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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central March 12th 2019

Hi everyone Well, I have 3 weeks to go before I set off on my first solo MLCOE (Mid Life Crisis Overseas Experience). Checklist nearly complete: Backback - tick (my first ever backpack and my first backpacking experience...ever...) Boots and sandals - tick Ugly hiking pants and shirt - tick Medicine - tick...last rabies shot this week get the idea. Lots of stuff and I haven't tried packing it all in the backback yet. Many of you are a little worried about how I'll manage and some of you have concern for my safety. I get that and I share your concerns! I probably won't be on the phone much so, here's my blog page to keep you up-to-date with my travels, and a place where you can see (most of) what I'm up to...but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Port Fairy March 11th 2019

Today I left the Great Ocean Road after ten days. I intentionally took my time and got a great sense of that part of the country, As I left the area I revisited both the Bay of Martyrs and Bay of Islands as their magnificent scenery deserved another look. This was quite the contrast to my next stop - Tower Hill Reserve, with Tower Hill being a dormant volcano showing signs of previous volcanic activity. While there I completed two walks, the two km Journey to the Last Volcano Loop and the shorter Lava Tongue Boardwalk. Unfortunately both were underwhelming. Few signs of significant activity. You could see a small crater and walk around the rim. It looked like a paved circular parking lot. The Lava Tongue Walk as well had a few volcanic rocks on ... read more
Bay of Martyrs
Bay of Martyrs
Bay of Islands

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Hurstville March 11th 2019

Dear friends Well here we go again. In exactly six months from right this minute, Noel and I will be on board the Norwegian Pearl in Venice harbour waiting to sail for our 11 night cruise to Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Greek Islands and Italy. Our cruise will be followed by 4 weeks of road tripping through Italy, Switzerland, Munich for Oktoberfest Ja!! Ja!!, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Noel will be driving a manual car, on the wrong side of the road to what he's used to, with a banged up hand that hasn't mended since his cricket accident 5 months ago and needs yet more surgery!!! It should be a HOOT and I should have LOTS of funny stories to share, together with beautiful pictures that will make you jealous. So if you are happy to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Port Campbell March 10th 2019

Had a relatively quiet day today. On my initial drive to Port Campbell I missed Wreck Beach (no signage) so today, with the help of Google Maps, I retraced my steps about 40 km so I could visit it. The access road was long, narrow and gravel so not a fun drive. At the trailhead the sign said "Wreck Beach 350 meters". Not bad, except it was down a steep steep hill with steps. The beach itself was small, quite rugged and it was not hard to believe there were shipwrecks in the area. Although at low tide you could see parts of the shipwrecks, the sites were a km away and I did not chance the trip along the beach not knowing the tides. Anyway I did visit Wreck Beach. I must say the trip ... read more
Wreck Beach
Wreck Beach
Wreck Beach

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 10th 2019

Off to Fiji the magical islands where the sun shines and everyone is happy. We arrived early evening and were picked up by our Airbnb host in Nadi before we headed out to see some local dancing - unfortunately it absolutely poured down as we drove across and as it was outside it was called off. No matter our host Evelyn took us to the marina where we listened to a local band playing soft rock and ate dinner at TGI’s - not quite what we were expecting but it did the job for the evening. Next morning the sun was shining and off we went by ferry to Yasawa islands and Naqalia lodge. After dropping us at the ferry Evelyn confirmed that it wouldn’t rain on the islands! The ferry crossing was fine and after ... read more
Boat transfer to wayaseya
Natalia lodge
the pinnacle for the sunset walk

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Port Campbell March 9th 2019

On Day 10 I left Apollo Bay for Port Campbell to see the iconic Twelve Apostles rock formations. First stop, however, was another short hike through a rain forest at Melba Gully. The Madsen Track is about two km long and takes about 40 min. A lovely trek through the rain forest. The first stop in Port Campbell National Park was to tackle Gibson Steps. 89 steps takes you down to the beach where you can view the rock stacks of Gog and Magog. It was fun walking next to these mammoth structures with the waves rushing in. Then came the Twelve Apostles; the iconic rock formations associated with the Great Ocean Road. These are what you see on all the postcards of the area. Although there are now only seven rock stacks, they are observable ... read more
Melby Gully
Melby Gully
Melba Gully

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 9th 2019

Rotorua Thursday /Friday 7th 8th March This is the centre of the geothermal area and after yesterday's trip to Orakei Korako, today we went to Wai-O-Tapu. There is a geyser, Lady Knox geyser, and a member of staff pours some soap into the geyser, which is a surfacterant that makes the geyser shoot up in a cloud of steam and soapsuds. Apparently it was discovered at the beginning of the last century when prisoners were clearing the land for tree cultivation, found a hot spring that they used to wash in, and one of the prisoners dropped his soap in the spring. After a few minutes the hot water shot up in a fountain scattering naked prisoners in every direction. They are terraces covered in silica, and various colours from different minerals underground. There is a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 9th 2019

Day 1 (2/3/2019) Departed home at 7:30AM. Found traffic quite busy for that early on a Saturday. Not happy to be leaving a day later than expected, but when you only get the caravan back at 4:05PM the previous day, there is not much you can do about it. At least all the main things were taken care of (we hope!) & we have a hassle free trip. After being badly buffeted by fierce side winds from the North, we stopped at Ballarat at 10:20AM for a cuppa & a brief rest. I had forgotten how the bum cheeks nod off driving & a leg stretch always stops any cramping up. Back on the road at 10:50AM, the drive was largely uneventful with little traffic except for one moron who decided he wanted to overtake me ... read more
Greenhill 02
Greenhill 03
MB 01

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Port Campbell March 9th 2019

After visiting the Twelve Apostles, it was time to visit the lesser visited areas of Port Campbell National Park. These included numerous unique rock formations within the park such as The Arch, London Bridge and The Grotto. All are unique in nature and worthy of a visit. They lie just west of the Twelve Apostles. Further west yet is the Bay of Islands Coastal Park. This is an area of numerous bays, coves and beaches the majority of which also have the rock formations and sea stacks of the area. In my view these are more impressive than the "touristy" Twelve Apostles, with fewer people visiting. I covered the area in detail visiting Wild Dog Cove, Halladale Point, Bay of Martyrs, Massacre Bay, Croft Bay and the Bay of islands. All of these areas have the ... read more
The Arch
London Bridge
Beach adjacent to London Bridge

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waikato March 8th 2019

Ich mache diese Reise, um zu erkennen was ich (jetzt) schon bin Heya Ihr Lieben – es hat ein bissl gedauert aber nun ist es endlich soweit. Es gibt wieder etwas zu lesen für Euch und ich hoffe es geht Euch gut und es ist alles in Ordnung oder zumindest so, dass es sich gut damit leben lässt. Ansonsten schicke ich Euch mal eine extra Portion positive New Zealand Power. Das hilft immer – glaubt mir ich weiß genau wovon ich spreche. Zwar läuft auch hier manchmal etwas aus dem Ruder, aber das ist eben Leben, dass heißt eben Leben. Wie mit diesen Herzschlaggeräten im Krankenhaus…, wenn die Linie auf einem Level bleibt ist man einfach nur tot und wenn man lebt dann schlägt das Ding mehr oder weniger regelmäßig aus. Es sind Höhen und Tiefen ... read more
Der Krankenhausflur in Thames
Medizinisches Werkzeug für die Augen
Das berühmte Talisman Café

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