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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore March 26th 2015

So it has been a long time since I have updated anything. My bad - I have been enjoying the trip to much. I am probably going to forget something that we have done so I may do another post soon. Since I last posted - we were heading south to Wentworth (super small town inland). We went there for a week to pick oranges and grapes. It was pay for what you pick ($35 per orange bin - which were huge and $0.89 per grape bucket) which we got taxed on, super annoying. We were able to cover our expenses for the week and have a little bit left over. We were going to stay another week - but on the last day of picking I did not like it. I was miserable and the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 26th 2015

Hi everyone, well we set off this morning, leaving Kiddi Packers and stopping at the truckers cafe again on route. Spoke to the same lady, who gave us the places to go too yesterday, she was pleased we went to them, had a coffee and headed to ROTORUA, alias ROTAVEGAS !! Yep, that's what it reminds us of, Heidi and Simon who we met in Dunedin said that's what it was like and they weren't wrong, just havent got the huge hotels, just a strip of motels all along and some very strange shops !! very different from where we have been previously. It is situated roughly in the middle of the North Island and has a large Maroi community, it also smells of bad eggs which of course is the Sulpher from the hot geothermals, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat March 26th 2015

Our overnight sailing back to Melbourne proved to be uneventful arriving at 6.30am in the dark.How we ever managed without GPS I don't know, navigating out of the docklands and onto the freeway would have been a nightmare without mine.We are headed for Ballarat a former gold town with a very important place in Australian history.The 1800's saw a gold rush in Ballarat and surrounds bringing in thousands of would be gold diggers from all over the world with a significant Chinese contingent.The second largest gold nugget in the world was found here. Ballarat is also where the Eureka Rebellion took place and the birthplace of our current day Democracy. An exhibition reconstructs the Eureka Stockade and tells the story behind those dark days that gave us democracy. On proud display is the original flag flown ... read more
The Begonia display

Oceania » Australia March 26th 2015

“Ow!” A locust or grasshopper had hit me in the cheek. I looked down in my lap. No sign of the presumably concussed insect, but I picked up the one working its way up my trouser-leg, squinted at its markings, and chucked it out of the Polaris’ side window. “Another leopard grasshopper,” I said confidently. Keith wriggled in acknowledgement. Locusts seemed to like crawling up his legs underneath his trousers, which wasn’t wildly helpful while he was driving. For an “arid zone research station”, Fowlers Gap was still looking remarkably lush, despite it now being two months since the downpour that had dumped more than 75% of the average annual rainfall on the property over the course of a weekend, dramatically filling and breaching dams that had been cracked mud for a couple of years and ... read more
finding shade under the steps
startling turquoise
Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island

Oceania March 25th 2015

Mittwoch, 25.03.2015 Indischer Ozean(3’217 Seemeilen, 7 Seetage) Ich möchte die Zeit während der sieben Seetage, die wir von Australien nach Afrika unterwegs sind dazu benutzen, unsere Kabinen vorzustellen und ein paar Eindrücke von unserem Leben an Bord ins Netz zu stellen. Bekanntlich haben wir seit Auckland unsere Aussenkabine mit Fenster, gegen eine mit Balkon gewechselt. Vom Grundriss her sind beide Kabinen identisch, nur haben wir nun einen kleinen Balkon, auf dem wir uns bei Bedarf zurück ziehen können. Was wir an beiden Kabinen super finden ist die Höhe der Betten. Nicht nur wegen dem bequemen Einstieg, sondern, dass man darunter alle Koffer verstauen kann. Wenn wir das vorher gewusst hätten, hätten wir wie viele andere Passagiere auch vier, anstelle nur drei Koffer mitgenommen. Die Bilder im Anhang zeigen die beiden Kabinen, sowie einige Bordeindrücke. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island March 25th 2015

Hi everyone, well it's been all waterfalls, hot thermal pools and character's today !!! Decided to drive a couple of hours to Lake Taupo along the Highway 5, inland. A local guy from Napier told us to go to some places which were free and we would see beautiful scenery, so on our way we stopped at a trucker's cafe and spoke to the lady there, she was a bit of a character, definitely into her trucks, photo's of them all over the place, said she takes photos of 'just the big one's'. Stu said there is a big one outside now, she looked outside, said, no that was small. Believe me it wasn't, it had those big 'cat' tractors on it, it was massive. Anyhow, she also told us some places to go to which ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs March 25th 2015

Finally made it to a place where there is connectivity again. So back to my last blog. After our fifth flight from Adelaide to Alice Springs, we hit the hot red center of the country. Alice Springs was settled as a telegraph relay station on the north-south overland route, when the explorers thought they had found a permanent waterhole. Unfortunately they showed up during the only rainy time of the year. They started building in February when the river Todd, named after the explorer, was running from the rains. He named the permanent settlement after his wife, but when she found out about the climate, she never visited. The original station consisted of a telegraph office, blacksmith, paddocks camels and an aboriginal school. All the buildings were made of stone so it was always better to ... read more

It is almost - or exactly, depending on which time zone you're in - two years to the day (which we've baptised, with much originality, "Tasmania Day") since Alex and I moved to his verdant, thrilling jewel of an island perched on the edge of the Southern Ocean. As always, a celebration calls for...a bushwalk with friends! This time we ventured to Southwest National Park to explore the beautiful Eliza Plateau near Mount Anne, which I visited as part of the famous Mount Anne Circuit in December 2013, an area famed for - in no particular order - its stunning views and atrocious weather which are, of course, mutually exclusive. Luck was, once again (it's going to run out soon, I know...), on our side and after a distinctly unpromising start the sun came out and ... read more
A cloud-filled Lake Pedder in the morning
Descending back to Condominium Creek
Dawn, Lake Pedder

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier March 24th 2015

Forgot to say about Cape Kidnappers, in Maori legend the Cape itself was the hook with which Maui pulled the North Island from the sea. So it got its name in 1769 from the famous explorer Captain James Cook, when local Maori attempted to kidnap a young Tahitian boy from his ship the Endeavour. Thought I would give you all some Maori legends !!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria March 24th 2015

It's now only 22 days until Mum and I leave. Our documents have just arrived and the excitement is tangible. Everything is ready to go. We feel so honoured and privileged to be making this journey to the hallowed ground of the Gallipoli Peninsula, walking in my grandfather's footsteps. Next update will be from Istanbul!... read more

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