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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington October 13th 2020

It's raining. Its windy. Its the middle of the day and I'm bored. Flicking around on my lap top and I see that I last posted a blog on the 28th of June. Thats a few months back so I thought that is something I can do. We have been busy. Busy doing no travel apart from our norm of ; going to the Hawkes Bay, {4 hour drive} to spend time with the kids. Going to Taupo {5 hour drive} to spend time with Annemarie and Corrado. Doing some fishing in both places, doing lots of walks and watching kids sport. Fishing. Some good days and some quiet days. Watching sport. Always love watching the kids sport. Pleased to say that Holly won her school Cross Country run and Ella came 4th in hers. Their ... read more
Kaikoura Ranges.
Lake Wanaka.
Toasted Marshmallow.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington June 22nd 2020

Yippee!!! Level 4 Done. Level 3 Done. Level 2 Done. Working through Level 1. Oh my. Normal is becoming a bit more of the norm. Here is a brief rundown of my exciting time in these levels. After 7 weeks I went to the Super Market for the first time. So exciting!!! Buying groceries for the first time in so long. We used on line services for 7 weeks, plus magic top ups by Tony and Sarah next door. Level 4 restricted us to staying at home apart from our daily walks around the surrounding streets. Level 3 bought to us new found freedom to walk further afield and to actually use the car to drive to close by walks and beaches. Then into level 2 we could venture forth into the great wide open. Still ... read more
Walking Walking Walking.
Di Walked With Me.
Looking Back to Paremata.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 8th 2020

Oh Wow!!! In the words of the song from Star Trek. " It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It ". World wide this is the cry. Whats happened? Life has suddenly changed. Different Countries, Different Continents, Different Societies, Different Cultures. But we are all affected. I hear and read stories from around the world but really only know, what, where and when, about how we are affected in NZ. So!! As I don't pretend to know all, but do have a first hand knowledge of how this affects me and my family I will give a brief "here's what". NZ is at Covid-19 alert level 4, now 2 weeks out of 4. The main gest is that we are in lock down. Only essential businesses and retailers are open. Schools, restaurants etc closed. and ... read more
Mangarara Eco Lodge.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 27th 2020

Docela dost času trávíme v autě na silnicích, a tak si nelze nevšímat průběhu jízdy (pokud nepodřimujete). Zajímavé je, že se po cestě objevuje spousta odpočívadel, kam se pomalejší auta, jako třeba to naše, uhýbají. Ti ostatní většinou poděkují zatroubením, že můžou jet plynule dál. V některých místech je přes řeku pouze jednosměrný most, kde je přednost vyznačena. I tak jsou řidiči dost často ohleduplní a pouští nás, když přednost zrovna nemáme. Dálniční známky se tu prý nevedou, jelikož tu dálnice žádné nejsou. A kuriozitou je, že se do chladiče dává často kohoutková voda, jelikož neobsahuje téměř žádné minerály a destilovaná je velmi drahá. Dnes jsme jeli opravdu dlouho a po cestě jsme viděli, jako už několik předchozích dní, většinou pastviny, uměle zalesněné plochy a občas nějaké to pol... read more
Budovy parlamentu a Beehive
Centrum Wellingtonu
Rump steak na španělský způsob

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington October 24th 2019

We are now back in Wellington after enjoying our trip to catch up with the kids in Norway. Always such a special time. We had a very relaxing time with Chris, Hege, Lilly and Stella. So very special to be part of their lives, 24/7. We enjoy the busy life of the two girls with their sport and social times. I enjoy listening to both Lilly and Stella playing the piano and singing. Both very talented, with Lilly in a band that practices every week and does the odd concert. I'm very proud of them both. Chris is enjoying his new job with the Hotel Norge and when he was on weekend duty we were able to stay in the hotel as well, so were a bit spoiled, enjoying being in the middle of the city ... read more
Magic Sunset.
Bergen At Night.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington July 25th 2019

School holidays were upon us so all arrangements were put in place to visit Viv and Charlie in Wanaka. The idea was for our two grandkids, Holly and Ella, to come down to us from Hastings and then after a few days around Wellington, fly down to Queenstown where Viv would meet us with her two Grandkids, Annabelle and Harriet, then drive back over the Crown Range to Wanaka. Always interesting going over the Crown range with great vistas of Queenstown from the top and the lovely tussock country on the drive down to Lake Wanaka. This area of the South Island is beautiful, winter and summer. The 4 girls always get on well when they are together and with the prospect of snow and skiing Holly and Ella were very excited. Our first day on ... read more
Down The Slope.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 6th 2019

Autumn is certainly starting to show her colours. So with the end of the summer fast approaching we set off on a trip to enjoy the last off the summer {and the wine }. Di and I along with Annemarie and Corrado left home and spent a couple of nights in Taupo then headed to one of my favourite areas in NZ. The Coromandal peninsula has always attracted me to it's great coast line with wonderful scenery, coves, estuaries, small towns, big towns, but most of all it's beautiful beaches. Great surf beaches, gentle beaches, popular beaches and my favourite, secluded beaches. I first traveled there with my brother Nick and friend Wayne as a mid teen, enjoying the summer holidays for a few years and always working on the tan. I have returned a number ... read more
Waikato River, Taupo.
Refreshments at Whitianga.
The Lost Springs. Whtianga.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Petone March 3rd 2019

Wed 27th February we left the beach bach and headed north in a slight drizzle - for only the second time in two weeks. The road twists and turns between two mountain ranges through the Buller Gorge with the river on our left. There were beautiful views and rivers all the way along running off the mountains into the sea. East of Nelson on the northern coast, we stopped at Pelorus Bridge which was advertised as a good spot to swim. We didn't, it was too cold, but I did have a paddle. We drove on to Havelock at the bottom of Pelorus Sound to our Airbnb and went to the Mussel Pot restaurant, renowned worldwide for green - lipped mussels. We shared a selection cooked in different ways, and were then surprised by another pair ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 23rd 2019

After having been busy with Christmas, New Year, a bit of travel and spending all of our time with the family, we are now getting back into the routine of life at home. We have had a wonderful time right through the festive season with Chris's and Amy's families and then, during the last of the school holidays spending time in Hastings and Taupo with the odd couple of days at home in Wellington. Now back to reality. Hawkes Bay was extremely hot over the last few weeks so energy levels were not high and motivation to go fishing, nil. Long walks on Ocean Beach, wonderful, and climbs up Te Mata peak, exhausting, swimming as much as possible and keeping in the shade. As it should be in holiday time. Idilic days in Taupo with Amy, ... read more
Amy and Holly.
Ella In Charge.
Diane and Amy.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 1st 2019

What a magic Christmas we have had and the New Year was great. With only a couple of days left before we head to Sydney with Chris, Hege and the girls, I thought I would get this update out. Chris and family arrived safe, sound and not looking at all jet lagged on the 17th of December and what a great reunion for the 4 girls, as Holly and Ella had flown down the day before so they could all meet up at the airport. The pleasure I get from watching these 4 just take up from when they were last together, which was in Norway, Christmas 2016, is emense. So so nice! We had 3 days doing things around Wellington and surrounds so the girls could really get together, renew their friendships and enjoy the ... read more
Together Again.
Christmas Wishes.
Ella, Holly, Lilly and Stella

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