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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 15th 2016

My life in NZ continued and I was really loving my job. Five weeks in, I finally felt I had the cold counter offerings nailed, with only a cut finger and a burn to each arm. Oh well, you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs, as they say😉! Maggie had upped my hours slightly, so I was now there five days a week working between 22 and 24 hours in total. I still needed a few more hours so continued my search for another part time role. I was learning so much at 'Peckish' and thoroughly enjoying it, I didn't want to give it up, if I could help it. My social calendar was still busy, but now I was working and in kind of a routine, I felt I had more time ... read more
Fond farewell to 'Yan'and his girlfriend.
Great programme about NZ's Earthquake and Volcano Zones.
"A quiet night out" at Dirty Little Secret with Shinayd.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 27th 2016

R: Cate is taking a break from blog writing so you are stuck with me again. We headed in from Lower Hutt to Wellington and immediately headed out on the Miramar peninsular, home to Weta Cave. Weta made quite a lot of the digital effects and puppets, animatronics etc. for not only Lord of The Rings but also Avatar, District 9, and others and they have a small, free museum of props, plus a 25 minute DVD of their highlights. They also do tours but the only one they had going was a Thunderbirds are Go! tour, which was semi interesting to me, having been a massive fan as a child - but it is all to do with the new reboot which I'm not quite sure I'm ready for. They did have old-classic Thunderbird 2 ... read more
Parliamentary Linrary
City sculpture

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 25th 2016

Turns out I didn't need any of the paperwork I printed out to get into New Zealand. In the Melbourne airport, I had to wait in line to get my ticket rather than have an easy time at the machine because my last name is MacDougall and sometimes people (the US government and CU Boulder) decide that my last name has a space in it and won't let me do things (check in for flights, register for classes) unless I spell my last name with a space. It's infuriating. When I booked my flight to New Zealand I had to enter my information exactly as it is on my passport. Usually I spell my name correctly and it works. This time I was not so lucky, so I had to wait in line and get it ... read more
Container Market

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 15th 2016

Racing along is the best way to describe how the time is flying. More walking and riding. I must be getting a bit fitter. I need to up my distances so I can handle the long walks in UK. Charlie and Viv came through on their way north on a bike trip so had a small ride with them and a good evening at Sapprano's. Went back up to the kids for Ella'a swimming sports, Holly's "Tough Kid" challenge and Holly's inter School Swim sports. Great to see how the kids are involved with all these activities. Lots of fun watching and not having to do any officiating. Charlie and Viv came to Amy's for dinner. A good evening. Ella's swimming was fun to watch, as is anything that involves about 100 5 to 6 year ... read more
2500Plus Strong.
Holly's Frimley School. In Maroon.
Waiting for Their turn.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 14th 2016

It was the last week in February, and I'd come to a decision that I needed to tell my new housemates that, it looked like, I would be moved out by Easter. No opportunities on the work front had arisen and I needed to focus on an exit plan. In fairness, they were all offering to help and sending me information about any job advertised, from different places they came across. On one of the days, I received a message through about a shop girl needed in the $2 shop located just round the corner from where I live. I grabbed my CV and went round. The lady in the shop was very nice and said they would let me know the following day. I'm not sure why I decided to continue up the street and ... read more
The Cafe, I work.
My daily offerings, quiche, various sandwiches and beef pies.
My new office!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 1st 2016

My how time flies. I can't believe that we are into March already. February was so busy and the weather was just magic. Here's a run down of what we did. At the start of the month we had a wedding. Melanie and Franz were married in a neat ceremony held at Sopranos Restaurant. Great day and so good to see everyone so happy. We spent a nice afternoon down at "102" with a family catch up. Libby {my oldest niece } had the old homestead , where I, my two brothers and sister, were all bought up, looking great, and it's always neat to see some changes and to re explore the surrounding bush . Lots of memories. All the kids have grown up so much. The view is so good looking out over Wellington ... read more
Proud Parents.
Lunch TimeAt "102"
Wellington Harbour.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 23rd 2016

My quest now was to find work. My social life had unexpectedly gone through the roof, after only being in Wellington a fortnight. I had even met another girl called 'Ceri' from Wales who was over here on the same Visa as I was and who had been living in Cardiff. This I was also using as a networking tool, but really I needed to concentrate on applying for all sorts of roles, tailoring my cover letters to suit. I found an opportunity as a Medical Laboratory Assistant - Specimen Reception post. Well here's hoping with both Lab and Office experience, I thought. Many roles had close out dates that weren't imminent so I knew this could be a waiting game. I kept in touch with Jade who was also looking for work in Auckland and ... read more
Something that's Wellington is famous for!
Shinayd found one in her room.
I said they were interesting!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 6th 2016

Our last day on the NZ South Island saw us out of bed at 4 am with a busy day ahead of us. We had booked the ferry across to North Island from Picton, which is where we had arranged to return our lovely South Island car. It is possible to take vehicles across the water on the ferry but, of course, the costs increase if you choose to do that and it was cheaper for us to hire another car once we got to North Island. We had only a rough idea how long the journey and paperwork would take us (we had The Scratch to sort out, remember?) so we left Kaikoura at 6 am to ensure we had plenty of time. It turned out we'd got it just about right, arriving in Picton ... read more
Sailing in to Wellington
The windy city

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 16th 2016

Beste, Voor mij gisteren, zaterdag, zou ik zoals eerder vermeld samen met mijn huisgenoten een tripje maken naar Wellington. Mij interesseerde het eigenlijk totaal niet waar we heen gingen want alles wat ik zou zien is helemaal nieuw voor mij. En eigenlijk kort maar krachtig gezegd, ben ik allang blij als ik onder de mensen ben en eropuit kan gaan. Na een aantal miscommunicaties tussen de kamergenoten onderling, waar ik mij wijselijk buiten hield, gingen we eerst naar Wellington maar uiteindelijk toch naar Napier en nee toch uiteindelijk Wellington. Dit zou tijd technisch een relatief kortere reis zijn, een zit die je uiteindelijk toch een kleine 2 uur bezig houdt. Aangekomen in Wellington was het nog steeds redelijk mistig, aangezien dat Wellington tussen bergen in licht bleef deze ook nog redelijk goed hangen. Althans op de ... read more
De straten van Wellington

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 22nd 2015

I can't believe that Christmas is upon us and that the New Year is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to Christmas with the kids and having a great time just watching them enjoy opening presents and having fun with cousins, uncles and aunties, grand parents and especially Mums and Dads. Love this time of year! I will miss the overseas family, but aren't we so lucky these days with Skype being so good and being able to be a part of a family Christmas on the other side of the world. Hoping that all who take the time to read my blog have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings you joy and happiness and treats you all well. Best Wishes to Everyone. Pip / Rod.... read more

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