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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington July 25th 2019

School holidays were upon us so all arrangements were put in place to visit Viv and Charlie in Wanaka. The idea was for our two grandkids, Holly and Ella, to come down to us from Hastings and then after a few days around Wellington, fly down to Queenstown where Viv would meet us with her two Grandkids, Annabelle and Harriet, then drive back over the Crown Range to Wanaka. Always interesting going over the Crown range with great vistas of Queenstown from the top and the lovely tussock country on the drive down to Lake Wanaka. This area of the South Island is beautiful, winter and summer. The 4 girls always get on well when they are together and with the prospect of snow and skiing Holly and Ella were very excited. Our first day on ... read more
Down The Slope.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 6th 2019

Autumn is certainly starting to show her colours. So with the end of the summer fast approaching we set off on a trip to enjoy the last off the summer {and the wine }. Di and I along with Annemarie and Corrado left home and spent a couple of nights in Taupo then headed to one of my favourite areas in NZ. The Coromandal peninsula has always attracted me to it's great coast line with wonderful scenery, coves, estuaries, small towns, big towns, but most of all it's beautiful beaches. Great surf beaches, gentle beaches, popular beaches and my favourite, secluded beaches. I first traveled there with my brother Nick and friend Wayne as a mid teen, enjoying the summer holidays for a few years and always working on the tan. I have returned a number ... read more
Waikato River, Taupo.
Refreshments at Whitianga.
The Lost Springs. Whtianga.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Petone March 3rd 2019

Wed 27th February we left the beach bach and headed north in a slight drizzle - for only the second time in two weeks. The road twists and turns between two mountain ranges through the Buller Gorge with the river on our left. There were beautiful views and rivers all the way along running off the mountains into the sea. East of Nelson on the northern coast, we stopped at Pelorus Bridge which was advertised as a good spot to swim. We didn't, it was too cold, but I did have a paddle. We drove on to Havelock at the bottom of Pelorus Sound to our Airbnb and went to the Mussel Pot restaurant, renowned worldwide for green - lipped mussels. We shared a selection cooked in different ways, and were then surprised by another pair ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 23rd 2019

After having been busy with Christmas, New Year, a bit of travel and spending all of our time with the family, we are now getting back into the routine of life at home. We have had a wonderful time right through the festive season with Chris's and Amy's families and then, during the last of the school holidays spending time in Hastings and Taupo with the odd couple of days at home in Wellington. Now back to reality. Hawkes Bay was extremely hot over the last few weeks so energy levels were not high and motivation to go fishing, nil. Long walks on Ocean Beach, wonderful, and climbs up Te Mata peak, exhausting, swimming as much as possible and keeping in the shade. As it should be in holiday time. Idilic days in Taupo with Amy, ... read more
Amy and Holly.
Ella In Charge.
Diane and Amy.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 1st 2019

What a magic Christmas we have had and the New Year was great. With only a couple of days left before we head to Sydney with Chris, Hege and the girls, I thought I would get this update out. Chris and family arrived safe, sound and not looking at all jet lagged on the 17th of December and what a great reunion for the 4 girls, as Holly and Ella had flown down the day before so they could all meet up at the airport. The pleasure I get from watching these 4 just take up from when they were last together, which was in Norway, Christmas 2016, is emense. So so nice! We had 3 days doing things around Wellington and surrounds so the girls could really get together, renew their friendships and enjoy the ... read more
Together Again.
Christmas Wishes.
Ella, Holly, Lilly and Stella

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 13th 2018

We have been back home now for 10 weeks. The normal let down after getting back from our wonderful 3 months away in Europe but really nice to be back home and to stop living out of a suitcase, although we have been back and forth to the family in Hasting a number of times and also I have been to Taupo with Corrado, so the suit cases remain in use. We are really excited about Christmas as Chris, Hege, Lilly and Stella arrive from Norway in a few days time. A few days in Wellington, then off Amy and Jeremys in Hastings So we will all be together for Christmas. The 4 girls are so looking forward to catching up with each other as they haven't been together since Christmas 2016 in Norway. Magic times. ... read more
Happy Birthday

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 17th 2018

(Cj writes) We’re coming to the end of our stay in Wellington. We went to the very excellent Peter ‘Lord of the Rings’ Jackson’s exhibition on WW1, with particular reference to the Kiwi experience in Gallipoli, yesterday. Now in its last cuple oweeks) Very well done, as you can imagine - a very imaginative approach to describing the horrors of that war, with an impressive array of special effects. Well worth doing. One exhibit that particularly struck me was the timetable of events from the assassination in Sarajevo to the declaration of war. I’m quite sure that if women had been running the show the war could have been avoided: I hadn’t realised just how footling the various disagreements and fallings -out were. SC adds:and one that struck me was the recreation of an artilliary implacent ... read more
Dramatic recreations
Brilliant use of 3D asmimations
Life in the trenches

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 16th 2018

(Cj writes) The weather in Auckland, grey and very cool when we arrived on Sunday, has since been gloriously sunny and warm: fears about the inadequacy of my wardrobe proved unfounded. And it was the same today as we set out for our trip south on the Northern Explorer, one of New Zealand’s scenic railways. The train was comfortable - we were fortunate to have a set of four seats plus table to ourselves for much of the journey - although the nonstop chatter of the people behind me got rather wearing! The windows were large and clean, allowing us to enjoy some spectacular scenery as we ran the length of North Island. The ‘open’ car was really rather special - we were in there whilst the train passed through the highlands, which reminded me in ... read more
Amazing scenery
Variable landscapes

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington May 29th 2018

"Dry Cleaning - Drop your pants here". "Levin East Electrical - Let us remove your shorts". A humour that, wherever you are is with you, the professionals to all of the the people you meet. Couple this with their horizontal approach and endless desire to help, you have the basis on which these folk go about life. Taking that then and projecting it further, the Kiwi way is to care for their surroundings, the environment and our planet as a whole. Not a scrap of litter, not even a cigarette butt, can be found anywhere. No graffiti, no vandalism - nothing. It drives a great respect and instils care into your own behaviours too, to the point that throwing an apple into the hedge seems rude, discourteous and unnecessary. Having left Taranaki NP later in the ... read more
Foxton Beach
Foxton Beach
Foxton Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 9th 2018

Blog 23 Wellington, New Zealand, April 6 ,2018 – Weather forecast: sunny with scattered clouds; temperature 20°C, wind gusting to 38kts (8 Beaufort) We decided to take the day off from doing any of the ship excursions and went exploring Wellington on our own. This meant that we could take things at a more leisurely pace and didn’t have to rush through breakfast. The local port authority didn’t want us walking around the pier area as this again was a commercial cargo port so shuttle busses were proved that took us directly to the downtown area. The bus drop off/pick up point was conveniently located a short distance from the cable car that we wanted to ride anyway. The cable car climbs 120 meters up to the Wellington Botanical Gardens, an observatory and a meteorological station ... read more

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