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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington January 15th 2018

Yes, I know, this next episode has come along very quickly, but as this was to be our last stop on the North Island, I thought it was a covenient point to finish a post, before we move on to South Island. Now, when we talk about 'Wellington', a number of different things come to mind. The Duke of Wellington, of course..........Napoleon's conqueror at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815; Beef Wellington, that classic cut of beef wrapped in pastry (or an upmarket Cornish Pasty to some), or even Paddington's iconic red Wellies, all the way from Peru! But today we are on our way to another famous Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and the southern tip of the North Island. The journey is about 220 miles and we knew that, for the most ... read more
Pakurathi Forest 1
Pakurathi Forest 2
Hire Car

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 4th 2017

After a loooooong drive in the pissing rain we arrived in windy Wellington to the smiling faces of Joel and Polly (uni mates) who have been living there for about 18 months. It was HEAVEN. We had hot showers and shaves. There was actual television and electricity, not to mention they cooked us up a Spag Bol with garlic bread. Well worth the drive. That next day we made a plan to head to the Te Papa museum. It was pretty awesome. We saw a WW1 war exhibition “hero’s of our war” which told the story of New Zealand troops fighting the Turks with massive wax work figures (made by the people who did lord of the rings) and it was free! As with most museums Jack read every detail of the information while Char ogled ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 1st 2017

Nach einem längeren Ausschlafen (8,5 Stunden für Stefan) lacht uns die Sonne wieder Mal entgegen, wir stehen gemütlich auf, gehen duschen und Essen Eier mit Speck im Sonnenschein in der kurzen Garnitur – so lässt es sich leben 😊 Kurz nach Mittag checken wir aus, denn wir wollen noch nach Wellington. Stefan hat erfolgreicher Weise den Schraubenschlüssel fürs Abwasser versemmelt… Aber den kaufen wir einfach nach und begeben uns auf unsere Weiterfahrt. Wir besichtigen noch die original holländischer Molden Windmühle und das angeschlossene Cafe *lecker* und landen gut in Wellington im Zentrum und übernachten am Hafen-Parkplatz. Doch zuvor gönnen wir uns ein sehr leckeres Abendessen im Floriditas in der Cuba-Street. Danach geht es wieder hoch hinauf, jedoch nicht zu Fuß, sondern mit dem Cable Car. Wir werden mit einem schönen nächtlichen Ausblick auf Wellington beloh... read more
Stellplatz - Foxton Beach
Molden Windmühle - Foxton Beach
Windmühlen Cafe

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington June 23rd 2017

We are being lucky so far with the winter weather. Although it is a mixture of cold and wet, we are having some beautiful days of sunshine, blue sky's and no wind. Cold but lovely. On one of these magic days I meet up with Annemarie and two friends so that we could walk a part of the Te Araroa Trail. This is a trail that starts at the top of NZ at Cape Reinga and finishes at Bluff in the deep south. It covers 3000 km's and is a very diverse trail that has taken shape over the years. View "Te Araroa ,New Zealand Trail." Very rugged and high in areas, especially in the South Island, and challenging. But the 10km's that we were to walk this day was from Pukerua Bay to Paekakariki, not ... read more
The Start Of The Track.
Swing Bridge.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington June 5th 2017

No blog for quite some time so I thought I better put one through just to sum up my year since April. Yes, it's very cold today with a southerly whipping through. We are now well into winter and I'm finding it very hard to keep warm. This will be the first time in six years that I haven't headed off to the Northern Hemisphere to get away from our winter and make use of the summer over there. I can already tell that I'm going to find it hard but I'm hoping that there will be some benefits, like having an excuse to stay in bed longer in the morning, staying inside and not having to do some of the jobs that need doing outside because I don't want to get cold. Basically just being ... read more
Holly's Birthday.
Holly and Friend Bella.
Waiting for Pizza.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 17th 2017

Wellington 19th March Wellington A small city with a big reputation, we had bypassed here on our North Island tour so it was good to see New Zealand's capital city albeit briefly. It is infamous for its weather and also lies on a major fault line (those pesky earthquakes again). Passengers disembarking here were transferred to the West Pac Stadium because of damage by the latest earthquakes and new passengers were held in the same venue. The weather could not have been more benign, arriving on a glorious sunny morning, the city is draped around bushy hillsides encircling the harbour. The first Europeans arrived here in 1840, a Colonel William Wakefield bought and acquired land from the Maoris. Later the land purchases were deemed illegal and as in many parts of New Zealand land right struggles ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 14th 2017

Vanuit Waitomo rijden we over het platteland richting het oosten. We passeren veel kleine dorpjes die er allemaal ongeveer hetzelfde uitzien. In het centrum een paar kleine winkeltjes, restaurantjes en een benzinepomp. De meeste huizen zijn bungalows, van hout of prefab, ze ogen erg klein en staan ook vaak dicht op elkaar. Toch vreemd in een land met zo veel ruimte. Hoe verder we komen, hoe meer bos we zien. We passeren een stuwdam en een wielerwedstrijd. De Kiwi’s houden van het buitenleven, wat voor weer het ook is, ze trekken er op uit. Net voor Rotorua rijden we over een hoogvlakte met tientallen rotspartijen langs de weg, overblijfselen van oude vulkaankraters. Dan doemt het meer op en duiken we naar beneden, de oude vulkaankrater in. Onze eerste stop zijn de Hamurana Springs, een natuurlijke bron ... read more
002 Redwoods Hamurana Springs.
003 Redwoods
004 Hamurana Springs.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 13th 2017

As Cyclone Cook made it's way on shore further North, we were fortunate enough to have gotten far enough in front of the storm that our travel plans didn't get interrupted. Such was not the case for many other travelers moving through Wellington's airport - numerous flights were being cancelled all around us. Fortunately, our flight to Christchurch was able to depart with only a slight delay to take on other passengers trying to find alternative transportation.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 3rd 2017

Since my last blog we have returned to NZ and are just doing our normal thing. At long last our house is back to normal and the contractors have got everything all sorted as far as flood damage is concerned. As the floods were in early November, it has taken a while, but the contractors have been hampered by the fact that we have been away for quite a bit of the time and they have worked around this well. In fact, the whole process has been great really and they have been fantastic. It's nice to have our bedroom back and not have to sleep in the lounge. So home life is back to normal. We have been away of course, spending time in Hawkes bay looking after the kids for school holidays and also ... read more
Anebelle, Ella and Holly.
Beautiful Lake Taupo.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 22nd 2017

Today on our last day in New Zealand, we spent most of the day on a guided tour of the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa in the Maori language. It is an immense exhibit of the history, culture and art of New Zealand. New Zealand was originally populated by Polynesians who traveled here in primitive boats, which DNA shows mostly came from Thailand. These are called the Maori’s. In 1804 England signed a document with the Maori chiefs giving sovereignty to England and The Queen, but provided for authority for the Maori over their lands. Since then New Zealand had made significant strides to integrate the two cultures together. Every sign in New Zealand is in two languages - English and Maori. The Maori’s have equal representation in the government. The traditional greeting used ... read more

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