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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Goolwa December 10th 2018

Firstly I'd like to apologise to all my followers for the tardiness of the blog for the final day, especially my Nigerian friends and the lady enquiring how long it would take to float a caravan down the Murray. All I can say is that the celebratory dinner at the Wellie Hotel was exceptional and involved Wilko singing a rousing song to the tune of Old Man River which elicited cheers and applause from the other diners (although it did get us kicked out of the hotel at 6.30), the Adelaide Test, a channel 7 weather reporter and a 3 day drinking binge which culminated in Wilko and I waking up naked in bunk beds surrounded by toys. We set out from the Wellington Hotel and headed towards Lake Alexandrina. The route is initially well marked ... read more
View from Wilko and Adam's
View from Mike, Brooksie and my accommodation
Murray Mouth prior to rescue

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle December 10th 2018

SC : I'm now on the solo leg of the trip heding out West ... Yesterday I was up and out early for my flight (flight number 8 of RTW4) from Sydney to Perth. Cathy got up early to take me to the local bus stop and from there I took public transport. I was not expecting much from my 5 hours, 4,500 km and three time zones flight to Perth in Western Australia but it turned out quite well. No issues except a particulalrly long wait for luggage. Then I drove my hire car down ot Fremantle (only 40 minutes and got settled into my decent city centre hotel around lunchtime. This left me time to explore downtown and the famous "Freo Market".... I should explain here the Aussie predilection for shortening names And words ... read more
Free beer at a launch party
Freo market
Insie the "Little Creatures" restaurant and bar

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 9th 2018

8th December No idea what time I woke up. Tea and egg sandwich for breakfast. Away from the site by 9.30 ish, set sat nav for a place called Thames, with a view of find a walk an route. Just before I got to Thames I saw a sign for Kauaeranga Valley, so ignored sat nav and followed the signs. I was also long for a cafe as I need caffeine, but I was soon out in the sticks and realized there was no chance of a cafe, all my hopes pinned on the visitor centre. No cafe at the visitor centre. Oh no! I had a look around all the maps and the walks were all pretty serious, any thing from 6 to 7 hrs to 4 or 5 days. I was seriously out of ... read more
Morning walk along gravel road

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Te Aroha December 8th 2018

7th December One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog is that I had figured out to prevent the bed from collapsing in the night, basically I have to have the back of the van a little higher than the front of the van, this means gravity forces the bed to stay on place. The pitch I have been at for the last two nights has been very slopes, which has meant that I woken up in the night and I have actually slid down the bed. Not sure what time I got up, the kitchen was very crowded so settled for tea, toast and cereal outside, for once it was not raining. Headed back to van with a cuppa to figure out what I was going to do for the rest of the day. ... read more
Community Garden
Anyone for turkey?
Wereair Falls

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 7th 2018

Tasmania 21 November - 7 December 2018 The excitement of the seahorses had hardly subsided before we were on the road again heading for Narawntapu, a National Park on the north coast just west of the Tamar Valley. Not really sure what to expect we were enticed there by it's description of itself as 'the Serengeti of Tasmania'. Rather an ambitious claim! When we arrived we met a couple in the car park who were experiencing a problem with their solar panel. It did not seem to be sending a charge to the battery. Jim had a look but I don't think there was anything they could do about it other than hope it was charging but not showing on the gauge. They asked us if we were going to stay overnight which was our plan ... read more
Narawntapu National Park at dusk
First venomous Copperhead snake
Second one squirmed across path

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty December 7th 2018

15 to 18 November Time is running out for Jenny’s Visit and we are grateful to Maree and Paul, who we met in Cambodia last year, for entertaining us and showing us the delights of Whakatane and Bay of Plentry. Breakfasting on poached eggs fresh from their chooks we set off with Maree and explored the town and harbour of Whakatane ( for those who aren't in the know a WH is pronounced like FF) ...the sun was shining as we whizzed around visiting Ohope, Opoktiki with their delightful small museums and a newly built Maori community centre. And all the time stunning scenery , coastline , spits, beaches hills and mountains . Don’t we just love all the place names and trying to pronounce them !! Lots of places begin with Wai which means water ... read more
Mount Maunganui
Powhutakawa tree
Who left that boat there ?

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island December 7th 2018

6th December I got up latish and snoozed with van door open, listening the birds. I decided I was staying another night I decided as I no particular place to go. I eventually ventured into the kitchen, the Americans were still there! To be fair they were less obnoxious now that they were not drinking wine. I showered, dressed and walked over to reception to pay for another night. Most campsites I have been too have a book exchange, so I asked whether they had one, as I am almost finished that damned book. No book exchange in the campsite but there is one I Cambridge town centre in an old red telephone box. There it is I have a plan for later, to walk into town. I got back to my van, and did a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island December 6th 2018

5th December. Woke up to the sound of traffic instead of the sky d of the sea. This campground was pretty much in the middle of the city. As there was no waves or view to distract me I was away fairly quickly, not before deciding on a campsite for tonight, tonight I will be staying in Cambridge. I left the campground at 8.45ish straight into rush our traffic. I was headed to Sanctuary Mountain as planned, I got there just before 10. I looked at the map in the visitor centre and I planned the 90 minute walk. I spoke to the girl on the counter who told me the paths were well defined and no steep slopes. I had a hot chocolate and biscuit before I set off. Typical, it started raining. I swapped ... read more
View from the top
Lunchtime view

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales December 6th 2018

Another early start. As I was wandering around town looking for coffee I had a chat to one of the locals with a huge friendly dog. He’d retired in Morgan and why wouldn’t you! He directed me to the Road House. The roadhouse was manned by a sullen red headed 16 year old who was enjoying every moment of the job. I was having trouble looking over the counter but I’m pretty sure black tights were involved. There were numerous small children in school uniform running around. Now it seemed unlikely that she was the mother but you never know in regional SA. Because I was a tourist and carrying 3 coffees she made sure they were so hot it was almost impossible to carry them. Back at the caravan park great progress had been made. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton December 5th 2018

Après une autre courte nuit, nous avons pris un Uber jusqu’à la gare routière de Christchurch, où nous sommes montés dans le bus Intercity en direction de Picton. Le voyage a duré environ 6 heures, avec des paysages très pittoresques, des monts et des vallées et des dizaines de nuances de vert. Nous avons aussi conduit près de la côte où nous avons pu apercevoir des dizaines de phoques ! Une fois arrivés à Picton, nous avons mangé un fish & chips pas super (surtout que Shaun s’y connaît !). Notre auberge de jeunesse, Atlantis, est assez unique - chaque surface est peinte avec des scènes marines (incluant les toilettes et la cuisine). Nous nous sommes reposés un peu avant d’aller acheter de quoi faire à manger pour le dîner. Après le dîner, la propriétaire de ... read more
Queen Charlotte sound
Juvenile blue penguin

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