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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 6th 2015

Wifi has been hard to get the past few days, so I'm a bit behind on posting. We spent Wednesday and Thursday making our way slowly from Te Anau (Doubtful Sound) to Dunedin. The distance isn't long, but there are many places to explore in between. The area we explored is called, "The Catlins", and is an area of New Zealand where rolling farmland meets the Southern Ocean. I wasn't originally planning to include this area in our trip itinerary, but when I booked our flights I accidentally booked our return for March 9th, not March 8th, so we had an extra day to explore. Gee. What a disappointment. ;-). Having seen this area now, I'm so very glad I made that "mistake". Wednesday night we stayed on a farm on Slope Point Road in The ... read more
Aaron at Nugget Point Lighthouse
Sheep Watching us at Slope Point
Bay in The Catlins

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 3rd 2015

En route we stopped at Waipapa Point which has an historic lighthouse. It's also a nesting spot for sea lions but we were there too early to see them coming ashore for the night. Next stop Mc Lean falls, which was lovely. We also stopped at Slope Point, the southernmost point of the South Island, and the furthest south I will ever travel! (Short of an expedition to the South Pole! ) At Curio Bay, at low tide, we saw a forest of fossilized tree trunks dated to be middle Jurassic, about 180 million yrs old! There is also a colony of yellow eyed penguins which come ashore here but again we were too early to see them. ... read more
Waipapa Beach
Waipapa Point
Horseshoe Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin February 21st 2015

Tuesday 10/2/15 Dunedin. Founded by a group of Scots hoping to set up a New Edinburgh. Didn't quite get anywhere until they found gold though, so nothing like Edinburgh really, apart from lots of kids in tartan school uniforms. Really cool railway station, some nice buildings and a big museum. Spend the day exploring the city and bought a few souvenirs, happy hour (except it wasn't) in the Loan Star and tea.... read more
Dunedin Station
Dunedin Station
Dunedin Prison (old)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin January 2nd 2015

There's no place like home, but staying at a place surrounded by very kind people can sometimes create similar circumstances. That's how I ended up staying at the place in Akaroa for more than two weeks in total! By the time it got close to Christmas I thought I might as well just stay for the celebrations and spend it with people I am familiar with. Another thing that was part of the reason for my long stay, was that I actually was able to do some woofing, meaning doing cleaning work for two hours a day in exchange of free accommodation. In addition to that I was given the opportunity to help out on an old sailing boat called the Fox II which was amazing. I saw hector dolphins (the smallest and rarest in the ... read more
Satisfying personal needs : )
Moody Akaroa with Gulls
Okains Bay with Fungus

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin November 19th 2014

Après un réveil difficile (souvenez vous de la pizza Chili...) on a repris la route. Cette fois l'arrêt s'appelle Dunedin : sympa, étudiant, océan etc Pour la première nuit direction Sandfly Bay sur la péninsule de l'Otago. Pour cette première nuit de vrai camping : pattes mayo, bières, bières, bières et beaucoup de vent pour être sur de passer la soirée dans l'auto... Ah oui j'avais oublié: en nouvelle Zélande il y a des paysages magnifiques, des gens très sympa, une diversité naturel incomparable mais ce que personne ne dit c'est qu'il y a presque tout le temps du vent... ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin October 26th 2014

Vandaag zijn we opgestaan met de gietende regen... Leuk. Na een bijzonder korte wandeling door Dunedin besloten we om toch maar een boottochtje te boeken om de lokale Royal Albatross kolonie te bezoeken. (bootje=overdekt, dachten we toch) Ter info: Dunedin is een andere naam voor Edinburgh. Op een bepaald punt noemde de Nieuw Zeelandse versie zelfs letterlijk New Edinburgh... De Royal Albatross was zeker de moeite waard! Als ze boven je vliegen zou je niet geloven dat ze zo groot zijn, maar hun vleugelspan is 3m! Na een korte wandeling richting de kolonie en een bezoek aan het albatross centrum, trekken we verder richting Christchurch. De laatste week van onze reis begint!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 30th 2014

Whoever said Wellington was hilly with suburbs perched on hillsides hadn’t ever been to Dunedin. OK, the main shopping area is flat to undulating but as soon as you get back a street or two to the west it is generally straight up and for us driving up to Maori Hill to meet up with my cousin Mary and Aunty Bunty for morning tea tested the gears of the car. As we left George Street Gretchen was saying that we could have walked from the hotel but she changed her mind within 100 metres as the road climbed steeply to Highgate. We spent a very special and enjoyable couple of hours catching up on the past decades over coffee and macaroons showing off pictures of our family and talking about our families meetings over the years. ... read more
Iconic Dunedin Railway Station,as grand as ever.
Cadburys chocolate,wish we had had more time,yum
Blue and yellow is Otago !

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 30th 2014

September 30 – Today we visited the Dunedin Botanical gardens and saw more rhododendrons than I knew existed! (and this was early spring – there are more to come!) There were numerous gardens with plants from various countries, some that I even recognized! We stopped at Signal Hill in Dunedin which offers wonderful views of the city. While the wind whipped around our heads, Brian painted a picture of the first ships coming into the harbour led by Scottish evangelists from the Free Church of Scotland standing on the ship's bow reading the bible -- they really must have thought they were creating a new Eden! We then headed off for a brief view of Baldwin Street which is considered to be the steepest road in the world! Following lunch, we did a short tour of ... read more
First Church of Otago - Dunedin
David Surrounded by Flowers!
Dunedin University

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 29th 2014

September 29 – Before I start this day, I should talk about how we came to be at Brian and Diane’s home. Almost three years ago, I attended the Association of Personal Historian’s conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a conference that brings together people who are interested in collecting, recording and publishing the stories we often cherish, but don’t always write down. Most of the people at the conference come from across the United States with a smaller contingent from Canada, and even a smaller number from other countries. Two of these people were Brian and Diane, and I happened to sit at their table. In the course of conversation, I mention that I had an aunt in Auckland, and someday hoped to visit New Zealand. Well, not needing any further explanation, they pulled ... read more
Our barefooted guide
Sea Lion Pup
Magnificent Magnolia

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 29th 2014

September 29 (continued) - In the afternoon, Larnach Castle and Gardens were the next stop on the ‘tour.’ Brian and Diane’s next-door neighbour owns the castle. (Of course, their neighbour owns a castle, doesn’t everyone have a neighbour that owns a castle!) Anyway, Margaret has spent most of her life bringing it back from a very dilapidated state when she and her husband purchased it in 1967. We had a delicious lunch in the castle ‘ballroom’ and headed out to explore the gardens. Throughout the gardens were touches of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – the Cheshire cat sits hiding in a tree, there are statues of the Duchess and Knave of Hearts, a bronze golden-haired Alice holding a flamingo, a door in a tree, and even the Queen’s big red chair! Diane has written a children’s book ... read more
Diane with Alice
The 'Queen' on her throne
Cheshire Cat

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