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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island March 1st 2015

We had quite a long drive yesterday before we arrived at our wonderful campsite right on the beach at a tiny place called Clifton ( just 10 miles south of the famous art deco town, Napier). On the journey yesterday we stopped at a very interesting wildlife park which has the only white Kiwi in the world! (they are normally brown in case you didn't know!). We also saw Kiwi chicks and a range of wonderful rare birds. We were relieved to get to the campsite which is just stunning, literally 5 metres from the beach! We have decided to stay for 2 nights so we can chill and visit Napier. The photo really does show a white Kiwi , it just looks red as it is nocturnal and had an infer red light so visitors ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 1st 2015

after a 10 day stay in North Shore, Auckland we picked up our crazy little campervan and headed to Northland and the beautiful bay of Paihia. From our campsite base we spent Saturday up at Cape Reinga - see separate posting about that. On Sunday we took the ferry to the quaint little town of Russell and saw Neil Oliver filming for an episode of Coast. We even ate in the same place for lunch but thankfully he didn't pester us while we were eating! Lesley had green lipped muscles! Yes, they have green rims on their shells and the wobbly bit in the mid flexible, whatever it is called, was huge. I stuck to simple 'man food' an Angus beef & chorizo burger with beer battered chips 😊 ... read more
Russell to Paihia ferry quay
Russell bay

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour March 1st 2015

Spent the morning packing and preparing to move onto Melbourne. Went out to grab some lunch, visited China town and Paddies Market before settling on the quayside to watch the finals of the dragon boat racing. Back to the apartment to change then out to meet relatives. Great evening.... read more

The Fleurieu Peninsular played a very important role in the development not only of South Australia, but also Victoria and NSW, and to some extent the south west of Queensland. The Peninsular, and specifically from Cape Jervis through to Goolwa was close to very fertile and productive agricultural land. So there was much produce grown here requiring shipment. In the 1850's, the roads we enjoy today didn't exist or were slow rough bullock tracks. So things were initially moved by small steam ships around the coast. Goolwa was a very important port during that era. There was always people and produce and supplies being moved through Goolwa, across Lake Alexandrina and up the Murray Darling River system. The Murray was the life blood of western NSW and Victoria, not only as a water source, but the ... read more
No fluke that the water fountains out
Entrance to Port Elliott
The tram car

Our journey continued due south to the Australian Capital Territory and into the capital city of Australia - Canberra. Our first impression was of a quiet city with wide open boulevards lined by large Eucalypt trees, low buildings and the feeling of space. We found our hotel, with the help of Sheila, which was situated on capital hill and were pleasantly surprised that it had been recently refurbished. As it was a Sunday we had a drive around the city, enjoying the lack of traffic. We visited the National War Museum which was extensive. There were many exhibits, maps plans, photographs etc presented in a way which explained all the conflicts that Australian troops had taken part in. The Australians appear to honour their war dead in a big way. Next day, although hot and sunny, ... read more
Along Anzac Parade from the National War Memorial to Capital Hill
View across Lake Burley Griffin to Capital Hill
Australian Emblemb on Parliment House

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 1st 2015

Day 7 – 27/2/2015 Spent the evening with relatives Aunty Maureen &Uncle Bill, cousins Leanne & Simon plus Tania & Wayne along with their children. Day 8 – 28/2/2015 Spent most of the day with my wonderful nieces Beck & Danielle, along with Beck’s children Mia & Noah. Great times! Day 9 – 1/3/2015 Repacking the van in preparation for tomorrow’s trek to Pt Lincoln. All hooked up & ready to go at some ungodly hour to avoid all the whackos on the road!... read more

Oceania » Australia March 1st 2015

Hi Everyone, Getting ready to take the big trip, the number one item on my bucket list. Keep an eye out for my posts, plan to keep you all up to date. Wish I could take every one of you, but suitcase is not big enough. Figure I am capable enough to take on whatever Australia and New Zealand plan to throw at me. So until next time, G'day mates!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Wynyard March 1st 2015

FACES OF TASMANIA...Brushes with Fame and a Kentish or two. When I was 12 I played in the New South Wales Public Schools Tennis Challenge at White City. In the front foyer I see a dark skinned man in white tennis gear sitting on a leather lounge. I ask him if he is Arthur Ashe. He says "yes" so I score his autograph. I turn to the man sitting with him. "Excuse me sir. What is your name?" "Clark Graebner". I think I grunted thanks and moved away as I had not heard of this USA tennis star. I head upstairs to change for my match. Two men walking from the showers with towels around them. Stopping me in my young jaw dropping. It's Rod Laver and Lew Hoad. Smiling at me...I have my chance. ... read more

What sounds like a national park in honour of New Zealand's famous lamington desert (a sponge cake covered with chocolate and coconut sprinkles, in Australia often served with lemon) is in fact named after a governor of Queensland. So without knowing what I was booking when I agreed to join one of Lucy Boot's trips ( for the next day, I ended up to discover some wonderful fauna&flora of Australia's nature (view the pictures!). Lucy offers customized bushwalks, so typically you are in smaller groups and get to experience the things you want really to. She also shared a lot of her knowledge on Bushfood with us (an English couple and I). First we passed some Alpaca (!) farm with giftshop before we arrived at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat named after an Australian bushman who rescued two ... read more
King Parrots
Strangler Fig

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wairarapa February 28th 2015

Well today we have been on a walking tour around the city of Wellington and our guide was actually a Glaswegian! She has lived in NZ for over 40 years but has still kept her accent and was a bit of a feminist to say the least! Very knowledgable and very fast paced. We nearly ran round the city but it was very informative and interesting. Saw all the government buildings, theatres, harbour and lots about the history etc. New Zealand is such a new country that none of the buildings really date back much before the 1890's but there are some really beautiful ones's although a lot of them are closed now due to earthquake damage from the Christchurch earthquake and they have to go to the expense of making all the old building earthquake ... read more
Wellington harbour
At the cricket, before the match!
No mistaking his team

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