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South America » Colombia » Medellin April 29th 2022

It turns out two of the three places the Digital Nomad is recommending are places I have visited. Here they are: Medellín, Colombia Colombia has been squarely on my RETA beat for nearly a decade. And livable, internationalized cities like Medellín are drawing in mobile, creative, and productive remote workers untethered by the Zoom Boom. Today, the old cartel and bad reputation that dogged this beautiful city in the days of Pablo Escobar have faded into history. But the street where he was gunned down is a bit of a tourist attraction. They have been replaced with a hip, “must visit” city that has much to appeal to the Zoom Boom crowd. Modern Medellin is one of the most modern and sophisticated cities on my beat. Young digital nomads huddle in trendy watering holes plotting the ... read more
My wine cellar

South America » Colombia April 6th 2022

2-24-2022 Cartegena, Columbia 2 24 2022 Cartegena, Columbia 25,26 2022 Bermuda Triangle 2-24-2022 Cartegena, Columbia Du thuyen den Cartegena luc 10am. Du khach xuong thuyen di qua khu vuon rat dep day chim hiem quy ma co loai chim toi chua tung thay lan nao nhu Tocan, Sloth, Capuchin Monkey, Cottontop Tamarin, Howler Monkey, Howler Monkey, Kinkajou, Kinlajou, Squirrel Monkey, Red Squerrel, Salmon Created Cockatoo, Macaw, Parrot, Anteater, Pacca, Peccary Pigs, Agouti, Peacock, Berth. Toi di tour bus den Fortress la noi Unesco cong nhan la tai san the gioi. Sau do den old City noi day co nhieu nguoi dan ba mat do co kinh cua Colombia ban hang va de du khach chup hinh lay tien. Noi day ban nhieu... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 14th 2022

Poet, novelist, and travel writer William Graham lives in Stowe, Vermont. He newest work of fiction is called url= in Paradise: Colombian Tales of Mystery & Horror, which is part of his url= American Novels, inspired by the people, history, and culture of the region. Colombia has had a poor reputation for many years, fueled by media coverage of the drug cartel wars that featured kingpin Pablo Escobar and the decades-long guerrilla war. For many people, what they know about Colombia derived from watching the Netflix series... read more
Barrio in Medellin
Medellin Cable Car
Coffee Plantation

South America » Colombia » Quindío » Armenia December 15th 2021

If I could give this year a defining word (in my personal experience) I'd say the word is: "Colombia." Not only did Disney just release a new movie last month about Colombia titled "Encanto," which honestly blew my mind, but we also got to take a whirl wind trip all around Colombia. I got to finally meet my blood relatives that live on the Colombian coast. Meeting them actually brought me so much closure about who I truly am, because unlike most of my Colombian-American peers, I was a late bloomer getting to know my second country, my extended family, and my roots. I can tell you that I absolutely love my Colombian heritage. I am a first generation American, which means that both my parents were immigrants from Colombia, and I was born and raised ... read more
Cartagena Archecture
Salento town
Fried local pastries from Barranquilla

South America » Colombia » Antioquia » Guatape August 29th 2021

About 50 miles outside of Medellín is the granite monolith that dominates the surrounding landscape, at 2,135 metres. Santi took us on a magnificent climb to the top (740 steps). El Peñon de Guatape was once worshipped by the Tahamies indigenous people. In the 1950s, a group of visitors spent five days climbing to the top of the massive rock using a wooden board to ascend up the rock’s long crack along its side. Afterward, a concrete staircase was built into the crack. On the way up we saw wild orchids growing from the granite rock face and once at the top stunning bird’s eye views of Guatape & a series of lakes. Guatapé residents paint their houses and businesses in gorgeous bright colors, and decorate the bottom of every building with fresco-like panels called “zocalos.” ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 24th 2021

Another great experience on heygo garden festival programme. The tradition of silleteros has its roots back in the 19th century when people in the rural areas in Antioquia used these silletas (chair-like) devices to carry the sick and elderly. Santa Elena flower growers were the first to use the silleta to carry flowers, vegetables and herbs to market in Medellín. And they used the silleta to take food and household items they bought in Medellín back to their homes. The first Feria de las Flores, or flower festival, reportedly took place in Medellin in May 1957. The idea behind this event was to help promote the flower industry in Colombia. Colombia is the second largest flower exporting country in the world after Holland. The first festival in Medellín lasted for five days, the first silleteros ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin May 7th 2021

3rd May - Throughout the 80s and 90s, Comuna 13 was considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. It was run by violent drug trafficking organizations, who used the poor, sprawling hillside barrio as a transit route in and out of the city, and served as a stronghold for guerrillas, gangs, and paramilitaries. Santi spoke about the raid on Comuna 13 in 2002 where the residents were caught in the crossfire and the atrocities that followed. During the first week of the raid, at least 18 people were killed, 34 wounded and almost 250 arrested in Comuna 13. The neighborhood’s 100,000 residents were caught in the crossfire, resulting in arbitrary detentions, disappearances, and hundreds of injuries. The following decade the government set out to improve the commune & in 2011 a series of ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin May 1st 2021

Medellin’s annual Flower Festival is one of Colombia’s most important regional festivals. Every year the country celebrates its success and the stars of the show are always the silleteros, who have their very own parade. The silleteros in the festival are flower vendors. They spend the rest of the year farming small plots of land on the misty mountain slopes around “The City of Eternal Spring” — Medellin in Antioquia — where they harvest their blooms and bring them to sell in nearby markets and plazas. The word silla means seat or chair in Spanish and comes from a time when local men, usually peasants, strapped wooden chairs on their backs to carry their produce, children and even local noblemen. Nowadays the word silletero is applied to anyone who carries something in a wooden frame on ... read more

South America » Colombia » Pasto March 30th 2021

29th March -Las Lajas sanctuary #heygo Many places of worship are built around relics and icons. However, most of them are not built in such precarious and dangerous locations as Las Lajas Sanctuary, which crosses a forested gorge on the border between Colombia & Ecuador. In 1754, an Amerindian woman and her daughter found themselves caught in a brutal storm. Hiding out from the weather in the gorge, the women felt a force calling to them, and to their amazement looked up and saw the image of the Virgin Mary on the rocks above. At that moment, the woman’s daughter was simultaneously cured of her inability to hear and speak. Shortly after the discovery was reported, a blind man wandered for ten years from village to village collecting donations to build a chapel around the ... read more

South America » Colombia » Pasto March 26th 2021

25th March - Pasto #heygo The Carnival Museum consists of two spaces, in one of them the history and its reason for being are narrated through a documented photographic record, where it is possible to become infected with the allegory of the carnival. Another of the spaces of the Museum is the exhibition of the works that represent the carnival, here we saw the puppets of the old years. It was so colourful. The Black and White Carnival is one of the most symbolic Colombian festivals, reflecting the cultural traditions of the region. It was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009, and every year it brings together tourists from abroad and locals from across Colombia. This carnival takes place between the 2 and 7 of January in Pasto. However, a Pre-Carnival ... read more

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