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Took a bus tour today around Buenos Aires. I really enjoyed it. The city centre (or downtown, as my friend calls it) is very different from the Buenos Aires that I've seen in the past few days. One thing I've learnt from today was that BA has great architectures. The buildings are made from the French era and whatnot, reminding me of upperclass areas in developed countries. Trees line every street in the city, giving shade to the streets and its passer-bys. Sitting on the rooftop of the bus, the streets look very picturesque. We passed by various monuments and key buildings of the city. As BA is a huge city, I thought the bus was a good way to see the city. The only downside is that you only have 5 seconds or less to ... read more

I've had a nice few days in Argentina with a lot of free time but now it is time to work! Today was my first day at my internship and right off the bat I had an assignment from my boss. Trimaker sent parts of one of their printers to be painted so it can have a nicer color. The parts were returned to them today and two of my co-workers and I had to assemble the printer back together... read more

One of the reasons I came to Argentina is because of the passion that they have for soccer. I myself love the sport as well and going to a game in South America was always something that I wanted to do. There is a big soccer tournament in South America called the Copa Libertadores. Winning this trophy is the most prestigious thing that any south american soccer team can do. What makes it so important to win it is not the difficulty of the actual tournament, but even qualifying for it is quite a task. In order to qualify for the tournament, a team must perform well in their domestic soccer league so be able to participate in the following year. the 5 best teams from Argentina and Brazil and the 3 best teams from every ... read more

In the last couple of days I have gotten a bit acclimated with the lifestyle of Buenos Aires. I have some background with the Spanish language thanks to my parents, but to say that the argentine dialect is hard to understand is an understatement. Here they speak very fast and use slang that I have never heard of. For example to say "you are very nice", I would say "tu eres muy simpatico". However argentines would say "vos sos muy simpatico", which may seem very similar but when it is said very fast it sounds like gibberish. Yesterday I met with my orientation counselor from the company Connect-123. This company helped me find my internship and apartment while giving me a contact in case I need anything. During the orientation I learned about what is expected ... read more

I am now in Buenos Aires and all I can say is that I'm shocked by the craziness of the city. The tall buildings, tons of people walking around getting to where they need to be and the taxis and buses aggressively cutting each other off. I definitely didn't expect Buenos Aires to be such a buzzing city. In my first 24 hours in Argentina I haven't met anyone new. The person I live with is the landlord of the apartment and unfortunately he isn't around too often. But this was a good opportunity to walk around and to explore Recoleta (the neighborhood that I live in). I even found a place that makes really good empanadas!... read more

Wow – where do I begin with Buenos Aires? It is an old city filled with European buildings, cobblestoned streets, suburbs bursting with personality, ghettos and a buzzing nightlife. Our first couple of days were spent in and around the busy city that is home to 15 million people – known locally as porteños - and to start off with I struggled to find the right words to describe how I found it...big, busy, majestic, imposing but somewhat confused all at the same time. The buildings are ridiculously beautiful and every block offers another structure equally as spectacular as the last…(more on this later). We spent a couple of days exploring the city centre (or as much as we could after walking for hours each day) and then ventured out to some barrios (neighbourhoods) ... read more
My favourite street art piece
Uruguay Foreshore
Typical Uruguay City street

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I am already on the road for more than two weeks and have seen a lot. Right now I am on my way to the Iguazu waterfalls where I plan to celebrate my birthday, it is a 19 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires and ticket is about 100 Euro. The bus is ok. I have two seats to myself and it is a semi cama, that means you can recline it further than in normal buses. They have a tv, right now there a showing this movie where George Clooney has his little team for saving some of the famous paintings.But back to Buenos Aires. All in all I was there for 5 full days, which is totally sufficient to get to know the city a little bit. Through the free walking tours I got ... read more

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Nick: As wonderfully refreshing as the near-freezing beers routinely served up in Brazil are, it is certainly not a country in which it one can easily lay hands on a good glass of wine. Consequently, after the best part of two weeks in the country we did find ourselves hankering for our preferred tipple; what good fortune, then, that we should now find ourselves in Argentina, the land of Malbec! We arrived into the country via Buenos Aires international airport late on Thursday evening. Finding a taxi service and paying our fare up front was straightforward enough, but we somehow contrived to spend a hot and bothering fifteen minutes or so locating the car and driver! In fairness, we were not helped by the frenetic nature of the airport, which was a fairly busy and cramped ... read more
Plaza de Mayo
Recoleta Cemetary
Choices, choices, choices!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 11th 2015

Mommy and I decided to go to the Eva Peron Museum in Palermo BA. There we say pictures of her family, her acting days, and when she was the First Lady of Argentina. They had lots of her shoes, accessories and dresses on display. She was a generous amazing woman.... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 10th 2015

BACK TO BA..... We certainly have done our best at exploring this fantastic city but really still so much more too see. We celebrated the kids birthday in BA starting with a double decker bus tour of the city, followed by a BOCA soccer game.. What a fun filled day!... read more
Touring BA

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