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Carrie Dettmer

I am Carrie Dettmer. A 38 year old lover of travel and adventure with a travel bucket list that is pages long. Aaron and I spent twelve years taking care of two aging grandparents. Now that they are no longer with us, we are focusing on our life together and all the things we want to do and the places we want to go...a whole new world! Thanks for sharing our journeys with us! We are glad you are along for the ride. :-)

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta August 18th 2015

There are no words to describe the beauty and serenity of Kata Tjuta. It is an awe-inspiring place. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to hike and climb my way through seven miles of its beautiful landscapes. Many thanks to the Anangu people who share their sacred land with men and women from every corner of the world. May this place inspire everyone who arrives here on their journeys. ... read more
Aaron and I at the First Lookout
Aaron - Valley of the Wind Trail
Second Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 17th 2015

No trip to Australia is complete without a trip to the Outback!! When we were planning the trip we thought about what we would want to see if we never have the chance to return to Australia. The Great Barrier Reef and the Outback topped the list. So, yesterday we flew from Cairns in North Queensland to Ayers Rock in Northern Territory and set out to explore the Outback! After taking the shuttle to the resort, we sat at a picnic table and figured out what we want to do for the two days we are here. We decided we would be most free to check everything off our list if we had a rental car. So, we hopped back on the shuttle to the airport and rented a car. The airport is only open from ... read more
Shadows at Sunset
Shadows at Sunset
Shadows at Sunset

Oceania » Australia August 15th 2015

Today was a slow-paced, relaxing day. When we travel, we have a tendency to go full speed ahead. We learned in New Zealand that long trips demand a lot of us mentally as we are operating in a foreign country, and physically as we pack as much adventure in as possible. So, we have now decided to plan in some low key days to truly relax and recover - what vacation is all about! Today we enjoyed walking on the beach, walking through the rainforest, exploring the area by car, and cooking dinner on the "barbee". We also stopped at a cafe in town to grab dessert for the evening - a special treat! We didn't see any cassowaries or crocodiles. Bummer! But the scenery is beautiful so we have nothing to complain about! Enjoy the ... read more
South Mission Beach Boardwalk
Couldn't Resist!
Exploring the Beach at Lugger's Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach August 14th 2015

Another lovely Australian day! We woke up early again. This is our norm now. It gets dark so much earlier here than we are used to in our Northern Hemisphere summer that by the time 9pm rolls around we are wiped out! May also have something to do with us being so active in our daytime hours. :-) We didn't have to check out until 10am, so we enjoyed the amazing included breakfast buffet, then lounged around the resort before catching the ferry back to Townsville, grabbing our car, and heading north again. We didn't have a plan other than to land in Mission Beach tonight, so we took our time on the route. We stopped in a town called Ingham where we consulted Trip Advisor to recommend a good lunch place. Wow, did we hit ... read more
Wallaman Falls
View of the Valley
Girringun N. P.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island August 13th 2015

We woke up early today on "Maggie". We have learned that Australians abbreviate the names of anything they can - Brisbane is "Brizzy", Tasmania is "Tazzy", and Magnetic Island is "Maggie". I'm absolutely certain there are numerous other abbreviations we just haven't come across yet. So, our morning on Maggie started early because we had a half day kayak trip to catch on the other side of the island. Since our car hire company did not allow us to bring our car onto Maggie via the ferry, she is parked back at the terminal on the mainland and we are at the mercy of public transit here. That may sound complicated, but truly there is only one main road on the island and two buses that spend the entire day driving back and forth, so it's ... read more
The Lookout at The Forts
Climbing up to the Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays August 12th 2015

We spent today enjoying the beautiful Whitsunday Islands! Our sailboat, the S.V. Domino, was a wooden boat, built in New Zealand with local pine wood, and ultimately was sailed across the Tasman Sea to Australia by our captain, Reg. The boat has a capacity of ten people on journeys into the Whitsundays, so there were eight of us tourists, Reg, and his deckhand, Dale, on the boat today. There was very little wind in the islands today thanks to a lingering mass of high pressure in the area, so we supplemented our wind power today with the motor. Our journey to and from Black Island was slow, but the island scenery made the journey spectacular! On the way out, we were treated to views of dolphins swimming alongside us. On the way back, we saw dolphins, ... read more
Aaron and I on the Island
Me in the Whitsunday Islands

Oceania August 12th 2015

Today we left Sydney and flew through Brisbane and onto Proserpine in Queensland. We enjoyed our time in Sydney. It is truly an international city, whereby looking around and listening you know that not everyone originated here. We felt instantly comfortable in Sydney. It was clean, easy to get around, and had every shopping and eating option one could wish for. And it was beautiful. The old buildings, the beautiful harbor, the interesting trees and birds - it was lovely. Aside from that, though, it didn't feel overly "Australian". I guess what I'm saying is that if we had only been to Sydney, we wouldn't necessarily feel like we had seen or experienced Australia. That all changed today. From the minute the plane banked left lining up for the runway in Proserpine, we knew we were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 8th 2015

In keeping with tradition, we went to bed yesterday at 2pm, got up at midnight for a snack, went back to bed at 1:30am, and got up today at 5:30am. A bizarre schedule, yes, but very effective at getting us caught up on sleep and adjusted to the 17 hour time change (14 from Indiana)! Thanks to ample rest, we hit the ground running today, and spent almost 12 hours out and about in Sydney. We started our day with a delicious breakfast at a local cafe and walked down George Street to The Rocks area of Sydney where there are beautiful views of the harbor, the bridge, and the opera house. We decided to walk across the harbor bridge, enjoying the views of the harbor and opera house along the way. Then we had lunch ... read more
Freezing at Bondi Beach!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 7th 2015

We made it to Sydney!!! Our flight was smooth almost the entire way and we were both able to sleep some. We landed at 7am local time after 14 hours and 45 minutes of flying! The Sydney airport was a madhouse this morning, and Aaron got stuck in passport control when the automated system couldn't match the photo it took with what was on file for his passport. A long assistance line and 30 minutes later and he cleared. In the meantime I got the bags. I met him when he was cleared and we headed to customs where we had to go through special inspection because we have been hanging around a freshwater lake all summer. Turns out that ended up being no big deal, but my backpack was attacked three times by an exceptionally ... read more
Australia Day One
Australia Day One
Australia Day One

North America » United States » California » Vacaville August 5th 2015

I can't believe we are doing this again...flying hours across the Pacific to a far away destination. As a girl who is not a big fan of flying, that is the most stressful part of any vacation! But, I won't bore you with my flying fears. I know you have all heard them before, lol! (Thanks for listening. :-)) One thing I love about a vacation that departs from San Francisco is the chance to spend a few days at home in Vacaville before we travel. It is nice to be here, relaxing and visiting with friends. I'm so grateful that despite the time that has passed since we left that we still take the opportunity to see one another and pick up right where we left off. We never have enough time here! So, why ... read more

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