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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 25th 2013

"Wenn jemand eine Reise tut, so kann er was erzählen." Nun bin ich schon eine Weile hier, und was in der Realität gerade mal zwei Wochen neuer Eindrücke sind, fühlt sich bereits an wie eine ganze Ewigkeit. Eingelebt und wohlgefühlt habe ich mich sehr schnell, neue Erfahrungen mache ich immer noch jeden Tag. Buenos Aires: eine wunderschöne Stadt! Erst einmal ist Buenos Aires riesig. Selbst für Riesen riesig; nach São Paulo ist sie die größte Stadt Süd-Amerikas, und das will schon etwas heißen! Nebst Riesigkeit erfreut sich diese Stadt auch einer außergewöhnlichen Architektur, die daher rührt, dass die Städtler öfter mal ihre Meinung wechselten und es nun eine aufregende Mischung aus Kolonial-Architektur, nachgebautem Pariser Flair und natürlich neumodischen Bauklötzen zu sehen gibt. Man spricht hier komisches Spanisch (welches ich mir auch schon fleissig an... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 20th 2013

It´s 8am, the temperature has dropped and the landscape is now urban, we´ve arrived in Buenos Aires. We enter the bus station bleary eyed and stiff from our journey, we hail a cab and are soon on route to our hostel. The hostel offers activities every day, some you have to pay for and some are free. Today there is a free walking tour which covers the immediate area, San Telmo, and discusses the recent turbulent political history. It´s very interesting but very sad at the same time. Around 30,000 people went missing during the early 80´s and these were people perceived at the time to be political dissidents by the military dictatorship in control. These people are known as the ´disappeared´ (which means they were tortured and then killed). What we didn´t realise was this ... read more
Boca stadium
Things to do in BA at night ! eeek!
Do you like to party?

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 29th 2013

Yes, I know, it's already a year! A great and safe year spent in Buenos Aires...and actually, touring a lot around Buenos Aires too. The story didn't start last year. I had wanted for years to spend at some stage, some quality time in South America, meaning for me, something longer than a few days or a few weeks. But that was out of reach...till the day I started to spend way more time in Africa for work. I know, you may be confused by now. Put is simply, going to Africa from Bangkok, or from Buenos Aires, is exactly the same thing. So three years ago, I did set up my goals. We were going to spend a year in Argentina. For me, it would be a half-sabbatical, and probably a one-off too. I never ... read more
What a moment?
Trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier
What a honor for Leslie...el dia de la bandera...

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 28th 2013

Walked down to the Opera HOuse and did a tour. It´s a very impressive building. They renovated a few years ago and it took 4 years and 1000´s of men. They have a lot of gold leaf in one section and they could only clean 40 cms a day. Went back to the hotel and caught a taxi out to La Boca. Intrepid have created a partneship with 3 NGO´s to help spport them. The first we visited was started by a lady to help support kids and get them off the streets. They make biscuits and sell them to raise money to helpthe kids before or after school.They also provised our lunch The 3rd one was an artit who helps other artists in the area. We wondered around for a while. James bought a little ... read more
Opera house main hall

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 27th 2013

7.30 am Left the hotel for a 9.30 flight to Buenos Aires. Arrived at the hotel about 1pm. We went for a walking tour around the city. It was a good orientation to the city. Had afternon Tea at Cafe Tortoni which had a very charming atmosphere. We went to a Tango show that night. Started with a tango lesson. We were taught the very basic steps. We then went down stairs and had a meal and watched a Tango show which was excellent.... read more
BBQ meat
Bandana Ladies
San Martins Tomb.

5/6-2013: Arrived at the airport around 4 and it didnt take to long time to go through customs and everything. I took a taxi to Calle Armenia in barrio Palermo where my friend Guri lives which is an area with pubs, cafes and stores and a really beautifull area. In general after my taxi tour i was very impressed allready, a beautifull city and very nice and talkative taxi driver :) only minus was him telling me he didnt like chilean people. It was so nice to see Guri again! We stayed in her room for a while talking and then went out for some really tasty tacos at a small very cool restaurant. After that we went to the movies, we wanted to see hangover 3, but it was all sold out so we went ... read more

As our time restraints (with a flight booked out of Brazil) we had to also skim this section quite fast also. Mendoza is a wine town, with a large party scene and restaurant vibe. You don’t often sleep when it is dark, and you don’t eat before 10pm (unless you cook yourself). The best thing about Argentina, is the BBQ Culture, you can go to the local butcher and pick up huge amazing quality steaks for around $8.00 you will get nearly 1Kg, and all the hostels have BBQs you can use. We had countless nights drinking and cooking up a BBQ with the people we met at the hostels, and then before you know it its 3am and time to go across the road to a club on a weeknight – which is completely packed. ... read more

Thursday 2 May to Tuesday 7 May Checked back in at The Chill House in Buenos Aries (BA) straight from the ferry. All the previous gang had moved on - heading for pastures new with their travels or back home. So it was time to meet a new gang. On reflection it does feel strange how you develop these friendships with people so quickly, start to get a sense of community with them and then you or they leave. It's quite sad in some ways and you always wonder if you'll get on as well with the next set of people. Weirdly though, it always seems to work out and you find new friends and repeat the process all over. On the night of my return I knew Roberto, who woked at the hostel, was supposed ... read more
View down Rio de la Plata
Row Row Row Your Boat
Taxi Anyone?

We arrived in Buenos Aires (BA) less than a week after local boy Jorge Bergoglio was appointed the 266th pope, becoming Francisco I. Posters around the city streets and magazines proclaimed "Dios Eligió a un Argentino!" ("God chose an Argentinean!") In the few days since he had been appointed already street vendors were selling posters with images of the new pope. The square outside the national cathedral was decked in banners with the Argentinean colours, billboards, posters, film crews and large screens. All of this was in preparation for the Pope's opening address scheduled for that evening. With nearly 14 million people, BA is big - that's London and New Zealand's populations added together. It is set up in a huge grid pattern with various significant neighbourhoods (called "barrios") with different characters. By extreme good luck ... read more
La Boca graffiti
Pope time
La Boca

I originally planned to take the bus over the Andes from Chile to Argentina and stop in Mendoza for a few days on the way to break up the journey. However, roadworks meant that the crossing was only open at night, and so I would see nothing of the scenery, so I settled on the slightly pricier but faster option of flying direct to Buenos Aires. On arrival at the hostel, I met up with Alice, a lifelong friend from back home who was undertaking her own round the world trip in the opposite direction. It was great to see Alice and an ideal opportunity to exchange notes - she had just completed an excursion in South America, taking in attractions such as Machu Picchu and the Salt Flats of Uyuni and was heading to New ... read more
Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires
Alice tucking into her steak at La Cabrera
Colonia del Sacramento

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