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September 27th 2014
Published: September 28th 2014
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Just back from an energy boosting six days out in a little town at the edge of the vast Amazonian rainforest known as Rurrenabaque. Truth be told I was glad to see their back of La Paz for a while especially since someone had managed to basically food poison me the day before we flew out. I was queasy enough on the way to the airport Monday but once we got into the building the smells and heat were two much... Scrambling to find a bathroom, I couldn't wait any longer. Shouldering an old Bolivian woman out of the way.. BLLUUGGHH!!! Nearest bin I could find! Unfortunately this proved to be the trend for the next 24 hours as an ice cream was the only thing I managed to keep down in that time. Thankfully the good food and weather in rurre (never dropped below30) aswell as Mags doing a decent job as nurse helped me recover.

We began the three day Pampas tour on the Wednesday. In our group of 7 were Andrew from Melbourne (13 months travelling SA),
Michael from Stuggart, Andy formerly of Germany and now living in the Dominican republic and Suzanna and Gill from Holland.

Pic says it all!
Led by our irrepresible tour guide Miguel (Think a Bolivian Joey Usher except with more hair!), Miguel knew all there was to know about the outdoors aswell as being extremely sturdy to boot! Over the following three days we went piranha fishing multiple times, went anaconda hunting, stopped to swim with two pink river dolphins and did alot of general wildlife watching. The swimming with the dolphins was probably the highlight. With plenty of caiman, alligators and piranha in the water a few of our crew were apprehensive about getting in the water when Miguel proposed it and mags refused outright. I figured though if the guides were happy enough to let us in, it must be reasonably safe. As we spent more time in the water and the dolphins wouldn´t come into the shallower waters i decided to venture a little further. I figured I could hold onto a fin and be pulled through the water similar to what i´d seen on TV, dolphins being such friendly creatures! While cautiously keeping an eye on a caiman floating 30 metres away, I began to thread water slowly to where the dolphins were splashing about.... Next minute I felt something sharp
Swimming with DolphinsSwimming with DolphinsSwimming with Dolphins

Yes there are dolphins in the water!
jab against my back "HOLY FoCk!!" I started thrashing water like a madman assuming a croc was just about to strike.. Turned out German Michael had gotten himself a long branch and had decided to cause a bit of mischief by slowing creeping up behind me..! ;P

Also another nice touch, one of the evenings we had a bit of time to kill while waiting for the sun to set so someone produced a football and we managed to get a 7 vs 7 organised in typical South American fashion; barefoot and shirts vs skins! Hopefully there´ll be a few more games in the months ahead!

Additional photos below
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Getting in a few hard earned drinks

One of many in the Pampas!

20th November 2014

Amazon visit
Hey Dave Great blogs! My wife and I have travelled in many of these parts and your blogs are fun and nostalgic. We both love Latin America and planning our next trip there already. We will be heading to Bolivia after the New Year and were considering heading to Rurrenabaque to go to the Amazon - do you remember the name of the company you travelled with? Safe travels in Colombia Dave (and Theresa)
21st November 2014

Hi Theresa, I do indeed as a friend in turn had recommended them to me. The name is Max Jungle. You can book in advance on their website or call into their office in Rurrenbaque as they have tours going everyday or two from what I could see.

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