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Oceania » Fiji » Nadi April 19th 2013

Some highlights from our Fiji experience while we stayed at Mango Bay: The men singing and playing the guitar to welcome you as you land into the airport Everyone shouting "Bula" to you. Discovering a love for beach volleyball and table tennis Playing touch rugby with the men in the village....Tom had previously thought Wales was a rugby crazy nation but Fiji is something else! About 50 men from the village of only a couple of hundred meet to play rugby every night. We were invited to have dinner with one of the local families by a woman called Riabi who we met on the beach while she was selling jewellery and sarongs; a great chance to try some authentic Fijian food and experience the culture. The food was delicious, fresh fish poached in coconut milk, ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau April 7th 2013

First blog entry! Internet is limited here on Fiji, but wanted to just put something out. Went out on a 2 dive trip to South Sea Island. Really nice! Diving in 82 degree water sure is the best... First time in warm water diving. No wet suit needed! Great experience. Jim and I were going to do another 2 dives this morning, but when we got to the place in Moni, the boat wouldn't start. Boo! So unfortunately no more diving for me in Fiji, as my flight to Melbourne leaves tomorrow at 5:30pm. So today is probably gonna be hitting some inland stuff. A hike would be nice... Well, off to some adventures!... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Lami March 25th 2013

Bula y'all! It has been quite a while since my last blog entry, my momma likes to remind me of this every time I talk to her. All is well here in Fiji, my days have been filled with the occasional class, a little bit of work, and this week in particular, lots of rugby at the yacht club, which is fondly referred to as the "yachty". Yesterday was a big day for the island nation of Fiji as our Flying Fijian's, the rugby team, beat New Zealand in the most important game of the season. When Fiji wins rugby there are fireworks, tables and chairs being thrown over and lots of Fiji Gold and Fiji Bitter beer. It is quite the event and one day soon we will have a public holiday because of the ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands March 10th 2013

Op 25 februari vertrok in vanuit Sydney vroeg in de ochtend naar Nadi, een stad aan de westelijke kant van het hoofdeiland Vitu Levu. De vlucht had wat vertraging maar verliep verder, zoals alle andere tot dusver, goed. Ik verbleef maar 1 nacht op het hoofdeiland van Fiji want ik vertrok de dag erop naar Nacula eiland in de Yasawa eilanden groep aan de westerse kant van Fiji. Meteen als je aankomt op de luchthaven staan er enkele lokale inwoners al zingend en met de gitaar in de hand je op te wachten. Kwestie van je meteen hartelijk welkom te heten. De luchthaven zelf stelde niet veel voor en ik was er dan ook vrij vlot doorheen Buiten moest ik even wachten op de bus die mij naar mijn hostel zou brengen. Ik was al vroeg ... read more
ontvangst van een andere gast
ergens in de Yasawas

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 7th 2013

Arrived at Fiji airport to a wave of tropical heat and a cheery welcoming band. Quickly adjusted to relaxed "Fiji-time" by lazing and swimming at the resort pool with a brief trip to Nadi to see the colourful Hindu temple, stopping for a freshly-cut coconut en-route. Next day hopped on a 5 to-a-row local bus across Viti-Levu to Suva the chaotic capital, staying at the aptly named Raintree lodge on the edge of the jungle. Took a very hot and muggy guided trek through the Colo-i-Suva forest park, slipping and sliding over rocks and muddy paths to waterfalls before visiting the national museum with its giant ocean-going canoes and tales of cannibalism (and dodging the heavy tropical thunderstorms that started to flood the museum !). Travelled up to the Navua valley in the highlands for a ... read more
Hindu Temple, Nadi
Rain at the Raintree Lodge, Suva
Flower in pond

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 1st 2013

Bula y'all! I've had several friends ask me what the Fijian language is like. Well, it's a tough language because everything is spelled differently than it is pronounced. Many Fijians, from the younger generation, don't even speak much of it. But there are some basic words that everyone knows and uses. Here is your Fijian lesson for the month: Bula: hello, goodbye, and just a general all around greeting Vinkaka: thank you Moce: pronounced mo-de, means goodBye kata kata : very hot! We use this one a lot because it gets VERY hot! One of the perks of living right on the equator I guess. That is about the extent of my Fijian language skills, but I plan on learning more! Luckily so much communication in Fiji is unspoken, and pretty odd. I got the remarkable ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 22nd 2013

We managed to recruit lots of the newcomers at Nabua for the cave trip so we were able to go before our departure. Plus, it had stopped raining and blue skies had appeared. The boat ride up to the caves was about 40mins through some pretty exposed bits of sea up past Yasawa Island. A small group of tour guides greeted us and took us inside the caves. The water was cool and the limestone formation was pretty spectacular. To get to the second cave (the spitting cave) you have to swim underwater for a couple of metres and enter the pitch black cave. These caves were also used in the film Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. After our lunch we boarded the long boat which took us over to the catamaran. Five and a half ... read more
Picture 055

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 21st 2013

Unfortunately we awoke to rain (it hadn't stopped all night!) and the forecast for the day wasn't great. We had booked onto the caves trip but a minimum of 5 guests from the local resorts are needed to run the trip and the rain had put everyone off so it was cancelled - hopefully more people will want to go tomorrow. So instead we decided to do the Nacula hike up into the hills. There were some great views from up there and the land really is untouched. After lunch 10 more guests arrived, along with 8 travel agents (resort inspection). The rain really started pouring down and so it was back to chess and basket weaving! Guess what - I beat James at chess for the first time ever! Dinner was fab, Nabua lodge serves ... read more
Picture 043
Picture 044
Picture 045

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 20th 2013

We didn't want to leave barefoot lodge this morning. We'd had such a good couple of days on the island but we were excited about seeing another island too. We boarded the large boat heading north, but encountered an engine failure about an hour from our destination! This meant a very slow cruising speed of 6 knots and a little longer than expected to get to our next resort - Nabua lodge. We'd come through a lot of rain on the boat and this continued for the whole day! I'm not gonna lie I started to get very bored this afternoon as the activities get a little limited in the pouring rain! The food at Nabua lodge has been great so far and best of all the local tea shop bought over some delicious chocolate orange ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva February 20th 2013

So here's the thing about Fiji: it's weird. And I mean really weird. So much so that I am dedicating an entire blog to all things odd and Fijian. Starting with coffee. Back home in the states I survive off coffee, my blood is about 40% leukocyte and Erythrocytes and 60% caffeine. So needless to say I was shocked when I found out that all coffee here is instant, yes instant. I feel a bit like a crack addict going through withdrawals, hopefully this will pass. Thank God for a little place called the Republic of Cappucino which offers a pretty decent espresso served in an air conditioned environment with free Wifi (coincidentally that's where I am sitting now). Now let's talk buses. The transportation system in Suva is pretty decent all in all. There is ... read more

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