Europe » Switzerland June 1st 2011

Europe » Switzerland June 1st 2011

Here the pics of my 4 weeks in BA! and I'll try to upload the penguin video...... read more
Cementary Recoleta
in Front of the Cementary Recoleta
Courtyard of "my" place in BA

Europe » Switzerland May 30th 2011

and a 2nd round of pics and videos!... read more
On the way + rainbow
Border Argentina/Chile
Border Argentina/Chile

Europe » Switzerland May 29th 2011

Here the first round of the promised pictures!... read more
Marcelo in the Cordobese Sierras
Museo de la Memória
Parque Nacional del Condorito

Europe » Switzerland May 25th 2011

I got back home yesterday after an 11h flight (no problems due to Icelandic volcanos). It's nice to be here again, but it's weird not to plan the next bus/hostel/destination, shops have uncommon opening times, and people speak strange languages ;) Although it was sometimes tiring, I'll defintely miss meeting new people all the time, going to new cities/places, my new and old friends over there, and the porteño and cordobese life style. As promised, there will be a - for now - last entry with selected pictures soon! For everybody on this side of the world: it'd be nice to meet you again in June since I'll start with my PhD officially on the 1st of July! Für alle, die auf dieser Seite der Erde wohnen: es wäre toll, euch im Juni nochmals zu treffen, ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo May 22nd 2011

I spent the last week of my trip in São Paulo, the richest city of Brazil. I had a great time, got to see big parts of this huge city, tried a lot of different food (Patty, I'll need a list with the names!), enjoyed all these great, fresh, colourful fruits, went dancing samba and sertanejo, made Brazilian friends, tried to survive with my 10 Portuguese words (I can read a lot in Portuguese, but why does it have to sound so differently when people speak?!?), and spent the weekend on the farm of Patty's family, 2h away from the city, where we drank caipirinhas, and enjoyed the sun and the amazing landscape. I can't talk about Brazil since I saw only one city, but I can say that São Paulo is different from everything I've ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo May 17th 2011

First of all: the picture follows when I'm back! The day after my last entry (Saturday), I went - after a long night with English, American, Irish, Australian, Italian, and Argentinian people - again to the Argentinian part of the park. This day I got totally wet again, because this time because of the rain (yeah, it's called rainy season...), but the falls were impressive anyway. In the evening - my last day in Argentina - a girl from Italy, the Australian guy and I prepared a nice lomo (meat) in the dirtiest kitchen I've ever seen, but it was delicious. The next day, the taxi brought me to the Brazilian airport (I never crossed a border more easily), and I flew to Sao Paulo, where my dear friend Patricia, who I met in Cambridge 3 ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú May 13th 2011

On Thursday I met Andres, the Cordobese guy who lives in Spain and who I met in Bariloche and who was in Cordoba city on this day. Afterwards, I went drinking mate with Benjamin and in the evening I got invited by his friend Anton and we kept talking until 3 am. On Wednesday, I had just time to buy some yerba and alfajores before starting my 21h bus trip to Puerto Iguazu. ExpresoSinger is the greatest bus company ever! Nice temperature, good seats, nice people, good(!) food and the first time I saw a woman working on a bus. The last 2h I was the only passenger :) The weather in Cordoba was quite nice, but here in Iguazu it's subtropic. The earth is red, the landscape green, green, green...beautiful! And the mosquitos aren't such ... read more

My last weekend in Buenos Aires was great! On Friday, I got invited to participate in the tango lesson and dancing all these great songs, I totally forgot that I promised to be at home at 22:30 (btw: little correction for the last entry: we staid at the milonga until 4am, not 4pm, of course). On Saturday, I had to pack my luggage, which gets more difficult every time, and visited then again the cementary and the coffee shops around there. It was one of the warmest days of the last 3 weeks. In the evening, my host mother, her son, Roland (one of the "tango guys"), Jenny from school, and I went to the Marini's, the all you can eat restaurant. This time I concentrated on fish, pàsta, and desert and it was as delicious ... read more
Glaciar Perito Moreno

Asia May 6th 2011

Today I got my certificate for the courses I took here in Baires. During this last week, I attended classes of the C1 level, which consisted mainly of heated discussions about complex and philosophic topics. Our teacher loved to provoke us by generalising and exaggerating our arguments (I know a few people who would have loved these classes). In our class we were 3 Swiss, 2 from the USA, and 2 Brazilians with quite different opinions about suicide, freedom, the duties of the government, and Spanish grammar. We also read and discussed the story 'Abenjacán el bojarí, muerto en su laberinto' by J. L. Borges. It's an interesting text, but not my favourite story by Borges. Anyway, the funniest texts are the ones that contain English words such as Yale ('Shale'), google ('gogle') or Phoenix (no, ... read more

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