkette des Picchu Picchu (5.664m) und dem El Misti (5.822m), einem schlafenden Vulkan. Da letzterer keine Schneekuppe hat und ueberhaupt einer der einfachsten Berge dieser Hoehe der Welt ist wollten wir hoch. Deswegen der Abstecher nach Arequipa. Wir checkten ins Wayra River Hotel ein, wo wir freundlich von Guillaume, einem Franzosen, der mit einer Peruanerin seit einem Monat ein Kind hat aufgenommen wurden. Nach einer Tour durch die Stadt und einem Besuch des Klosters Santa Catalina verglichen wir die Angebote fuer Ausruestungsverleih. Eigentlich wollten wir die Besteigung ohne Guide und Gruppe allein versuchen. Wir brauchten dazu Schalfsaecke, Isomatten, ein Zelt, Gamaschen und Handschuhe und ansonste... read more
Suesswaren und Kuchen
Kirche aus der Kolonialzeit
Plaza de Armas

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 1st 2012

Weiter gings nach Huaraz, das von der zweit-hoechsten Bergkette der Welt umgeben wird. Dort kamen wir um 5 Uhr morgens an. Kein Hostel hatte geoeffent und es war unglaublich kalt. Am selben Tag buchten wir den Transport zur Laguna 69, die mitten in der oben genannten Bergkette liegt. Der Aufstieg auf 4600m ging relativ problemlos. Die Luft wird zwar immer duenner, aber mit dem richtigen Tempo und Pausen war es kein Problem. Sowohl der Aufstieg, als auch die Laguna 69 waren faszinierend: Wasserfaelle, Hochebenen, ueber 6000m hohe Berge und Gletscher. Von Huaraz fuhren wir nach Lima um Flo abzuholen. Lima ist so unschoen, dass es keine weiteren Worte oder Bilder verdient haette... Mit Flo und Hanne ging es mit einem Luxusnachtbus nach Cuzco, weiter mit dem Bus nach Ollantaytambo und mit dem unfassbar ueberteuerten Zug nach ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 1st 2012

Yesterday I arrived here in Arequipa, Peru, which is the second largest city in Peru and is surrounded by 3 huge volcanoes. I took a bus from Cusco yestersay morning which should have been a 9 hour trip. However, about halfway to Arequipa one of the tires exploded and started burning and the bus started rocking. We pulled over and it took them almost 2 hours to put on the spare, then we had to drive slowly. So the 9 hour bus trip turned into an 11 hour bus trip. While in Cusco, I did a 5 day trek called the Salkantay Trek, (because it is a trek around the Slakantay mountain) with the final destination at Machu Picchu. The trek was beautiful and quite a workout but was definitely worth it. We left on monday ... read more
Bus Problems

South America » Peru » Arequipa September 29th 2012

We left Lima two days ago in a monumental traffic jam and started down the coast. Highlights included a boat trip out to an island that is now a preserve that hosts thousands of birds, including penguins! After ten hours of driving through the deserted coastline, we stopped at a remote resort and spent the night. next day we checked out some ancient rins on the beach and then continued down the coast, which resembles Big Sur, but even steeper and starker, as the Andes drop straight down to the Pacific here. The surf is incredible! Having trouble uploading my photos, so will post those later as soon as I figure that out...Later....Betsy... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa September 22nd 2012

I've been in Peru for a week now and there is so much to tell, be warned this going to a long one. If you just want a summary: Lima is a bit Croydon-like, Arequipa is sunny and much nicer, I've seen some cool wildlife and the people are lovely :) The loooong version… Took my massive bags to Gatwick on the 14th - 18kg and 8kg hand luggage – I really couldn’t carry any more. Dad and Ann saw me off at the airport which was nice and they gave me a travel companion Heamor the bear and some local currency - neuvo soles – also good travel companions :) Other very welcome presents that I have taken with me are socks (some with bananas on for the English eccentric look – thanks mum and ... read more
Sexy statue
Delores on parade
Inca Cola

South America » Peru » Arequipa August 23rd 2012

08/21/12 Not much sleep on the overnight bus to Arequipa...too many twists and turns, and little on the chilly side. However, arriving in Arequipa was well worth the ride. It was very picturesque: snow capped mountains, rivers, cobble stoned streets, and baroque style architecture. By now, I'm starting to feel the altitude. It was a bit strenuous to breathe normally and I was getting mild headaches. When we arrived at the hostel, all we wanted to do more than anything was to take a hot shower, but our room wasn't ready and we ended up waiting several hours. In the meantime, we were too exhausted to do anything, so we just hung out in the lobby and used the internets. I Skyped with my nephews and nieces, and Megan probably just looked at fashion magazines and ... read more
Misti Volcano
Plaza de Armas parade

South America » Peru » Arequipa August 13th 2012

Hi everyone !After arriving back in Cuzco we took the two days easy. Sadly on the first day I was still ill so ended up back in the hotel on my own. About 5 I decided to get a Starbucks and McDonald's with the others to try ad make myself feel better ! The day after I was determined to get out and do something as we had time to kill until 7.30. I went to the inca museaum. There were lots and lots of pots there - that's enough pots for me this holiday I think! They also had some of the mummys which had been preserved, scary but very interesting and couldnt believe they survived so long without just breaking! I took some sneaky pictures so you could see ;) after a 10 hour ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa August 11th 2012

Day 300 Monday 6th August Up early at 6 and down for breakfast followed by packing and yes we were woken up at 4.20am by the TV. Checked out at 7.30 and into a taxi to the bus terminal where we only had a short wait for our bus. The bus terminal at Puno would win hands down as the smelliest bus terminal we have ever had the displeasure to spend time at. Most terminals in South America are spotless but this one was rank and when you got outside to board the bus the smell of urine was horrid. We think maybe they empty the bus toilets on the ground and let it run into the drain…the smell was that bad. We were glad to get onto the bus to escape the stench. Cruz del ... read more
On the road to Arequipa

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon August 6th 2012

Our bus from Cusco was pretty uneventful and we arrived in Arequipa at sparrow farts in the morning and got dropped off at the main Plaza, to grab some much needed breakfast before finding our hostel. We didn’t think they would appreciate a 6:30 check in! Arequipa wasn’t in our original plans but, after a few recommendations from fellow travelers, we were keen to check out the popular Colca Canyon and see the beautiful Condor birds from the canyon walls. Before setting out on the trek we pottered around town for 2 days, regaining our energy and taking in the awesome scenery! The city is surrounded by a group of volcanoes, some dormant and some quite active. El Misti dominates the skyline with its symmetrical cone and little white snowcap. I was truly in awe, as ... read more
Arequipa Plaza de Armas
Going over
James regretting his glacial water swim

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