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there are no words (including swear words ) that can even get close to describing Iguaza Park and Falls. suffice to say that we left with sore eyes from taking in so much staggering beauty and raw nature, with sore ears from the stentorian roar of the falls and with sore mouths from constantly smiling at feeling so happy to be lucky enough to have spent a few hours in this most amazing and special place. here are a selection of photographs and a short video - enjoy.... read more
Hostel life

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 18th 2011

Dalsia noc a rano v autobuse, ale aspon sa nam podarilo zabrat dve dvojsedacky a tak sme sa mohli ako tak vyspat. Okolie sa zmenilo radikalne - cervena zem, husta vegetacia a k tomu teplo a dusno. Do Puerto Iguazu sme dorazili s 2.5 hodinovym meskanim a ako jediny v autobuse. Najprv sa nas chceli zbavit v nejakom depe, protestovali sme a tak nas posadili do mensieho autobusu ktory nas mal odviezt na autobusovu stanicu. Sofer po chvili zastal a chcel aby sme vystupili a doslapali si zvysok, odmietli sme vystupit a tak nas nakoniec predsa len doviezol na miesto ktore sme si zaplatili. Nasli sme si pekny hostel s bazenom a ventilatorom, ktory bude bezat celu noc. Vecer sme este isli zamenit nejake peniaze a stretli skupinku Cechov, zasli sme si na pivko a celkom ... read more
na ceste/ on the way
a pekna odmena/ and nice reward

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 15th 2011

What a way to mark a border! Iguazu means big water and they are not exagerating. The falls which mark the border between Brazil and Argentina stretch for one and a half miles and have over 200 separate cascades. There is a campaign for it to be a wonder of the world and having seen it up close I can´t help but agree. No stranger to glitz and glamour you may have seen them yourself in Moonraker, or the last Indiana Jones movie. They are 4 times wider than Niagra and the hydroelectric power plant down river satisfys almost 40% of Brazils and Argentinas power needs. But it wont be the facts and figures that I remember it will be the experiance of standing close enough to get a thorough drenching.... read more
where the pot of gold?
swimming not recommended

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 11th 2011

After another long bus journey (16hours, 1 good film, 1 terrible and no  food unlike what we were promised; luckily we'd stocked up on crackers and fruit) we arrived in Puerto Iguazu. It is just beyond the border into Argentina and is nearest town to the great Iguazu falls. The falls were incredible; there are several different trails to walk around the national park. The lower deck allowed you to get close to the falls as they crashed down while the upper deck offered a better view of the whole area. Butterflies were constantly landing on us which just added to the Avatar-like scenery. For me the best bit was another trail which was across a long boardwalk over the top river. The walk took at least 10mins with a few spots of land until we ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 5th 2011

Hello all, Tomorrow we head to Buenos Aires, sadly leaving the subtropics. We saw lots of jungle animals at the worlds largest waterfall including; Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Agoutis, Coatis, a glass lizard, giant tegu lizard, Toco Toucans, Green-headed Tanagers, Great Dusky Swifts, red-rumped Caciques, numerous foliage gleaners and another spectacular array of butterflies. We will certainly miss the astounding biodiversity of the neotropics (we have see nearly 1000 species of birds and many were not identified!), but are also vary excited to experience late summer in Patagonia! The trip has certainly had its ups and downs. Jen had her very expensive Zeiss binoculars stolen out of my pocket while I was sleeping on an overnight bus and I had my pants stolen while hanging up to dry at our campsite (I have only 1 pair now!), ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 4th 2011

Hello All, We have made it to Argentina, southern SA! It is a totally different world down here than in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador! The food is mostly pasta, pastries and milanesa sandwiches (veal), the busses are a dream (although they are about 10 times more expensive here) and there is less garbage on the streets. Today we visited Iguazu Falls. More to come tomorrow. R&J... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 4th 2011

wow what a crazy few days it has been! last time i think i wrote we were in montevideo. from there we move to cute little colonia de sacramento. its a nice little town with a lot of history routed in smuggling goods between brazil and uruguay. anyway we spent our time there wandering the streets and snapping a ton of photos of the cobblestone streets and historic buildings. the last day we were there we decided to head to the beach in the afternoon to catch some extra rays... the beach only becomes tolerable around 430pm here. anyway heres the meat for those of you who have already heard and the news for those of you who havent. i got my daypack stolen... i know i know... you are probably thinking oh monica you left ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 24th 2011

All I can say is wow! The Iguazu Falls were absolutely incredible! Definately the most impressive waterfalls I´ve ever seen in my life! The sound of them was overwhelming and the amount of water falling every second was unbelievable! You can easily see why they put a HEP station on the Brazilian side of the falls (the biggest in the world except for the 3 Gorges Dam in China). The only problem was the amount of tourists, literaaly crawling like ants all over the National Park, but I think today was a fairly good day numbers-wise becuase it rained most of the day! I still managed to get a little bit sunburnt though! The falls themselves are split into two, and i think the slightly more impressive side was the Devil´s throat, where you cannot see ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 22nd 2011

We left Buenos Aires at 3.00pm yesterday, sad to say goodbye to our brilliant host Chelsea, and a city we both liked, mainly because of its laid back attitude and great variety of sights and things to do. Some of the highlights include the sense of freedom; trying empanadas for the first time; seeing the colourful houses of the district of La Boca painted from paint leftovers in shipyards, also one of the poorest areas of BA; the market in San Telmo that sold everything from fruit and veg to jewellry to antiques and to fake Ray Bans; and meeting some very drunk argentines at Chelsea´s local bar who tried to persuade us to rise up against the queen! We arrived today in Puerto Igauzu (Northeast Argentina on the border with Brazil and Paraguay) at around ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 14th 2011

Iguazu consisted of a three day adventure, Iguazu falls on the Argentina side, Paraguay, and the falls on the Brazilian side. All very different and all amazing. Argentina side- We first went to the falls on Valentines day, and I dont think that there is a better way to spend valentines day then going to the most spectacular falls in the world. We first went for a short hike above the falls. During this hike you can see all the way down to the bottom and get a good view of each individual fall, and a view of about half of the falls. The second hike was at the bottom of the falls. This takes you under the falls and to a few spots where you can get so close to the falls that you get ... read more
Valentines day

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