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South America » Peru » Arequipa November 8th 2018

We were driven to Yanque to meet up again with the same group as yesterday. When we arrived, Peter said we had 10 minutes to look around as there was a local market on in the main square with local women and men (dressed as women) dancing around the central fountain. Peter explained later on that the men dressed as women is a tradition passed down from the past when families always tried to match their daughters with a rich family, so sometimes boys would disguise themselves as girls so they could go out together. After 10 minutes I couldn’t see Daisy and Peter was also looking for her as well. I assumed she was shopping and checked all the market stalls but it turned out she was just watching the dancing and Peter found her. ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 6th 2018

Another relaxed start to the day, we didn’t go out until 11:00. First stop was the Iglesias de la Compania which is right next to Place de Armas. Fantastic stone carving like many buildings here. Then down the road a bit to the other University-run museum, Museo Arquelogico Jose Maria Morante. This is also a small museum of just 5 rooms but they had amazing mummified bodies all in a sitting foetal position. One was also placed in a reproduced burial chamber so you see how they found them with ceremonial articles. At the third room we asked the lady in the room if she spoke English and she did. We thought she might have been a security person but wasn't wearing a uniform so Daisy asked her a question and she turned out to be ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 5th 2018

Up early for our 04:30 transfer to Cusco Airport. It was a little early but it wasn’t far and we got to the airport over two hours before our flight. We had coffee and pastries for breakfast at a little shop after being scared off by the prices at a larger café. The total we paid was just 18 soles compared to that amount for just one sandwich. Flight took off on time and instead of sleeping I was glued to the view I was getting from watching out the window. After initial cloud it was clear most of the way and it was fascinating watching the changing landscape as we crossed the Andes. It was only about 40 minutes in the air. It was a simple matter of paying 30 soles for an official taxi ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 3rd 2018

Nach all unseren kalten Nächten rund um Cusco und Puno, eingepackt in Wollsocken, Strumpfhosen, Schals und Hauben, freuten wir uns schon sehr auf Arequipa: Der Wetterbericht versprach wärmeres Klima, außerdem liegt Arequipa ja auf “nur” 2.300 Höhenmetern. Mit dem Bus ging es erstmal sechseinhalb Stunden in Richtung Westen, diesmal unter Tags mit herrlichen Ausblicken über die Landschaft. Aus den grün-grau-braunen Bergen fuhren wir in die karge Wüste. Ein Szenario wie wir es nur aus Hollywood-Filmen kennen. So luxuriös wie mit der Buscompany Sur del Cruz bin ich allerdings noch selten gereist: Mit breiten Ledersitzen, Kuscheldecken, Entertainment-Screens, Check-In mit Gepäckaufgabe, mehrfachen Security Checks, Mittagessen, Kaffee... So lässt sich eine lange Überlandfahrt gut aushalten. In Arequipa angekommen, haben wir uns sehr über die Essensvielfalt einer Großstad... read more
Wiedervereint in Arequipa
Kuscheln mit Alpacas
Mittagessen in der Wüste

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon August 31st 2018

The Cañon de Colca, the 2nd deepest canyon in the world (the first being only a few hundred kms away from here in Peru), dropping by at times 3000 meters from top to bottom! Arequipa is the place where people base themselves to get there either by organised tour or as we did, by ourselves. Arequipa in its self was quite nice although we didn't think there was too much to see and do from our perspective. We used it as a place to relax and take a breather after some busy weeks on the move. The main plaza was a nice place to sit and people watch and the city has a nice back drop of El Misti volcano. The following day we got a bus to Chivay, the main starting point for the canyon. ... read more
Thermal Pools Chivay
Canyon de Colca

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa August 13th 2018

After a long day we arrived in Puno just before sunset. The city lies at an altitude of 3800m at the shores of Titicaca Lake and has around 150 000 inhabitants. The Titicaca Lake is the only reason why I visited Puno. The city itself doesn't offer that much to visitors and I wouldn't say it's a pretty city, but the highest commercially navigable lake in the world is what attracts visitors! The Titicaca Lake covers an area of 8372 square kilometres, bordering both Perú and Bolivia. The next day we took a tour over the lake; we departed early and it was still pretty cold! We left Puno's harbour by boat and made our first stop at one of the many floating islands on the lake. The Uros indians live here and on the island ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa June 15th 2018

Arequipa: The White City (11/06/2018-15/06/2018) Baby Alpaca or Maybe Alpaca? Maybe you've been wondering... "Amy you're in Peru, where the heck are all the llamas and alpacas at?" Well.. you're in for a treat, my lovely blog readers! This blog will contains plenty of them! Yay! Seeing them.. cuddling them.. and erm, eating them! Arequipa, with it's impressive chalky white buildings built from volcanic rock; is known as the White City and is the prettiest of Peru's cities. The city is surrounded by three gorgeous snow-capped volcanos - El Misti (5,822m), Chachani (6,075m) and Pichu Pichu (5,664m), and is not short of fun and interesting things to see and do. Colca Canyon Colca Canyon, the World’s second deepest canyon (the first is also in Peru) and twice as deep as the Grand Canyon is an impressive ... read more
Baby Alpaca Cuddles
Alpaca Steak
Spotting Endangered Andean Condors

South America » Peru » Arequipa April 21st 2017

La Paz : pour ceux qui ne savent pas c'est la capitale la plus haute du monde elle va de 3800m à 4100m d'altitude, et on la ressent très rapidement des qu'on commence à grimper !!! C'est une ville très animée avec des marchés à tous les coins de rue !! On y a passé 3 jours !! Ensuite on est allé rejoindre Jonathan et Pascal (des amis de France venus passer 3 semaines de vacances au Perou) à Copacabana, ville à côté du fameux lac Titikaka !! Trop content de les retrouver !!! De copacabana on est allé sur l'Isla del sol qu'on a malheureusement pas pu voir en entier car quelques jours plus tôt a débuté un conflit entre les populations du nord et du sud à cause de l'inégalité du nombre de touristes ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 14th 2017

Ergens tussen de heuvels van de Andes ligt de Colca Canyon, 's werelds diepste kloof. Om een uur of acht in de ochtend, als de warme zon door begint te komen, spreiden de condors hun vleugels. Zoekend naar aas, drijven ze over de bries die door de kloof waait. De mens die dit wil aanschouwen zal daarvoor eerst een hoogte van bijna 5000 meter moeten passeren. Condor Cross is echter niet de eindbestemming van de dappere zielen die de canyon bezoeken. Vanaf het plaatsje Cavanaconde starten troepen toeristen met een afdaling naar de bodem van de kloof. Hemelsbreed is het zo'n vijf kilometer, maar dat is nog exclusief de daling van 1000 meter. De zon is inmiddels bijna op haar hoogste punt en daarmee de gevaarlijkste vijand. Verbranden lijkt onvermijdelijk, want er is weinig schaduw op ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa March 31st 2017

Suzanne here... More lovely scenery made the five hour journey from Cabanaconde pass quickly, and we saw loads of wild vicunas (much like llamas). However as we neared Ariquipa the landscape changed. Suddenly everything was more built-up and industrial. I could quite easily have fled back to Colca. We arrived at Terminal Terrestre, inconveniently out of town. But at least it meant we could buy our onward bus tickets to Puno. Once this was achieved we agreed a price of 10 soles with a taxi driver (the colectivos all looked rammed) and despite the terrible traffic we were soon at our hotel. Hotel Bubamara was a plain, locked door with a small sign to indicate we were in the right place. We rang the bell and were welcomed inside. It was actually much roomier than we ... read more
Plaza de Armas by day
Plaza de Armas by day
Church by Plaza de Armas

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