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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 15th 2019

Spent yesterday snorkelling, on the way back to town found the emu with chicks wandering a few metres just off the road. I think that on the scale of Australian intelligence these are really close to the bottom of the list. Today Yardie Creek area, walk around the rocks and canyon and then took a boat ride. Osprey nests and birds, wallabies sunning themselves on the sunny rocks. Driving back to town had to stop suddenly for an echidna crossing the road. Very endearing but I wasn't sure if I wanted to get tail ended for it. luckily everything worked out ok and all the other tourists stopped to watch as it buried itself on safer ground. Just in case that wasn't enough road stories for the day we also saw a mangy looking dingo walking ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 15th 2019

We had three great days in Canberra with Melissa, James and the boys. On the Monday Fletcher and I spent the whole day in the house. We had been travelling for so many days that we were a little burnt out so we enjoyed chatting to Seb and Jude, listening to Zac's cello practising and playing on our computers. That night, James and Seb cooked some red curry chicken which was delicious. Then Seb proposed that he and us took on the other four in a game of Codewords. This is a lot of fun and makes you think. In the end we were victorious after several turns and more wins than losses. Good fun. On Tuesday, Seb and Zac accompanied us as we drove over the lake to Manuka to visit our favourite book shop ... read more
Kingston foreshore
Looking at the Kingston Marina
Melissa and me at the restaurant

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Manawatu July 14th 2019

How did I not know this amazing museum existed? I accidentally came across it while passing through Feilding and decided I needed to check it out. It is huge. HUGE. It is set up to show what early rural life was like in NZ and the vehicles and machinery that helped make NZ what it is today. I never knew there were so many types of horse-drawn carriages. And don't start me on how many John Deere tractors they have there! I was really impressed by how friendly, helpful and informative the volunteers were and how clean everything was. The way there were seats near some of the displays also impressed me as anyone elderly or unwell would be very glad to be able to make use of them. Yes, the building is that big! My ... read more
Realistic figures
A huge museum
1 of many horses

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taranaki July 14th 2019

If you are travelling along the Surf Highway or doing the round the mountain trip, take a short trip to see the Cape Egmont Lighthouse. This part of the coast has had many shipwrecks occur along it and you will quickly see why a lighthouse was needed there. Naturally I arrived on a wet and blustery Taranaki day which meant I wasn't wasting any time outside the car. But it is worth the quick side-trip just to grab some photos. Just keep an eye open for the road you need to turn down as I have managed to drive right past it every time. If this sounds stupid, you need to realise there is often no cellphone coverage along this part of the coast so your maps on your phone are not going to be of ... read more
Cape Egmont Lighthouse (2)
Cape Egmont Lighthouse (3)

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wanganui July 14th 2019

If you are travelling between Wanganui and Palmerston North and want to see something unusual, take a short side trip to the settlement of Ratana. And make sure you have your camera charged as the Ratana Church is stunning. You can take photos from outside the fence but please read the sign at the entrance and follow the rules. The Wikipedia link below will provide you with the history of the Church and the settlement. It is worth the short drive and there is a dairy there so you can grab a snack.ātana_pā... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island July 14th 2019

Ormondville: a small settlement which has plenty to offer keen photographers, railway enthusiasts and genealogists who have links to this area as I do. It is just over 20km from Dannevirke and is a place I believe is worth making the drive from the main highway to see. Don't expect to find bakeries, public toilets or a petrol station. But do expect to see some unusual sights. Ormondville is most famous for its railway station and the effort that has gone into preserving it. There are some great bits and pieces there to photograph. It is definitely worth stopping at the nearby cemetery and having a stroll amongst the graves. The link will tell you the story of one of the headstones. I found this headstone and didn't know anything about the murders unti ... read more
Ormondville Station
Ormondville Station
Ormondville Station

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 13th 2019

Two days of high activity. drove to Coral Bay for the manta tour (see photos) saw dolphins, whales, dugongs, swum with mantas, turtles rays etc. By the end of the day we were running out of things to tick off. Friday whale sharking...Even watching a humpback displaying, flapping its flukes about etc ended up being anti-climatic compared with swimming alongside a whale shark. Saturday will definitely be a 'down day'... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 13th 2019

With an overcast sky and temperature around 14oC it was a good morning to go for a wander along the Esperance foreshore. They have certainly spent a good deal of money along the Esplanade with beautiful parkland areas, meandering walkways and boardwalks, play areas and a skateboard park for younger folk. The public amenities block is framed with large photographic murals of a much younger Esperance and there is a nod to the days of whaling with a giant whale tail leading the way to a stone wall jetty at the end of which you can sit and gaze over Esperance Bay out to the archipelago. There is a huge wharf facility at the far end of the town accommodating both rail and road distribution of grain. Its port at 14.9m is the deepest on the ... read more
71307.2 across to Grain silos
71307.4 whale tail
71307.5 James Street stone jetty

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 13th 2019

Uluru to Mataranka Although we were sad to leave the beautiful views of Uluru, we continued on to Kings Canyon where we climbed hundreds of steps to give us a great view from the rim of the canyon - the walk was about 6.5km, Isabelle and Lucy walked the whole way which was another great effort, while Juliet hitched her usual ride on Sheree's back in the carrier. The flies have been bad for this time of year, so we have needed to use fly nets over our hats to keep them away. We enjoyed another night of toasting marshmallows on the fire at a free camp near the Red Centre sign on Luritja Rd. The following morning we stopped at Erlunda Roadhouse where we came across an Emu Farm. As the girls fed a ... read more
Kings Canyon
Toasting marshmallows
Kings Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 12th 2019

eIt wasn’t a very long drive from Salmon Gums to Esperance on Thursday and after arriving at the coastal town late morning we were able to check into the Seashore Caravan Park without any bother. Today (Friday) we took a drive 45km out of Esperance to Cape Le Grande National Park – more rugged granite peaks – and were awestruck at the beauty of the bays that lay before us. The first was Thistle Cove and Whispering Rocks. The power of the waves was astounding; dancing and boiling all at the same time before washing over the rocks with tremendous force. The extremely fine quartz sand was packed firmly beneath our feet, a stark white in colour with swathes of brown from where seaweed has leached out. A short distance away was Lucky Bay with its ... read more
71207.2 rock formation at Thistle Cove
71207.3 Whistling Rocks
71207.4 Whistling Rocks

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