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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri March 19th 2019

Day 13 (14/3/2019) Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was something of a luxury, but after 4 hard days on the road it was well needed. Arranged for the caravan antenna to be looked at tomorrow, meaning we will stay in Geraldton a bit longer, but switching to another caravan park afterwards as we need to take the caravan to them. Purchased some food for the extra few days & the week or so ahead as shops will be rare after we leave Geraldton. After dropping our shopping off at the van, we walked down to the Fishermans Wharf, enjoying some Snapper & chips for lunch at Barnacles on the Wharf. What can I say but YUM! Beautiful flavour & texture; it was some of the best fish I have ever had. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula » Cape Schank March 19th 2019

On day 21 I visited Cape Schanck Lighthouse. There was a short but lovely loop trail there that took you to a numb er of observation points. The trail also brought you to Pebble Beach (aptly named) where I walked along the beach for a while. Next on my agenda was the Bushrangers Track - a tough hike of km in total. Up and down, with plenty of steep portions. I beachcombed in Bushrangers Bay for a while then started the trip back. Most of my walks to date have been shorter as I felt this one after it was done. After a rest, I decided to take a drive and visit a few of the major beaches in the area. These included Gunnamatta Beach and St Andrews Beach. The former is a popular surf beach ... read more
Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Oceania » New Zealand March 19th 2019

A tak jsem se k tomu dostala.. ke psani mych zazitku z cest. Po vice nez dvou letech venku, at v praci nebo na cestach, kdyz po nekolikate vypravite ty stejne pribehy, ty stejne zazitky spouste lidem, jsem se rozhodla, ze psat me zazitky prubezne, bude asi jednodušší. Teda to se vlastně pozná časem.. treba ode me uslyšíte jen parkrat..Ale ja se budu snazit 😊 A tak Vas zdravim z Noveho Zelandu. Z tiche male plaze, kde budeme kempit druhou noc protoze dneska se nam nikde presouvat nechtelo. Je lehce pod mrakem, obcas kolem projede auto a ja si pripadam desne cool jak tu sedim na zidlicce venku s laptopem :-D Je to dva a pul tydne co jsme prijeli na Zeland. Tedy.. tri a pul tydne.. dva a pul tydne to bylo , kdyz jsem ... read more
Doha, hlavni mesto Kataru
Auckland, NZ

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula March 18th 2019

Day 20 was a great day. Two fabulous walks - Farnsworth Track and CoppinsTrack; the former in Portsea, the latter near Sorrento. Both were relatively short, provided wonderful views of the beach and the scenic overlooks of the area. Interestingly, there was beach access from both. In fact, in the Farnsworth Track, you did a short coastal portion then returned via the beach. Both provided access to several interesting rock formations - London Bridge and the Sphinx. Of course, I took advantage of this access and explored both fully. Just love the volcanic rock littering the beaches. In all I spent three to four hours doing the walks and just roaming around these areas. Last stop was Rye Ocean Beach - a surf beach on the Bass Strait. Another good day littered with views of beaches, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Queenscliff March 17th 2019

The main thing today was to take the ferry to the Mornington Peninsula. I arrived at Queenscliff where the ferry leaves every hour on the hour to Sorrento. I arrived early thinking I would take the 2PM ferry which would give me some time to look around. I saw a little of Queenscliff, visited the lighthouse, and saw one or two of the local beaches. My main activity, however, was a walk from Springs Beach to the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. There was a lovely combined walk/bike path along the coast from Queenscliff to Point Lonsdale. Once I approached the point, fortunately the tide was low which allowed me to scramble around the point and complete the walk along the beach. There were lots of unique volcanic rock formations and structures to keep me amused so all ... read more
Queenscliff Lighthouse
Beach at Queenscliff

Oceania » New Zealand March 17th 2019

Well, here we are on the road again, this time for a brief visit ‘across the ditch’. The genesis for this trip was a light-hearted comment made a couple of years ago by Joan’s sister and her husband (Highlanders rugby supporters) that sometime when the Hurricanes (who I support) are playing the Highlanders in Wellington, we should all go across and watch the match and then do a brief tour around. Now, dear reader, if you think that an account of ten days travels by four old farts is going to be riveting reading, you’d better switch off right now - about the biggest excitement we could hope for was having none of our carefully prepared travel plans screw up on us (more on that later)! To be honest, I write these blogs for my own ... read more
Splendid isolated living in Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough
Boulder Bank sheltering Nelson Harbour
Enjoying a Wine Lunch at Twelve Trees

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong March 16th 2019

Left Halls Gap today and drove to Geelong. I had to see those bollards that Geelong is so famous for. Probably the attraction of the area. The Bay Walk Bollards is a trail through the waterfront from Eastern to Western Beach. Basically these bollards are a pieces of wood sculpted by artist Jan Mitchell. She chose figures of the area that provide a context and representation of life around Geelong historically. In total there are more than 100 figures you can see as you walk the Bay Walk Bollards. Interestingly, the sculptures are made from reclaimed timber pylons and transformed into works of art. All sites are numbered and each bollard display has a name - Portugese Sailor, Nurse, Fireman, Tram Conductress etc. I spent over two hours today trying to find as many as I ... read more
Eastern Beach Lifesavers
Eastern Beach Lifesavers
DSCF9625 (2)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Grampians March 15th 2019

I left the coast of Australia and am heading inland to do some hiking at The Grampians. I arrived in Halls Gap just after lunch and got a few maps and ideas from the staff at the visitor centre. I immediately tackled the short (2 km) Fyans Creek Loop. A non-descript walk through the forest/scrubland surrounding the visitor centre. A short stroll of about 30 minutes. In the town of Halls Gap there is the Venus Bath Loop. Still short (2.3 km loop), it was more interesting as you hike up a ravine with towering sandstone cliffs and boulders on either side to a number of rockpools. A great place to soak your feet an a hot day. That was day one in the Grampians. A relatively slow and easy day. At least I am entitled ... read more
Entering the Grampians
The Grampians
Fyans Creek Loop trail

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton March 14th 2019

Day 8 (9/3/2019) Up early to get some washing done. Around lunch time headed out to Hollywood Plaza in Salisbury to pick up the last of what we need for the next 4 days. Was about to reverse into a car park when a woman reversed out into us without looking. Exchanged details as while our damage is a scratch & a dent in the aluminium bull bar, it hit around the sensors & indicators. Returned to get the van ready for the journey ahead over the next few days & re-prep everything. Headed out for dinner with our lovely nieces Danielle & Rebekah at the Avoca Hotel before getting as much sleep as possible. Day 9 (10/3/2019) Departed Adelaide at 5:25AM. Stopped for breakfast & a cuppa at Pt Wakefield at 6:30AM, before continuing on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Cape Bridgewater March 13th 2019

Day 15 is the mid-point of my trip. Had a great day today. I visited Cape Bridgewater from Cape Nelson which is about 30 km away. The major highlight was to visit the Petrified Forest there. Upon arrival they made it clear what I was seeing was not petrified trees but the shapes of rocks eroding over time - very interesting colours, all shapes and sizes. It kind of looked like what you would see stepping on the moon. Actually, it reminded me a little of the rocks around the Tablelands in Newfoundland Canada. An interesting visit. Nearby was the Blowhole, a hole or cave in the rocks that made sounds as the ocean waves rushed in. Although the sea was angry this day no sounds to be heard. Nearby was Tarragal Cave, an interesting cave ... read more
Bridgewater Bay Beach
Petrified Forest
Petrified Forest

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