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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

EVENING After today's excitement I decided that from now on I would adopt the pacifist Bolivian attitude of doing nothing and waiting for an act of God or the Gods to decide my fate and send me in a specific direction. This way I wouldn't have to look for adventure, it would come to me as easily as it did yesterday in the form of the presidents' speech. One week ago I had dreamed of spending the unadventurous last week of my trip on a beach with palm trees reading my Swedish crime novel about a girl who went missing, relaxing knowing that it hadn’t happened to me. I had survived South America. I was here. I was alive, well and fit to face the UK. This was my big dream. At 8pm my adventure was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 28th 2015

I met Elizabeth, a Norwegian girl who was staying in my dorm. She arrived last night just like me, she had travelled for a few two months in Australia and she was now travelling for two months in South America. Today was her first day in South America, whilst this week was my last. I gave her as much advice as I could whilst avoiding revealing facts that might scare her and whilst leaving a lot for her to find out for herself. I wanted South America to be just as much an exciting adventure for her as it had been for me, with exciting adventures creeping up on her everyday. Feeling sure that this girl, being Scandinavian, not speaking any Spanish and having just arrived in South America would be a sensible, non-risk taking, travelling ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 24th 2015

Buenos Aires-Paris of South America! Yes, Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America. When we first heard this comment about Buenos Aires, we were skeptical to say the least, but as we spent our day here, it because increasing clear that it is spectacular. What a City! From our initial impressions, until our sail away, we have become enamored with BA, as the locals refer to it. As we docked we were a little surprised to see we were in the middle of a huge container port, especially after the beautiful harbor in Rio. We have been near containers, by containers and even in he middle of containers, but never lost in a labyrinth of thousands of containers ;-) As it turned out there is no ‘cruise ship dock” here even though there is a ... read more
Caminita Street
Palermo District
Recoleta Cemetery City of the Dead

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 23rd 2015

Buenos Aires, the city of Tango, Evita Peron, amazing cemeteries, coffee shops, outstanding bookshops and an amazing atmosphere. I can tell you that this city is by far the best city I had the pleasure to explore in South America. Having spent only 7 days there, which is not enough in my books to really get to know this town, I can tell you that I would be more than happy to live there. Well, that is from a tourist’s perspective and I am aware that reality is different. But what a place….. Carla and I took the plane from Brasilia to Buenos Aires early on Sunday morning. We didn’t fly together as Carla’s flight was purchased with points and I had to pay for mine. So Carla's flight departed at 5.00 in the morning and ... read more
Old building - Buenos Aires
Change of the guard - Buenos Aires
Congress house - Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 21st 2015

Docked 8.00a.m. in Buenos Aires - in a working port - so had to be bused to the cruise terminal from our ship. Warned in advance of the increased muggings, petty crime, taxi scams and snatch and grab thieves in recent times in this city, dress down, no jewellery, don't use outside ATMs etc etc We thought we would just re acquaint ourselves with this beautiful city as its about 12 years since we were here last. Decided to do the Hop on Hop off bus - as you can get off when you want and get back on - though we still did walk around 11kms. There are just hundreds of gorgeous buildings, sculptures, parks and rec areas - its no wonder it is called the "Paris of South America" - it would have to ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 7th 2015

We loved our 40 days, that consisted of : 12,000km 2 countries 2 oceans 9 Argentine provinces 6 Chilean provinces multiple villages and cities over 20 lakes and rivers countless mountains and volcanos and A LIFETIME OF LESSONS and PHENOMENAL MEOMORIES!... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 5th 2015

We wanted to go up for a special dinner to celebrate our time in Buenos Aires. We decided on the Argentine Experience which is a closed door restaurant. It started by giving dinners in the owners home but now they have their own location. I reserved and paid on line. This is a dinner for tourists so you end up eating at a community table with people from around the world. We learned about Argentine culture, how to make empanadas (picture of our empanadas attached, Marks is the Mickey) and how to talk with our hands, talking with your hands comes natural to me. The meal includes all the wine you can drinks and the wine was plentiful. The food was great, the event lasts 4 hours and we met interesting travelers from London. Sweden, Austraula, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 5th 2015

Another country, another enticing big city and another week to explore it! Argentina and Buenos Aires in particular is very heavily European influenced. Walking around the city of BA you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Europe rather than Latin America. People appear more Caucasian than other countries we’ve visited on this trip (apparently due to almost complete extermination of the indigenous by the Spanish) and the cobblestoned streets and ornate buildings were world famous for portraying the burgeoning wealth of the city in the 18th-20th centuries. We trusted and went for the top rated hostel, America Del Sur in the lively San Telmo neighbourhood. With small dorms, ensuites, plenty of organized events, free breakfast and guest kitchen this place was more like a hostel than... read more
The lighthouse on our daytrip to Colonia, Uruguay
3rd anniversary dinner and tango show
Great dancing and story telling of the history of tango at Los Angelitos

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 4th 2015

Sunday 1st February 2015 Today we stood in the Government´s Pink Palace in Buenos Aries, looking out of one of the three windows which lead to the famous balcony, from whence Eva Perón spoke to her people, who were gathered in the Plaza de San Martín below. To stand where this remarkable woman had stood, was quite moving. The Palacio Rosado (The Pink Palace), is to Argentinians what The White House is to Americans; that is, the office of the President. What is remarkable in Buenos Aries, is that on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, the public can visit the Pink Palace free of charge, including a free forty minute guided tour, in either Spanish or English. What is even more remarkable is that during the tour, one actually gets to walk through the President´s office. ... read more
Looking out from the balcony to the plaza
Plaza de San Martin
Plaza de las Palmeras

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 1st 2015

29 janvier 2014 - Jour 104 Comme quoi, quand on a des bons sièges, il est possible de bien dormir dans un bus. Je dormais encore profondément à 9h quand le steward m'a réveillée pour servir le petit-déjeuner. Autant le repas d'hier soir était très complet, autant le petit-déjeuner laisse à désirer. Quelques biscuits avec du thé ou café. Pas de pain, pas de jus de fruits. Heureusement qu'on avait acheté une petite pâtisserie la veille pour compenser. On découvre par la fenêtre l'ampleur de cette grande métropole avec tous ces buildings, ça faisait longtemps qu'on n'avait pas été dans une aussi grande ville. Mais pas besoin de se lancer à la découverte des transports publics pour le moment, notre hôtel n'est pas très loin du terminal, on peut s'y rendre à pied. Une fois nos ... read more
Au Caminito
Stade de la Boca
Eglise orthodoxe

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