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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 28th 2022

Wednesday: Geoff Udy arrived last night into Glen Innes having ridden from Toowoomba to join us. Unfortunately his wallet had fallen out of his open pocket on the way. This morning Geoff and Bryan embarked on a needle in a haystack ride to Tenterfield to try & find the wallet while Keith, Brenton & I went 40kms up the New England Highway to Deepwater for coffee & gas to wait for them to complete their search Geoff & Bryan were unsuccessful in their wallet search and soon returned to meet us. We then retraced our route 17kms to Dundee (NSW not Scotland) & turned East into Bald knob Road which led to The Old Grafton Rd. This had around 100kms of everything an adventure rider could wish for. Fords, mud, slippery seal & gravel, fantastic scenery ... read more
Geoff Party Trick
Mike in the tunnel again.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 25th 2022

Monday: Left Tambo early after a café breakfast. Heading South East on a single lane sealed road our route took us off this after 5kms and onto an even narrower sealed road for a further 10kms before we were soon onto a gravel “road”. The road, as usual varied from hard-packed to slippery from all the rain. Red dirt/clay seems the worst when wet & is like riding on ice. Some pretty long straights on this road. We continued on this route seeing some interesting wildlife. Two flocks of Emus (or maybe Cassowaries) which generally run alongside the road & away from the noise of the bikes. Plenty of brightly coloured birds (Pink & Grey) not sure if they are Rosellas or Cockatoos. Once again plenty of Kangaroos ready to play chicken, but as long as ... read more
Keith & Mick Dundee (Keith on right)
Slippery Trail

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 24th 2022

The travel time to Chambers was only about 30 minutes- fantastic- and we arrived to this amazing retreat amidst the rainforest. We were really excited to come here, as it was said to be a Mecca for some amazing birds and especially mammals. It was fabulous. Similar to OReillys rainforest retreats, the lodges were set above ground so you are at mid-canopy height, making it perfect for the birds to visit the balcony in the morning. Apart from the fabulous rooms, it had a semi-heated pool undercover but open to view the forest whilst enjoying a swim, a guest lounge with a billiard table (where we could hone our very limited skills!) ,and best of all, it had a viewing platform where each night striped possums and sugar gliders would come to lap up the juicy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania May 22nd 2022

A trip to Tasmania with Peta and Paul. Flew into Launceston, then to Beauty Point, Bicheno, Mount Field National Park and Hobart. A good time had by all. The weather was kind - but cold, not freezing. Some rain at night.... read more
Moore's Hill Winery Lunch
Beauty Point B & B Cottages - The View
Beauty Point B&B Cottages - the House

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 22nd 2022

Sunday We left Longreach & split into 2 groups. Keith & Bryan definitely didn't want to do recently flooded tracks (we had heard some stories & were a bit apprehensive as well) also needed to be in Melbourne by 29th. Ian, Brenton & I wanted to give some of the back roads a go & also decided to go South to Barrington Tops then back North to Brisbane & fly home from there. Vague plan is to do Tasmania next, so Ian & I will probably have another ride Brisbane to Melbourne before that happens. 54kms out of Longreach on a single track sealed road we turned off onto a back country gravel/dirt road that soon became more like a farm track. Lots of water damage everywhere, not only on the track but still large flooded ... read more
Main Street Isisford
Clancy's Overflow Hotel
On the trail

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 20th 2022

Crocodile Dundee. Thursday: Back to Bikes & Riders after a night sleeping in the camp-ground. Sleeping under a piece of plastic a very rare if ever, previous experience for me. At the bike shop we fitted lowering links to my new bike, due to me being vertically challenged & nearly unable to reach the ground. Out of Mt Isa by around 10am on sealed roads heading East for Mckinlay. We stopped for lunch at the Mckinlay Walkabout Hotel (they were out of food as they had just catered for a Tour.) The hotel was used in the Crocodile Dundee movie if you recall the bar scenes where Mick, Sue & Walter hung out. The bar is more like being on a film set, rather than a bar. Full of memorabilia, photos etc.etc. Quite interesting but a ... read more
Walkabout 2
Walkabout Bar
Walkabout Hotel

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 17th 2022

Friday Left Halls Creek & we were soon on a rough winding gravel road, heading East, which soon changed to a better road & then equally quickly bad corrugations..bad enough to loosen your fillings. Riding on the very edge of the road seemed smoother but this had it's own challenges as suddenly it could turn into soft sand or a large pothole. Keeps you on your toes! After a while we experienced smooth long straights but even these were variable with the odd rough patch. Around 11am we stopped under a Coolibah ? tree to eat our service station sandwichs & take a break. Shortly after getting going again,we met 2 graders so the road improved where they had been working.100kms later, I experienced a rear puncture on my bike. Taking the wheel out we found ... read more
Puncture work
Road Train
Simply Red

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia May 12th 2022

Wednesday Kunnunara to Bungle Bungles was a short day, only 250kms on seal. We stopped at Warnum Roadhouse for gas as no fuel now until reached Halls Creek & we were going to do 250kms in the park. The correct name for the park is Purnululu but through a "lost in translation" moment became the Bungle Bungles when a white explorer asked an Indigenous guide what the area was called & the guide thought he was asking about the grass in the park which is called Bungle bungle in the local dialect. The Kimberly's which is comprised of a few different ranges, and mainly soft sandstone has spent millions of years being eroded by wind & water & has created an unusual landscape.Huge boulders are scattered across the landscape some large on top of larger & ... read more
Echidna Chasm
Echidna Chasm 1
The Cathedral

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 11th 2022

Well, Hello Again. After about 5 months of no blog I feel it is time to outline some big changes in our life. There have been some exciting happenings over the last half year. But at the present time the most exciting news is that we are going to leave NZ for a few weeks to travel to Norway once again, to see our family after not being able to travel since October 2019 due to Govid. So excited to be able to catch up with Chris, Hege, Lilly and Stella in person, rather than relying on Snap Chats, Skype etc. To be able to physically hug everyone will be amazing. To be able to see how much the girls have grown since our last visit, to watch their sport, to walk in the hills, and ... read more
Exercising the Horses.
Orcas In the Inlet.
Our New House In Taupo.

Oceania » Australia May 11th 2022

Wed 27th we left the mountain river cabin in Eungella to head for Townsville. We suspected a very wet campo so again a park was in order. To our pleasure, and amazement, once down the mountain, the weather cleared and we had blue skies. There was even some warmth in the sunshine. We thought that if the weather held up and we could find a stop along the way, perhaps we could open up the campo and let things dry out a little. We were in ĺuck! Chris pulled over off the highway and onto a side road where we saw a large bus shelter parking area. It was just after lunch and the sun was so warm so we thought, this would be a perfect spot. We opened up the campo and sure enough the ... read more

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