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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu July 26th 2020

Have you ever heard a word that when translated you realise that there is no equivalent word in your own language? Well probably; languages steal all the time. We all enjoy a bit of shadenfreude. We all enjoy a bit of déjà vu. In Itaukee there is a word – Karamaca. It boils down to an unquenchable thirst, but when travelling and learning with people factory definitions are not how you receive the meaning of a word. Instead you are given stories with the word dissolved within them. (As an aside, if you prefer things pinned down and precise, then this travel experience will exasperate you). Karamaca is the feeling that you have drunk as much water as you possibly can, your stomach is full and you don’t think you could add even a wafer thin ... read more
Welcome to Ba Town
Clock Tower over Albert Park

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi June 14th 2020

The world should be sketched out by engineers and scientists but shaded and coloured by artists and linguists. Of course being one of the former means I get frustrated when I see a framework having being made up by creatives leaving my “square headed” brain to overheat. This is never more the case than when learning a language; the rules taught are never actual rules unless your mind can access that esoteric rationale that only polyglots have access to. Being over-analytical I mentally try to explore those synapses linking all the obscure rules to somehow relieve my mind. Imagine that scene from A Beautiful Mind where the protagonist is madly mapping the positions of pigeons. (Here’s to hoping that my uni mates will someday, far in the future, give me their bic pens in ... read more
Potentially an ancient Tibetan Meme
Hands up who wants to Latinise Vietnamese
Arabic Mecca Compass

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 22nd 2020

Hello Everyone, I thought whilst I have a captivated audience of self isolaters I should write something to keep you jollied up. So I thought I would share a little of the child naming conventions of the world that I have come across as it came up again the other day here in Fiji, a little amuse-boosh for you. And some local photos. The Fijians take a concept of birth-events as the core to child's name. So for example if your uncle bought a car near your birth day then you might be called 'New Car' or if your parents used a computer for the first time you might be named 'Computer'. Or if someone drowned in the river, you might end up being called 'Drowned' - yikes that got dark! So moving swiftly on like ... read more
The Fijian Affinity with the UK
Our Guide with Machete
Typical Fijian Village

Oceania » Fiji » Suva March 8th 2020

Welcome to Paradise, In the queue to customs we are serenaded with a Fijian string band welcoming the flight weary passengers onto the island Viti Levu. But my stay in the resort town of Nadi won't be long as I make haste to the weather-side of the island and the capital, Suva. I will take rooms in there and use them as my basecamp to further explore, map and work over the next years - I hope you will not be too inundated with palm tree photos, I will attempt to give a little diversity, but with 2600 species that shouldn't pose a problem. The tentacles of humidity grasps you, penetrating your clothes (and one's moustache) without mercy. But with the Fijian humidity comes the Fijian hospitality. Instantly welcomed by practically every passer-by and sometimes even ... read more
There's a storm brewing
Sunset in Paradise

Oceania » Fiji » Suva November 17th 2019

On Sunday 3rd November 2019, my Melbourne family (including my: ‘mum, brother, sister in-law, and my sisters family) boarded the Golden Princess at Port Melbourne International Ships Wharf for two weeks cruising fun in Fiji and the South Pacific to Celebrate (a few things including) mums birthday. Our departure day has arrived (Sunday, 3rd November 2019) The Golden Princess departed from Adelaide (bound for Melbourne) on Friday, 1st November 2019 at 9:26pm. Although we met the ship at Port Melbourne; Adelaide was were our cruise officially began. We woke up at 7am on departure day go to finish getting ready in time for our UBER driver for the drive down to port Melbourne Wharf, and to set Anneri Humphris (our house sitter) up for her two week staycation at our place. My brother in law, and ... read more
A pre cruise family photo
This map shows the ports we stopped at
Our Waiters for the cruise

Oceania » Fiji » Lau Islands August 27th 2019 Sorry for the jerky footage on the youtube video...the pilot is still learning to fly. Anyway, hopefully it does not detract from the beauty and tranquility we found in Vanua Balavu in the Northern Lau area in Fiji. The Lau area was only opened up to visitors about 10 years ago. Today, it is still rather remote and hard to get to, given the normal southeast tradewinds. The island group encompasses a few hundred miles and is mostly serviced by a monthly supply ship, which often can not stop at all of the islands due to extreme sea conditions. There are two airstrips that service the vast area, but again, flights often are cancelled due to the conditions. There is no tourism in the area, no stores, hotels, etc. The local villagers all live a ... read more
Craig on secluded beach
Bruce before a snorkel

Oceania » Fiji April 1st 2019

Geo: -17.7591, 177.979... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 10th 2019

Off to Fiji the magical islands where the sun shines and everyone is happy. We arrived early evening and were picked up by our Airbnb host in Nadi before we headed out to see some local dancing - unfortunately it absolutely poured down as we drove across and as it was outside it was called off. No matter our host Evelyn took us to the marina where we listened to a local band playing soft rock and ate dinner at TGI’s - not quite what we were expecting but it did the job for the evening. Next morning the sun was shining and off we went by ferry to Yasawa islands and Naqalia lodge. After dropping us at the ferry Evelyn confirmed that it wouldn’t rain on the islands! The ferry crossing was fine and after ... read more
Boat transfer to wayaseya
Natalia lodge
the pinnacle for the sunset walk

Oceania » Fiji February 23rd 2019

Ich wollte einfach nochmal in die Flip-Flops schlüpfen und die Wärme der Südsee spüren. Also bin ich als Zwischenstation nach Nadi, auf Viti Levu, der Hauptinsel der Fidschi Inseln (engl. Fiji Islands) geflogen. Dort angekommen hatte ich eine einfache und zweckmäßige, aber sehr schöne Unterkunft mit Pool und Spa-Bereich direkt am Strand. Es war nochmal ideal zum Erholen und auch mal mehrere Tage an einem Ort zu verbringen. So vergingen die ersten Tage vor allem mit dem Aufarbeiten der vergangenen Wochen (Fotos bearbeiten, Blog schreiben etc.) sowie mit der zukünftigen Reiseplanung, da meine Reise nach Südamerika vor der Tür stand. Doch auch hier war ich neugierig, die Fiji Islands noch etwas genauer zu erkunden, da jetzt in Nadi nicht unbedingt das typische Leben auf Fiji zu erfahren war. So unternahm ich eine Fahrt im Local-Bus (das ... read more

Oceania » Fiji May 5th 2018

Bula! When planning our trip this year and having decided on New Zealand, we figured as it was such a long way to travel to that we had better include Fiji in our plans, having wanted to see this country as well and not knowing if we would ever be back in this part of the as we always like to end on a beach it seemed the perfect combo; three weeks of on-the-move travel and finishing with butt-in-hammock relaxation....oh yeah... Made the three hour flight from Christchurch to Nadi, but as the flights and ferries are not well sync'd we had to stay on the main island for a night at both the beginning and end, no big deal we arrived at our backpacker hotel around 8 pm it wasn't going to be ... read more
Leaving Nadi
Yasawa Flyer Selfie

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