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South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Ciudad Perdida December 14th 2014

So Cartegena... Formerly a key stronghold of the Spanish empire being the closest South American city to Spain, it has seen more then its fair share of battles - good news for a history buff such as myself. Its also mid 30s temperature wise and too hot is always better than too cold. However as a result the local economy is more tourism based with the result you have guys trying to sell you drugs every ten steps! And the weather combined with being very humid = alot of perspiration ! After the quietness of my hostel in Medellin I decided to go for the opposite in Cartegena and stayed in the always active Mamallena hostel. Immediately after getting off my 15 hour bus ride I booked a mud volcano tour leaving in the afternoon. This ... read more
Floating Away
Toucan in Minca

South America » Colombia » Medellin December 11th 2014

Best city Ive ever been to? Medellin. And its not just me who thinks it. They currently hold the title of the worlds most innovative city thanks to their free sports facilities all across the city, well designed public transport and so much to do that I could barely do half of everything I wanted in five days there. The hostel I stayed in was really good - right across the road from free soccer pitches, running track, basketball courts and outdoor gym but strangely 80% of the people there were Americans and all were either working or studying down in Medellin. "So anyone up for Botanical Gardens, Parque Arvi, game tonight..? No...?? You've already been since you've been here 4 months?? OK just myself so!" First things first. I finally made it to a South ... read more
Fruit Marketing
Botoro Square
Posinous Frogs

South America » Colombia December 8th 2014

When we went to Canada and dropped the dogs off, Jiggy got super excited about his ten day rape-cation where he rapes all the other little dogs at the dog hotel. Minnie just put her little paws on the glass and looked at us like we were giving her up for adoption. It was heartbreaking. Plus she was sure to be one of Jiggy’s rape-ees. Some lady sitting in our seats on the plane to Canada went absolutely nuts when I mentioned it. The stewardess helped out (are they all called stewards now like actresses are called female actors now?) thank goodness because the lady was about to try and choke me out and what she lacked in physical strength she made up for in liver spots and crazy. We talked to about 60 different people ... read more
They skin them
Julius Ceaser
Toronto, from Centre Island

South America » Colombia December 3rd 2014

Kyle and I arrived in Bogota at 5:00 am on Saturday morning hungry, exhausted and excited. We met up with Allison, our former roommate from Portland, at the hostel. We shared arepas and freshly squeezed orange juice before visiting the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum). The next day we went on a graffiti walking tour around the city and took a cable car to a beautiful mountaintop that looked over all of Bogota. On Monday, we took an eight hour bus ride to San Gil. The mountain views were breath-taking, yet a little scary when we looked down. Al, Kyle and I arrived in San Gil late that night and booked a hostel room. The next day we walked around the quaint town, booked an expensive paragliding tour and visited Pozo Azul, a gorgeous river with ... read more
Alsie and Me
I'm Paragliding!
The beautiful view of the canyon from Kyle's Parachute

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento November 30th 2014

What's the thing Colombia is most famous for....? Why the worlds best coffee of course! :P Located in the centre, it is similar to an axis and thus is best known as the coffee triangle. There are many beautiful towns and villages in the region but I decided to go to one in particular that had not only an amazing backdrop but also beautifully coloured buildings that compliment each other perfectly... Salento. Interestingly I've since been told people closer to the equator are predisposed to use more colours in their architecture while those further away are more shape orientated (Paris, London). I was only in Salento three days but it was such a nice place, I decided to give it a blog of its own. DAY ONE Consisted mainly of travel as I set out at ... read more
Local Shops Salento
My fav
Wax Palm

South America » Colombia » Pasto November 29th 2014

The last two blogs have been less about my actual travels, instead focusing on various social facets you might encounter while on the road. But I like to mix things up a little, and in the end this is a travelblog, in fact this is theTravelBlog, so I feel I should write about my actual trip every once in a while too. So here is my 'bloggie blog' post as I like to call it. T'is a tale about my last ten days in Colombia, a story about Southern Colombia, about broken shorts, and broken shoes and things falling apart in general. About me forgetting my book in one hostel and waiting for it in another. It involves mountains and rivers, tombs and statues, rain and sunshine, jungles and waterfalls and travellers met and lost. It ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Agustin November 26th 2014

So I finally arrived in Colombia following a 1 in the morning bus to the border from Quito, a taxi from immigration to the bus station to an ATM in town back to the bus station and a daytime nine hour bus ride to Popayan city. Colombia has been the country I have been most looking forward to experiencing since the start of the trip as the few people who"ve journeyed there brought back tales of unbelievable landscape, exotic birds, fruits and flowers, a shady history and scarcely believable stories of Colombian peoples' friendliness, hospitality and generosity. Intrigued as to how much a dark past had blossomed into something so positive, my plan was and is to find out more. While many travellers rush up to the big urban cities of Medellin or Bogota or head ... read more
My favourite!
El Mirador Popayan

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 18th 2014

Medellin After a huge few days trekking the jungles we took our very tired and mosquito-ridden bodies to Santa Marta and prepared for an overnight bus to Medellin. Overnight transportation is the best! Host to extreme political and civil unrest since the 1920s and more recently the home of ultra right paramilitaries, devout left anti-government hardliners and the center of the cocaine industry for the 80s and 90s, Medellin was a violent hotpot that saw over 200,000 kidnappings and 30,000 disappeared in the decades leading up to 2002. Despite this violent recent history Medellin is one of the great recovery stories of Columbia. With the death of (Juan) Pablo Escobar in 1992 and a hardline government crackdown on the cocaine industry throughout the last two decades the city (and country) is now one of the most ... read more
Plaza de la Luz, Medellin
Botero's statues decorate Medellin
View over Bogota from Cerro de Monserrate (3200m)

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Salento November 16th 2014

Colombia, to most people, is still associated with drugs. Unfortunately. And much to the annoyance of the Colombians. Much like in my own country, many travellers come to Colombia to sample its drugs. In Holland the drug of choice is marijuana, here it is cocaine. Backpackers seem to want to stuff it up their nose for one reason or another. Now the thought of stuffing anything up my nose fills me more with fear than with excitement. I once, when I was a kid, stuffed a tiny pebble up my nose. It took me a long time to get it out of there. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and put me off the whole nose stuffing business. Permanently. Truth be told, I am not into the whole drug culture. I never was. I find reality strange ... read more

South America » Colombia November 16th 2014

As soon as we arrived to Cartagena I was amazed by Caribbean atmosphere. Cartagena is the city of romance! Old town is full of cobbled alleys, enormous balconies, massive churches and leafy plazas. It's incredible to walk around old town in the evening, sit down in the one of plazas and watch some local performances. Cartagena is full of night life, amazing restaurants with tables on the streets and live music. Next day we made a trip to Playa de Blanca - one hour boat drive from the city. My first experience of Caribbean beach! Palm trees lined along the beach with gold sands and turquoise blue waters. After Cartagena we made our way to Santa Marta - small colonial town. We were not very impressed with beaches so we decided instead to stay longer in ... read more
Romantic Cartagena
Tayrona Park
Beautiful Tayrona Park

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