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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin December 31st 2016

Spent Christmas in Christchurch, or just outside of Christchurch on the olive grove. Was nice, but not really Christmas with no snow, no turkey, no tree, etc. Our hosts cooked us a nice Christmas breakfast and then left us a plate of baking. We left there Monday the 26th and Bob wanted to stop at the mall, but after looking for a parking spot for half an hour we gave up, Boxing Day is a big shopping day here too. We drove, on the advise of a local we met in Hanmer Springs, to Lake Tekapo. The holiday park was chocker (full) so we ended up camping in the overflow area. Way too busy and not really a great place so Tuesday morning we packed up and headed for Timaru. Had 3 nights in Timaru. Nice ... read more
Lupins Lake Tekapo

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin November 27th 2016

67 F&^%*&% hours after arriving at Ottawa airport we finally get to our final stop before biking. Mind you the final stop of our transit is now in Balclutha. Where the hell is Balclutha??? Let's backtrack shall we? The flight started normal enough...we specifically asked if our bike and checked bag would be at Dunedin when we arrived or if we had to pick it up along the way...."No...", we were assured..."they will be there waiting for you." Sweet! On to Vancouver. We had a 9 hour lay-over and used the time to visit Granville Island and had an excellent meal. Then back to the airport for our wonderful 14-hour flight....whew! On Sunday morning 0530 we arrived in Dunedin. No bag. We were told we were supposed to have picked them up in Auckland. Damn ... read more
South Otago Inn - Balclutha

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 3rd 2016

We had several optional tours to do this afternoon, and I decided to go on the train to Pukerangi. It was wall worth it and I'd recommend it to anyone that likes trains, valleys and vistas. Dunedin Station is such an amazing station! There was even a piper on the platform. We went through the following areas: Dunedin Station Mosgiel North Taieri Mt Allan Hindon Arthurs Knob Pukerangi ... read more
Dunedin Station
Dunedin Station
Dunedin Station

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 3rd 2016

After dinner, a couple of us went out into the town to take some night photos of the city. ... read more
The Octagon
The Octagon
The Octagon

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin September 3rd 2016

Day 7 In Newzealand - Te Anau to Dunedin This morning we travelled from Te Anau to Dunedin. We had the choice of several things to do in the afternoon, and I chose to go on the train ride up the Taieri Gorge. After dinner, a couple of us wandered around the city taking night photos. ... read more
Te Anau to Dunedin Legend
The Octagon
The Octagon

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin April 19th 2016

R: Heading south, we drove down the same section of route 1 we had previously driven up with Dave and Shannon. So we put the boot down, and were straight on to Timaru. After a short lunch break in the sunshine, we were on to Oamuru, known as the Steampunk capital of New Zealand. For those of you not familiar with steampunk, it's art and design made in a futuristic version of the industrial revolution using mechanical bits of junk, mainly. It's a very odd town. We headed straight for the steampunk museum which was filled with some of the most bizarre structures, statues, vehicles and even an old JEOL SEM (similar to instruments we have at work) which was displaying X-ray images of skulls when we walked placed. Some of the exhibits had come from ... read more
The portal
Easy rider
View from Lanarch Castle

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 21st 2016

As I'm checking out today and only have half a day until my bus departs for Queenstown I figure I may as well get up and at it and doodle about in Dunedin. After leaving my bags in storage at the hotel I have a quick look around central Dunedin and try to find a couple of geocaches. I manage to find one of them but the 'invisible glue' clue doesn't make much sense to me so I give up on the others and go and have a look at the railway station instead. It's a very grand and ornate building. The highly decorative exterior earned its architect, George Troup, the nickname 'Gingerbread George'. Inside is equally fancy with stained glass windows, decorative wall tiling and intricately patterned mosaic floor tiles. There is a balcony running ... read more
P1130092 (2)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 20th 2016

We set off in a full minibus and Rebecca, our German guide introduces herself. She's completing her PhD in marine something or other at Otago University in Dunedin. She's assisted by New Zealander Donah who knows everything there is to know about the Royal Albatross. As we're driving through the outskirts of Dunedin we find out a little bit about the town and its surrounds. Dunedin has a population of 126,000 people of which 26,000 are students at the university. The town was established in 1848 by the nephew of Robert Burns, Thomas, who was the spiritual leader of the region. The university was set up 21 years later and is the oldest in New Zealand. Most street names in Dunedin have Scottish origins because of the high proportion of Scottish people who first settled in ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin February 25th 2016

Par Béné : Après avoir passé de fabuleux moments dans les montagnes, le temps s’annonce plutôt mauvais pour les jours suivants… On décide donc de se diriger à nouveau vers la côte, pour y redécouvrir certains des lieux que nous avions traversés très rapidement avec mes parents. A peine arrivés en bord de mer, nous sommes accueillis par des dizaines de phoques qui ont élu domicile tout le long de la côte est et sud ! ( Nous ferons donc des centaines de photos de phoques… mais heureusement pour vous, on a sélectionné les meilleures… !!!) Le mauvais temps n’a pas encore atteint la côte est, c’est donc par une belle journée ensoleillée que nous retournons sur la plage aux Boulders, ces « boules » de roches étranges, et qui plus est, à marée basse, ce ... read more
Comité d'accueil
Les Moeraki boulders

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin January 21st 2016

We left Cromwell over Dead Man's Bridge onto Route 8 towards Dunedin. The day was once again cold, grey and misty. Ho hum. The roads were twisty and empty apart from an occasional convoy of classic cars. We later learned that this was a popular hobby in South Island and there are several conventions where everyone meets up in their jalopy of choice to show them off. The journey wasn't particularly pretty, though we decided it would be better if we could have seen more of the landscape currently obscured by the low lying clouds. Ranfurly had a by-pass but we didn't realise this until we had driven through the town and out the other side. There were many signs there inviting us to stop and explore the amenities (there weren't many, but hey) and we ... read more
Our balcony, Amross Motel
Dunedin houses
Dunedin church

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