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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Suva May 27th 2015

5th May - and onto the other side of the world, New Zealand, for a season of exploration in Fiji. When having a Mid-Life Cruise you may as well misadventure and the Yasawa Islands, Vsnua Levi, Taveuni and the Mamanucca's are just the places for it. I'm joining David aboard S/V Rewa in Whangarei. We met in Balboa, Panama in March of last year before sailing to the South Pacific. I was aboard Dances with Dragons with my friend Wayne Harris, aboard a 58' Camper and Nicholson hailing from Houston. David and I are sailors, divers and world travellers. He's from Maine, I'm from England and neither of us like cold climates, especially those continuous grey skies which loom for months at a time. We are tropic birds who chose to bask in warmth. Arrived in ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Ovalau April 30th 2015

Kleiner Input Eigentlich wollte ich mit dieser Information meinen Blog beginnen; Bitte jegliche Tipp-, Schreib- und Zeitfehler ignorieren. Wie wir alle wissen ist die deutsche Sprache eine schwere Sprache und während den Ferien ist es noch etwas schwieriger. Danke :)... read more

Oceania » Fiji April 20th 2015

Woke up feeling a little worse for wear so went to see abbey at work to eat my way through my hangover. Then I got the bus to Nadi which took 3 hours, I just read a book. Then I checked into horizon, had dinner and an early night! The next morning I was up at 6.30 ready to get my transfer to the port. From there I got a boat to Beachcomber Island, which was amazing! It was so small you could walk round it in 15 minutes! I sunbathed, had lunch.... Then sunbathed again! I got chatting to a girl called jade in my room, we chilled outside watching the sunset. After dinner Jade and I had some drinks with two German guys and an Israeli guy called Dor. We just had a few ... read more
Barefoot Beach hut
Jewellery making

Oceania » Fiji » Lau Islands April 13th 2015

We spend a wonderful four days on Matamona Island - paradise and wonderfully chilled out. the weather was perfect wonderful sunshine with a gentle breeze. We had three sessions in the spa - massage, facial and pedicure. The spa was situated by the beach on a raised area and the only sounds were the waves and the birds singing to each other. I wish I could have bottled the atmosphere and bring it home with me.... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Suva April 11th 2015

So there is the cyclone occurring at the moment that could hit Fiji so I'm moving from Nadi (where it's more likely to hit) to Suva. I had a nice breakfast and then got the bus from Nadi for 4 hours to Suva which was a bargain $15 for an air conditioned bus! I just read my book the whole way. When I got to Suva my hostel was only a 5 minute walk so I went there and checked in at city hotel. I was meant to be in a 10 bed dorm but got upgraded to a private room with double bed and en suite- luxury compared to what I have been used to! Then I wandered into town and had a look around before getting some tea and cake in a cafe. Then ... read more
Fiji museum
Tsulu Bunk House
Diving Crew- PADI course

Oceania » Fiji » Malolo March 15th 2015

Bula (hello), what a great way to spend mother's day, temp of 90° (phew!), in the hammock, over golden sand by a blue and turquoise ocean reading and knitting. ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Malolo March 11th 2015

Landed at Nadi airport on Fiji. Got driven to the port to catch a speed boat to Malolo island, passed some roadworks where a local worker was dancing in middle of rad junction as he was directing traffic. He was doing Michael Jackson hand movements in directing traffic to turn left, right and go straight and his feet were dancing as the traffic moved around him, it was brilliant to watch (what it is to like your job). Boarded the speed boat and took off as high speed across the ocean. 30 minutes later were landed at Malolo and was greeted in Fijian way with singing and clapping. We were presented with a garland of sea shells and taken to a welcoming local drink, wet cold flannel and an tour of the small resort. Next morning ... read more
The jetty
Private island from our beach
a local island near us

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 10th 2015

So we finished our project and had an emotional farewell this morning on the beach with everyone. We sang some songs and waited for the boats to arrive. We got on and had a two hour boat ride to Suva. We slept for most of the way after having a late last night in the village. When we got off on the mainland we were swapping onto the coach when I slipped over and cut my arm open on a rock! Saki the leader bandaged it up and drove me to Suva Private hospital- who were brilliant- and stitched me up (5 stitches!). Then we went into Suva where people shopped, I just sat in McDonalds as I was in a it of pain. Then we drove to our rest and recovery resort 'the beachouse' it ... read more
Skydive with Katy
Sunset at smugglers!

Oceania » Fiji » Malolo March 9th 2015

After Taupo we ventured to Rotorua where there was a lot more Mauri culture, geezers and hot mud pools. Quite commercialised as there were large hotels flanking the edge of the lake and numerous trips on and around the lake. Fran got stung on the elbow by a bee/wasp whilst taking photos out of the van window so antihystermin was applied and the swelling finally went down after 3 days. I looked up on the internet how to treat stings and a couple of days later Fran got stung again on her bum and having read the top ten tips on sting medication Keith pulled over on the highway and applied the closest thing to ice which was a cold can of drink then applied toothpaste. This worked really well. Anyway onwards we went. Made our ... read more
top of the world
another view from campsite
where is my nearest neighbour??

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 10th 2015

Bula, ok, this is the last time I say this, we're leaving tomorrow, very sad, had a great time here, which is down to the people. The Fijians are very friendly and genuine, they give off happy vibes, very refreshing. Stu and I said we are going to be like that all the time when we come home and at work !!! This morning, we thought we would get a double kayak, so I sat in the back, Stu said 'don't think I'm doing all the paddling', we hadn't even got started, anyhow paddle paddle paddle, hard work or what, I said ' can't we just drift for a bit', but I think he thinks he's still in the navy and it was just endless paddling, flipping heck, needed a rest after that. We then went ... read more

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