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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 19th 2023

City of Rich Cultural Heritage, Stunning Architecture, Abundant Artistry, Warm, Passionate People, and Turbulent History Once we began exploring, we were out for several hours every day. But to simply list our activities, without sharing what we learned about the city, and the country, would be too shallow an offering. Hence, this blog entry is a long one, as the intent is to provide some historical and political context, as well as information about the places visited. We often take the hop on hop off city bus tour to get introduced to large cities, as their vastness can be intimidating, and Buenos Aires, with its population of over fifteen million certainly fits that description. The bus tours give us perspective and help us identify the places we want most to return to later. There were so ... read more
El Quarandi Tango Show
Teatro Colon
Cafe Tortoni

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 16th 2023

Taking a Trip from Dismay to Delight It will be a challenge to share all we have experienced of Buenos Aires, as we have experienced so much in the past 18 days. But before I take on that challenge - which will be the subject of a subsequent post - I wish to reflect upon how I felt upon arrival into this new culture, in this new country, on this new continent where everything was unfamiliar, including the language in which everything is communicated, lest you get the impression that it has all been fun and games. Stan of course felt bewildered also, as it was all new to him too, and he speaks not a word of Spanish. But he was confident I would proficiently look after everything. As was I. And prior to departure ... read more
Our  Neighborhood Fruit & Vegetable Family Store
Our Daily Coffee Stop
Our Favorite Neighborhood Bakery

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 11th 2023

A Remembrance Day Flight to Forget This was an adventure that Stan and I have never before experienced. Currently traveling in Argentina, we arrived at the Puerto Iguazu airport at 5 pm Friday evening to catch our 90 minute flight to Buenos Aires at 7 pm. We did not know that Buenos Aires was experiencing heavy rain storms: the very same storms that caused Taylor Swift to cancel her November 10th concert in Buenos Aires that evening, and that caused the domestic airport in Buenos Aires to be temporarily closed. As a result, our flight was repeatedly delayed, until finally, six hours later - at 1 am Saturday morning - we boarded the plane that would take us, along with close two hundred plus other very tired passengers, to Buenos Aires. But it did not - ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 4th 2023

Soccer, Tango and Vibrant Street Culture On our first four days in Buenos Aires we laid pretty low. The twenty five hour flight left us jet lagged and in need of rest, as the pre trip preparations had us exhausted even before we departed. But on day five we began our explorations. And this city is so beautiful, the people so kind and accommodating, and the culture and history so rich, that we soon compiled a long list of things to do while here, and immediately started the process of checking the boxes. Our first venture out of the apartment and into the big city of two million plus was to La Boca, an area of the city known for its large and colorful murals, tango street culture, and most significantly, its being home to one ... read more
La Boca Soccer Club Stadium
The heart of Caminita, La Boca
Street Mural, La Boca

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 18th 2023

Time To explore BA and then head home… It was basically only about 24 hours with no sleep this time... Saturday morning was our debarkation day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The letter in our cabin the previous night said everyone leaving the ship today had to be out of their rooms at 8am. We waited downstairs in the atrium (peacefully actually because this was not the waiting area for very many other people apparently) and we got off the boat around 9:30am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were walked off by a Costa staff member and taken to our luggage, then our luggage was put through a scanner LEAVING the cruise. In all the time I’ve cruised, this has never happened. I asked why. She flatly said “to check for drugs” so apparently, this is standard ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 10th 2023

It’s been over 48 hours since I wrote a blog post but it feels like 4 or 5 days. We are on the ship. I will back-up and tell everything we’ve went through to get here. It’s A LOT. For starters, let’s back-up to the night we spent in Miami because Kamie has a funny tale to tell… he was outside smoking and the hotel airport shuttle drove-up and the driver proceeded to back into a lady’s car. The driver pulled-up and stayed in the shuttle van… she came outside… he still didn’t get out..… so Kamie told on him! The shuttle driver denied it! There was a shouting matching in Spanish between the shuttle bus driver and the lady (everyone in this area of Miami speaks Spanish as their primary language). She didn’t have too ... read more
We did NOT take this route
Typical housing
Miami - this guy selling fruit in the street - he was kept busy!  Every red light, he sold and sold

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 26th 2023

This post will likely win the title of our shortest. We spent two days in Buenos Aires and, on one, toured the city with Veronica and her wonderful driver. The city is less dense, and traffic more civilized than Rio, although we're not sure Veronica agrees with either conclusion. There are no captivating landscapes as in Rio, and while the architecture seems better, there is not much to photograph. In fact, we only have the Cathedral to show you. While we enjoyed Marcio in Rio, Veronica is a highly polished professional. She provided extensive history of everything we saw as well as of the country in general. We depart the hotel on 26 January at the absurd time of 5:45 am for a flight to Ushuaia. This is the most southern city in the world. It ... read more
Jose de San Martin
Changing of the Guard
Change Ceremony

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 28th 2022

Start as you intend to continue they say…so we have kicked off the eating and drinking with a food walking tour of Buenos Aires…to get the body moving and some sun after hours being cooped up in airports and planes. Arrived yesterday with a couple of zombie children but successfully found one lost suitcase and navigated unfortunate gravitational pull on Apple juice and the disastrous effects of lack of sleep on a moody teen. Checked in to our apartment, managed some dinner and stayed awake until almost bed time. A bit of a wander around our neighbourhood before heading to Plaza de Mayo for the start of our food tour. Sandwiches, pizza, empanadas, meat (of course!) followed by ice cream and coffee filled our bellies and gave us a good stroll around the city. Hopefully tomorrow ... read more
Flag selfie
Pizza Buenos Aires style 👍🏻
Empanadas…Geoff is mesmerised!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 26th 2022

We have seen different sides to this bustling latino metropolis and there is a lot to like about BA. On our first night we wandered into the San Telmo barrio in search of bars and restaurants. The bar we stumbled on was super cool with old radios, record players and other 20th century artifacts on the walls. It was grungy, with a hip vibe and we made friends with the owner and patrons pretty quickly. There was one guy with terrible BO sitting at the table next to us. He was a pit tipsy too. He claimed to be Scottish, but the big smile on his face and the fact that he had dark skin suggested to that me he was joking. When I quizzed him on the part of the highlands he heralded from, his ... read more
Tarot Reading
Plaza de Mayo
El obelisco

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 18th 2022

Having been to the six major continents there is only one more to add. Antarctica!!! A year ago I saw a great deal on Trip A Deal to join a trip on the Norwegian shipping line, Hurtigruten, to Antarctica at half the price usually charged. Fletcher and I couldn't resist. Now we are on the voyage south, having left Adelaide yesterday for the long, four stage plane trip to Argentina to start our journey. We were up at 3-30am and left home about 4. I had prebooked our car into the long-term car park at the Adelaide airport so we did not have to rely on taxis. At the airport the QR code didn't work but we had a contact number and were soon let in and parked. The check-in and security was made simpler with ... read more
foyer, Hilton BA
Lifts in the foyer at the Hilton
Puerto Madero

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