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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 30th 2020

The world seemed an even bigger place in 1978. The World Cup party that had once rolled down Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough in 1966 was in full swing in Buenos Aires. I watched the television, awe inspired, as a schoolboy. What a place to watch your football. We knew little of the politics of military junta at the time. Frankly if we had, I doubt we would have cared one iota. I was watching the sky filled with the trademark paper falling down from the stands and a brand of football that we didn't encounter on the playing fields at home. In amongst the festival of football, a young urchin was juggling footballs for the TV crews. The next superstar? We didn't know. Diego Armando Maradona. It turns out we would hear a lot more about ... read more
C A Boca Juniors
La Boca
San Telmo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 13th 2020

Buenos Aires 7-12 januar Vi landet 07:35 lokal tid etter nesten 14 timer i lufta, ganske slitne, men med 6 uker foran oss til å utforske landet. Vi hadde bestilt overnatting i fire døgn på Hostal America del Sur og henting på flyplassen. Det ble ordnet fra hotellet, veldig greit og noe vi anbefaler. Hotellet er et enkelt backpackerhotell som ligger i bydelen San Telmo og i grei gåavstand til det meste. Rommet er rent, med god dobbeltseng og bad. Betjeningen er kjempehyggelig. Da vi reiste jorda rundt for ti år siden, syntes vi denne typen hotell var topp. Grunnen var at vi traff så mange hyggelige reisevante ungdommer med mye erfaring som de delte med oss gamlingene. Hittil har vi ikke opplevd det samme. I dag sitter alle med nesa begravet... read more
La Boca

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 18th 2019

We did the usual touristy thing of going to dinner and a tango show at El Querandi. Rather than sit with the group we were seated at a table for two. We had been told in advance not to sit in the front row as we may become part of the show. Fortunately it wasn't that sort of show. Rather a very professional spin down the ages from the beginnings of the tango in the 1880s in impoverished port areas like Caminito St where there was a mix of local people and immigrants, down to the sophisticated dance it has become today. I tried to discreetly take photos with my phone and was very surprised at how well they turned out. The only problem being a slight delay while the phone adjusted for the light meaning ... read more
The early days
The singer was quite good too
Coordinated 50s costumes

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 17th 2019

We're staying in the Retiro district which of course means nothing when you choose accommodation in a new city so the first thing to do is explore. Leafy trees and elegant balconied apartments line the street with two cafes and a bar/restaurant very close by, i.e. within a hundred metres! A small corner park over the road made us curious. It was strange, mostly concrete, more leafy trees in a neat row, a pool with running water over stones. And always people sitting on the benches often eating lunch. The outline of a former building is evident on the adjacent wall. It is the site of the former Israeli Embassy destroyed in 1992 by a suicide bombing attack. We were shocked. Now the streets are lined with short stubby bronze bollards. Reminders of history are never ... read more
Israeli memorial park
The former Israeli Embassy
Local bar and restaurant

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 16th 2019

Argentinien - Buenos Aires in den NW, nach Salta und Jujuy, November 2019 Copyright by Bernhard SONNLEITNER Montag, 11. November 2019 Der 11. November ist in Österreich kalt und grau. Am frühen Nachmittag brechen wir zum Flughafen auf und machen uns mit Lufthansa über Frankfurt auf den Weg nach Argentinien. Nach einer längeren Wanderung vom einen Ende des Flughafens (Terminal A) zum anderen (Terminal C) setzen wir mit einem 13stündigen Flug zum Sprung über den Atlantik und auf die südliche Halbkugel an. Dienstag, 12. November 2019 Nach problemlosem Flug empfängt uns Buenos Aires am Morgen mit frühlingshaften Temperaturen. Mit dem vorbestellten Mietwagen („Remis“) der Fa. Tienda Leon geht es durch den dichten Verkehr komfortabel ins Zentrum. Wir haben nahem ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 15th 2019

Packing for this trip has been a bit of a challenge as we need shoes for a cruise, clothes for the Polar region as well as not much for Thailand so we both have larger than normal suitcases. We are hoping the weather is favourable as we sail the Drake Passage to Antarctica and back again. This evening we fly to Buenos Aires arriving 4 hours before we leave, i.e. 4pm on Sunday. We have a few days to look around before boarding the ship, Zaandam on the 18th. The temperature in the Falkland Islands, our second port of call, is about 8 degrees C. We are there on the 24th. Christmas day begins 7 continuous days at sea 3 of which will be sailing around the Antarctic ice looking at icebergs, penguins, whales and sealions. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 8th 2019

Dear Friends and Family, After travelling 28 hours from door to door, Ann, Riley and I arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We stopped in Toronto to change planes and then in Santiago just to walk in a big circle and get back on the same plane. We used Uber to get from the airport to the Airbnb and found it to be really reliable and cheap to get around in Argentina and later Chile. We were staying in the Palermo district that boasts lots of coffee shops, restaurants and grocery shops. For my birthday, we did a big walking tour of Buenos Aires. We started in the Caminito at the colourful buildings and market stalls. We walked north to La Bombonera (home to the Boca Juniors), the playground at the Parque Flora Native, San Telmo, Plaza ... read more
Caminito, BA
Exercising near Puerto Madero, BA
Casa Rosada, BA

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 12th 2019

R: The next morning it was time so say our goodbyes and head off. I was booked on a flight from El Calafate airport in the early afternoon which required an early start. The tour company had told me that the could take me to the airport but it wouldn't be till later in the day, so I had booked my own minibus transfer. I was considering the public bus but my prior experience with Argentinian public transport told me that I didn't want to leave this to chance. I was sat in the kitchen with some of the other people from the tour, when suddenly the driver showed up early! Without saying full goodbyes to all, I was whisked away. The minibus went round and around the town picking up people before making the 3 ... read more
Plaza del Mayo
Puerto Madero
Teatro Atheno

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 11th 2019

Il était certain qu’en venant à Buenos Aires, berceau du tango argentin, nous trouverions un endroit pour savourer le tango! Des centaines de milongas s’annoncent aux touristes, mais c’est justement celles qui m’intéressaient le moins. Une milonga désigne le lieu où les argentins viennent danser et pour moi, c’est l’ambiance feutrée et un peu sombre du tango typique que je recherchais! Je l’ai trouvée au Cabaré Marabú. Cette milonga des années 20 a tenu les plus grandes soirées de tango à cette époque et jusque dans les années 50. Tous les grands noms du tango y ont joué et enregistré leurs succès pendant plus de 4 décennies pour le grand plaisir des porteños qui y sont venus et viennent encore user leurs talons aiguilles et souliers vernis sur son grand plancher de danse. Il est 21h30 ... read more
l’orchestre Color Tango

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 10th 2019

Fidèles groupies de mes chroniques, je suis en Argentine pour un séjour aux confins de l’Antarctique, vers la capitale du bout du monde, Ushuaïa, la ville la plus australe de la planète! Mais, bien évidemment, on ne va pas en Argentine sans passer par l’élégante Buenos Aires pour y faire quelques pas de tango... donc j’y suis! Encore une fois, un voyage de contrastes, à plus de 11000 km de Montréal, qui s’annonce haut en couleurs et en découvertes. La première chronique suit!... read more

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