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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 29th 2014

Pulling up the blinds revealed another stunning Central Otago day although this morning there was a touch of frost visible on the grass with the tablet telling us the outside temperature was – 2C. However another fine ,sunny day is in prospect and have an adventure into the unknown ahead of us as we head for Lawrence and some unravelling of more of Gretchen’s family history in the historic town of Lawrence. A slightly earlier start after breakfast will mean we have enough time to do what we have to in the Lawrence district before we drive onto Dunedin for our final accommodation stop before we head home on Wednesday. It has been a very pleasant time in Alexandra and our hosts C&M have done themselves proud and would score absolute top marks if we were ... read more
The 'family'house ,Lawrence
The central hallway
Gretchen and Chris posing in front of the family house,Lawrence

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 28th 2014

Around six o’clock we arrived in Dunedin, and drove straight to Brian & Diane’s home. I should rephrase this – it’s impossible to drive straight to their home as you first have to drive along a twisty, turny coastal road and then almost straight up another road until you finally arrive at their home which overlooks the ocean on McAndrew Bay. How they EVER leave the place, I’ll NEVER know! Their cozy home was originally a cabin or as it’s known here, a crib. It was built sometime in the 1930’s with bits and pieces added over time. Where the original rooms were is not entirely certain. Outside the home are gardens with some plants I recognized (only they're bigger here) and an incredibly large hedge that helps to block out some of the fierce winds ... read more
Brian in his Domain!
'gee zee jay 7' by the Hedge
Trimming the Hedge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 28th 2014

September 28 – After leaving Christchurch, our first stop was in the Victorian Precinct of Oamaru. This is an area filled with fabulous shops in turn-of-the-century buildings selling Victorian arts and crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Many of the shops had people who were dressed up in Victorian costumes as well as artisans right on site, one of whom was and interesting chap (Brian had told us about) named Michael O’Brien. He operates a book binder shop – a truly unique profession in this day of print-on-demand. Of course, there was also the Whiskey Shop which David found interesting, but not nearly enough time to explore (read: he didn’t do any tasting.) We did however, do some tasting at Annie’s Tea House. I don’t usually have dessert, but it’s one of those things I love doing when ... read more
Steam Punk HQ
Historic Street in Oamaru
Eclectic Shop in Oamaru

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 14th 2014

Hi All Not long now until we leave for our wonderful adventure. We have loaded our itinerary so hopefully it's not too hard to read. The intention is to post most nights but if we are out and about sampling fine foods and wine...we'll we know you will understand our priorities! We hope you enjoy following our journey. Cheers Su... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin » Otago Peninsula April 12th 2014

William and Catherine at St. Paul's cathedral got a good sighting people here very friendly no loud screaming just polite quiet cheers heading off to otago peninsula for trip to hopefully see albatross and penquins will be a hardy walk out to see them but worth it .rain has stopped. Ate in nice French restaurant for dinner ron did a great driving here took about 4 hours later we took a trip out to see penguins and albatross # AMAZING . Once in a lifetime viewing of royal albatross and yellow eyed penguin. This was on my list to do, we'll worth the cold and wind 🌊☔️👏👏... read more
St Paul's Cathedral Dunedin
Prince William in Dunedin
William and Kate in DUnedin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 27th 2014

Donderdag 20 Maart 2014: Ik word wakker door het geluid van een kettingzaag. Het is Ro's zoon Pete die een boom aan het vellen is in de voortuin. Na men ontbijt, help ik wat mee om groen te laten. Nadat we zijn opgefrist trekken we naar het stadscentrum. Ro heeft een afspraak en ik dool wat rond. Ik ga even bij de toeristische dienst langs en bezoek het treinstation wat best knap is. Daarna rijde we terug naar huis om wat te eten. Iets later rijden we terug uit, dit keer naar het Peninsula of schiereiland. Het is best een lange rit over nauwe weggetjes. Het laatste stuk gaat langs de zee en uiteindelijk komt we ten einde van het schiereiland waar Albatrossen nesten, de enige toegangelijke plek ter wereld. De toegang is betalend en nadat ... read more
Otago Peninsula

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 24th 2014

We arrived to Queenstown, the central town of the mountains of southern South Island, with mixed expectations. On one hand we had heard it was overfull with tourists and super expensive, on the other hand we had heard both the city and the surroundings were supposed to be beautiful. The road to the town was at least measuring up to the latter, and the lakefront where we had lunch just outside of town was spectacular. We also experienced the other part, being stuck in traffic jams (only time we have seen such in South Island except for in Christchurch where all the road work made the traffic jam) and having to pay for internet at the library, in all other public libraries we have had free internet access. Although the surroundings were beautiful, the city itself ... read more
Queenstown - the town
Milford Sound - morning (before the fog returned)
Milford Sound - the fog is clearing

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 21st 2014

Donderdag 13 Maart 2014: Ik moet de tent inpakken dus de druppels die vallen. In de verte is er wat blauwe lucht dus hopelijk klaart het snel op. Ik schud de hand van Sjirk, de Nederlander en ga dan even naar de hostel waar men dubbele levering van naamkaartjes zou zijn. Ze kunnen daar echt niets vinden dus met lege handen op pad. Ik heb ze eigenlijk niet meer nodig. Ik doe inkopen voor 2 dagen en verlaat dan Invercargill. Buiten het centrum kom ik op een weg die door veel landbouwgebied en polderland gaat, net als thuis! Het is grijs maar best warm dus ik kan in men T-shirt fietsen. Rond de middag begint het weer te druppelen. Volgens de voorspelling zou er enkel in de ochtend wat regen zijn. Als ik in Fortrose kom, ... read more
Nugget Point

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 16th 2014

Today we had a couple first experiences for our cruising. We were awakened at 7:00 by the ship’s captain making an announcement that the weather in Port Chalmers was too windy for the ship to safely move into the port or to try to dock. So the ship aborted today’s visit and we slowly made our way further south and then west toward tomorrow’s destination. Actually they said the winds in port we measured at 30 knots. The temperature was mid 50’s and drizzling this morning around the ship. The rain let up by mid-morning, but it was very cloudy all day, so we probably would not have enjoyed our tour to Dunedin anyway. But this is the first time in all our cruises where we have completely cancelled a destination from our itinerary. It just ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 2nd 2014

I heard of that city that every student is proud of when remembering the time at uni. The students call themselves „Scarfies“ named after the street where all the second years live. When I arrived in Dunedin, I didn't know where to go and what to do. I just let things happen.... The outcome was an adventure with local scarfies. Olly introduced me to their lifestyle. Big parties on Thursday and Saturday. Big houses where up to six students live in. It's a community where everybody helps out. Thanks Olly for your patience, hospitality and and in detail thanks for: - showing me how to hold a bat and take the right posture - explaining the rules of cricket game and most important: not to cross the circle during a game!!! - teaching me slang and ... read more

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