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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 19th 2013

After 9 hours sleep we thought it best that we get up and breathe the morning air before breakfast. There's a short hike up to a lookout point and so while James ran back and forth a couple of times, I walked up to the top and back. Breakfast was good and we had these delicious banana scones. The morning activity was coconut jewellery making, and it's amazing what you can do with a coconut shell and some sand paper! The rest of the morning was spent hanging around in a hammock, sun bathing on the beach or swimming in the sea. We booked in with Reef Safari for a couple of dives this afternoon and after speaking to some other divers we decided to got out to the caves for our first dive. Our second ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island February 18th 2013

So we knew that the islands would be small but didn't expect them to be that small! We boarded the Yasawa flyer boat at 8.30am and the first island we went past was South Sea Island. I'm not joking when I say it takes less than 60 seconds to walk from one side to another! Our island, Draqawa is a little bigger, with 3 beaches and 20 thatched bures. Although there are about 35 guests it doesn't feel busy at all. Today we lay on the beach and only a couple of other people were around. Our wooden bure is simple but rather romantic in its prime beachfront location..... Paradise perhaps? Barefoot lodge offers daily activities for the guests. Tonight's star activity was hermit crab racing. We took this very seriously and scouted out two quick ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Natadola Beach February 17th 2013

Today we decided to stop off at Natadola beach on our way back up to Nadi. It's a spectacular beach that runs along a half moon bay. The waves are pretty big and slam against the beach in quite a scary fashion. I really wanted to do the horse-riding here and after some persuasion from Joe and his horse Snow White, I took to the saddle. I'd say Snow White was 14.2h and a slim build (gentle on the thighs), she was an albino and had some scarred spots on her face from the sun. We had a nice 40 min walk along the beach with the odd trot when she felt like it. Joe, her owner, kept James occupied with Rugby stories (apparently he played international sevens for Fiji in 2010 - we'll google him ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Suva February 16th 2013

Despite being the 'capital' and the largest city in Fiji, Suva is actually pretty small. We started our walking tour down at the harbour by the handicraft market and continued up the main road past the town hall, library and the Olympic swimming pool (size not event). We then headed through the city gardens to the Fiji museum which has a really interesting display of culture and environment. The stories of cannibalism were a little frightening but those days are long gone! Our lunch stop at Guava was delicious (well worth the return after our failed attempt at breakfast - arriving too early!). With our swimming costumes on we headed back to the pool, it was crammed full of local kids and I got some pretty funny stares in my bikini! The weather waited for us ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 16th 2013

Unfortunately our day started with me wingeing at James to get a move on for our 8am bus - which meant I disobeyed the rules of Fiji time! After scoffing down our breakfast in 5 mins we jumped on the bus to Navua. We had booked ourselves onto the Jewel of Fiji day tour, which would consist of a trip to a Fijian village and some activities in the Nausori highlands. Our first stop was the village; although still very much a traditional village the grass skirts and 'kava ceremony' was definitely put on for the tourists. The traditional Kava ceremony was very interesting and most of us had a try of the Kava (the root of a vegetable mixed with water). To be honest it tasted like badly brewed herbal tea with a helping of ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 14th 2013

After a really great sleep we popped our swim stuff on and headed down to the reception to pick up the kayaking gear. Because of the shallow reef you can only kayak at high tide 8-11am to ensure you don't damage any coral. We had a relaxing kayak along the coast, out towards the reef and back to shore again. I was very excited to see that when we'd gotten out of the water the horses had gone for their own little paddle (cue hundreds of photos)! After breakfast we went for our complimentary foot massage at the spa, a nice little touch on Valentines day! We then got the local bus into Sigatoka to visit the Sand Dune National park, unfortunately we'd picked a really bad time of day and the sand was too hot ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 13th 2013

Our Air Pacific flight was good; the warm and friendly staff wear bright floral 'Fiji' uniforms and we even got dinner on our 5 hour flight! We stepped off the plane at 5am to a 'Bula welcome' with a band in floral shirts... Hello Paradise! Even though we were very early for check-in the hotel staff (Bedarra Beach Inn) poured us a welcome drink, popped a flower in our hair and had the room ready for us by 10. After a quick snooze we headed out to the beach. Horses roam up and down the beach (horse-rides too) and when the tide goes out you can walk out to the reef! We had a quick swim in the pool, followed by a happy hour cocktail (again being serenaded by a Fijian band), watched the sunset go ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Suva February 11th 2013

When we think of Fiji our minds conjure up images of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees. And yes! That is what Fiji looks like....well, parts of it anyway. The cities are just like all the rest, fast traffic, eateries, souvenir shops and business' line every street. If you have a bit more of an adventurous soul you can hop a bus and head up into the jungles of Fiji and into one of the hundreds of villages that are tucked away there, seemingly untouched by the rest of the world with all of its technology and fluff. Which just happens to be what I did this weekend. About 2 hours from the main city of Suva is a little place called the Sote village. I made the trip there with 11 ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands February 1st 2013

Unsere letzte Nacht auf den Fiji Inseln haben wir in einem richtig geilen Resort verbracht! Aus bisher nicht ganz durchschaubaren Gründen, standen wir auf der Fähre plötzlich mit einem 160 Dollar Gutschein, da wir eine Nacht gebucht hatten, die weit günstiger war, als wir in unserm Paket bezahlt hatten…kurzerhand haben wir den Gutschein auf den Putz gehauen und uns ein richtig schickes Zimmer, das “Junglebure” auf Mantaray Island gebucht! Das Essen, das auf einer Terrasse mit Sonnenuntergangsview serviert wurde, war ein richtiger Schmaus! Aktiv waren wir an dem einen Tag nicht wirklich…ein bisschen Schnorcheln und zum letzten Mal das Meer auf Fiji geniessen…ich hab einen Nightdive also Nachttauchen gebucht und hab natürlich als Ehrengast einen Divemaster für mich alleine gehabt…ne Spass es war einfach niemand anderes an einem Tauchgang interessiert…Tintenfische, Stach... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 28th 2013

Wir setzen also unsere Reise fort und steuern auf die zweite Insel zu! Das Barefoot Island Resort (was sich später als unser Topresort herausstellt) begrüsst und traditionell mit einem Bula Song und netten, freundlichen Gesichtern! Auf der Insel befindet sich der erste Diveshop und davon wollen wir kräftig gebrauch machen! Während Taylor ihre Tauchlizenz macht, kann ich einfach nur das Unterwasserleben geniessen und zwar ganz ohne den lästigen Papierkram davor! Es geht also ab unter die Meeresoberfläche…hinab zu den vielen Haien, die es hier am Riff gibt! Auf Wayalaiai haben wir schon einen kleinen Vorgeschmack dessen bekommen (wir sahen unseren ersten Minihai auf einem Schnorcheltrip), was uns hier erwartet…da es hier sehr ruhig ist im Moment und nicht viele Gäste auf der Insel sind, hab ich meinen privaten Divemaster, der mit mir auf Reisen geht! Die ... read more
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