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Hello!! It´s my turn! Shin and I agreed that I would write the fourth blog of our trip to round up what we´ve been up to in the first month to any of my fans, I mean friends and family who aren´t up to date with Shin´s blog. I´ll also bring you up to speed with what we´ve been up to since Shin last wrote, which includes me edging one year closer to my retirement from unemployed life by reaching the grand old age of 26. I´ll keep things conventional by starting at the beginning, which was many moons ago in the far off land of Argentina, and more specifically the country´s capital city; Buenos Aires. After a tense wait in Rome to see whether we had missed our thirteen hour connecting flight we arrived completely ... read more
Iguazu Falls
Salar de Uyuni

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque April 16th 2015

The amount of life in the jungle is overwhelming. Where the salt flats and highlands of Bolivia have very little life for kilometers around, the jungle has large amounts of life in every square meter. What a display of the beauty of this planet! Layer upon layer of plants, with animals interleaving with the foliage at every level. Decomposing leaves on the floor, with ants and bugs crawling around. Fungi recycling the fallen trees and leaves. A bit higher some shrubs, bushes and small trees. Birds hopping from branch to branch looking around for insects and fruits. Larger trees with the occasional dead leaf falling down to add to the compost heap. The animals at these layers are harder to see, as they are so far away. Tucans, monkeys swinging between the trees. And above it ... read more
Tarantula on our night walk
The lake at the lodge

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 22nd 2014

Marjorie a constaté que de nombreux enfants pauvres et mal nourris trainent dans les rues de la ville. En général, ils mandient, volent, vident les poubelles pour avoir un peu à manger et dorment dans les rues. Ces enfants viennent d'une communauté amazonienne, Eyiyoquibo de l'ethnie Esse Ejja, située non loin de Rurre le long du fleuve. Marjorie a donc décidé de leur venir en aide en leur proposant un toit, des activités ludiques et éducatives, des cours de préventions sur l'hygiène, la santé, la sécurité, ... Aujourd'hui, un projet est en route pour aider davantage cette communauté. Une association sous le nom d'Echoi Eki est entrain de voir le jour (existe déjà sous la loi 1901). Des bénévoles ont souhaité s'y joindre. Nous avons rencontré Mathieu, qui a monté ce projet avec Marjorie, ainsi que ... read more
Communaute Eyiyoquibo
Un peu de créativité !
La musique, langage universel

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 20th 2014

16 novembre 2014 - Jour 30 On est finalement bien arrivés hier soir à Rurrenabaque. Le vol fut rapide, tout juste 30 minutes, et pourtant à l'atterrissage on a eu l'impression d'avoir changé de pays, voire de continent. Il fait hyper chaud, on est au milieu de la végétation avec des palmiers et des plantes exotiques, tout le monde se déplace en 2 roues, on se croirait aux Caraïbes ou en Asie mais pas en Bolivie! On se dépêche de rejoindre notre hôtel pour mettre les tongs et aller visiter le village en commençant par le bord de la rivière. On se sent dans une ambiance totalement balnéaire. Ce matin, départ à 9h pour notre excursion de 5 jours "selva y pampa". On a choisi la version longue car on n'arrivait pas à se décider entre ... read more
Vue du ciel
Sur le rio Beni

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 20th 2014

Cela fait 4 jours que nous sommes arrivés à Rurrenabaque, au sud de l'Amazonie. Il s'agit d'une ville moyenne, longée par le Rio Beni, qui accueille de nombreux touristes toute l'année. Il y a de très nombreuses agences ici qui organisent des tours dans la jungle ou la pampa, ou d'autres activités touristiques. La vie ici n'a pas grand chose en commun avec La Paz, à commencer par le climat. Nous sommes bien plus proches du niveau de la mer, on respire bien, il fait chaud en permanence. L'air y est également beaucoup moins pollué. En ville, presque tout le monde se déplace en moto, même lorsqu'il s'agit des taxis. Le seul hic, c'est que nous arrivons avec les premières pluies. Il ne pleut pas tout le temps, mais lorsque c'est le cas il vaut mieux ... read more
Aeropuerto de Rurrenabaque
Jolie cadre pour les randos
Max la menace

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque September 27th 2014

Just back from an energy boosting six days out in a little town at the edge of the vast Amazonian rainforest known as Rurrenabaque. Truth be told I was glad to see their back of La Paz for a while especially since someone had managed to basically food poison me the day before we flew out. I was queasy enough on the way to the airport Monday but once we got into the building the smells and heat were two much... Scrambling to find a bathroom, I couldn't wait any longer. Shouldering an old Bolivian woman out of the way.. BLLUUGGHH!!! Nearest bin I could find! Unfortunately this proved to be the trend for the next 24 hours as an ice cream was the only thing I managed to keep down in that time. Thankfully the ... read more
Swimming with Dolphins
Andrew and friend

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 20th 2014

Our Arrival The bus from La Paz dropped us outside the Flota Yunguena offices in Rurrenabaque at 5:40am. We sat around until it got light then headed into town. To get into town (with the office behind you) turn left and walk up the road until the end by the naval base. Turn right down Arce and the main area of town is from that street and up to the left. Where We Stayed Hostal Los Tucanes - Bs. 80 for a twin room with shared bathroom. This was the first place we encountered when we were heading into town that was open that early in the morning. It is on Arce and the corner of Bolivar. Breakfast of some bread and jam and coffee was included. Showers were really hot but wasn't toilet paper in ... read more
Boating down the river
Accomodation with Flecha Tours
Expensive sunset beer

We had a day relaxing in Rurrenabaque before we headed to the Pampas. We had a three hour drive from Rurrenabaque before we met our guide and his boat for the next few days. The boat trip to our cabanas was a few hours and included plenty of time looking for wildlife. We saw playful monkeys, turtles, lots of different birds, and pink dolphins. The next morning started with searching for Anacondas, we went walking through an area of wetlands keeping an eye out for any snakes. Personally I was walking along hoping I wasn't the one to find any kind of snake. I was lucky enough not to find a snake during our search however our guide did manage to find a cobra which he picked up and then a short time later he found ... read more
Touching the Cobra
Our visitor

We took a hair raising flight in a tiny propeller plane to rurrenebache which is the gate way town into the Bolivian amazon. The heat and humidity hits you like a heavy blanket upon leaving the plane. It was so hot we decided to book into the only hotel with a swimming pool and spent the first afternoon floating in the pool before going to a local restaurant for some delicious amazon fried fish for dinner. We were collected by our tour company, Mashiquipe at 8 the next morning and lifted to the boat which was to carry us up the beni river to the jungle lodge with a 3 hour stop at a local village on the way. The boat ride is spectacular with views of thick forest on either side and as far as ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 5th 2013

Well, we had a great last few days in La Paz including going to the outskirts of town to a place called the megacentre- a modern shopping centre with fast food, no Maccy D´s though as Bolivia doesnt have any...(or starbucks or kfc for that matter, not that I´ve seen anyway) and a cinema!!! With English films!!! Woo, so me Katherine and Nicky went to see a horror ´The conjuring´ was really scary!!! And pretty good, we enjoyed it and it was such a treat to see a film in English for once! Anyway, the next destination on our agenda after La Paz was a detour up North to the jungle to do a pampas tour to see some wildlife!! We were due to get the bus on Monday at 12.30 in the afternoon. When we ... read more

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